3-Day Road Trip to Mount Shasta

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  1. How to plan a 3-day road trip to places in and around Mt. Shasta?
  2. I have shared details about our trip
  3. My notes for your next trip

We did a 3-day road trip to places in and around Mount Shasta for the Labor Day Weekend. We live in the Silicon Valley area of California and Mount Shasta is close to 4-4.5 hours drive from my home. We stayed at Best Western Plus Twin View Inns and Suits at Redding for 2 nights. We booked it via costco.

Day 1, Lake Shasta Caverns:

We left home after breakfast at 08:30 am on saturday. The traffic wasn’t that bad considering its a long weekend. We reached Redding around 12:30 pm. We drove straight to Lake Shasta Caverns where the spectacular network of caves with limestone structure is hidden inside that mountain. The tickets are priced at $20 per adult & kids less than 5 years are free. It takes 2 hours for the whole experience. The visit to caverns starts with a 15 minute boat ride followed by 15 minutes scenic bus ride and finally you get to the cave entrance. It reminded me of my family trip to Arakku Valley and Boro caves in Vishakapatnam district. My kids enjoyed it as volunteers entertained them by pointing to different sections of the caves using flashlight and asked them to locate a santa claus, tiger and huge turkey. It was a hot day but the temperature inside was cooler than the outside so we made sure to walk around it couple of times and stay longer inside the caverns. The volunteers stationed at different sections of the caverns were so knowledgeable and explained to us the details about the formation of limestone. My kids were tired by the end of this trip so we decided to head back to the hotel and call it a night. We picked dinner on our drive back.




Lake Shasta Caverns


Day 2, Burney Falls and Lassen Volcanic National Park:

  1. After breakfast, we left for Burney falls. It was close to an hour from Redding. On the way we stopped at  Station Cafe at Montgomery Creek to grab some food for the picnic at Burney Falls. The hike to the falls should be little more than a mile from the parking lot. My kids walked all through there. Some parents carried stroller but there are stairs so be prepared to lift and move the stroller along the way. We even saw lot of elders with hiking poles so the walk to the falls is pretty manageable. On the way to the falls, there is small bridge and we walked down to wet our legs in the flowing stream. My kids loved walking and balancing on the rocks to get to a comfortable spot to sit and dip their legs in the ice cold water. After a brief stop there, we walked further to see the falls. There is a viewing area at the top and those interested to reach the falls, can proceed further. We walked down with more excitement to see the most beautiful waterfall ever. Again I was transported to my childhood trips to Courtrallam waterfalls in South India. The only difference was that the water in Burney falls were super cold. This is a must see water fall for nature lovers. Sidd and I sat on the rock for a long time just to watch the water. We didn’t speak a word when we sat to admire the gushing water. The experience was so calming to my mind.
  2. We left Burney falls around 2 PM and drove to Lassen Volcanic National Park. The drive time was close to 1 hour. The entrance fee is $20 and it holds good for a week. You can also camp there. We drove around the entire park and stopped at Summit Lake North campground to play in the lake and enjoy the silence and do some bird watching. After that we drove through the scenic road and stopped at Sulphur Works to take a look at the mud pots. Finally we stopped by a beautiful creek and spent some time running around the vast space which was interupted with creeks on either side. My kids had a blast. Lassen National Park is at an elevation so we have to drive through the winding roads. Come prepared with plastic bags or medicines if you or your kids have tendency to throw up.We headed back to the hotel around 7.00PM after grabbing dinner on the way.

Burney Falls


Walk to Burney Falls


Summit Lake North Campground


Mud pots, Sulphur Works


Day 3, Lake Siskiyou and Shasta Fish Hatchery

    1. On the last day of our trip, we decided to spent the time on the water so we headed straight to Lake Siskiyou. The waze app took us to the hiking trails of Lake Siskiyou. So make sure you enter “Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort, 4239 West A Barr Road”. It will takes you to a nice beach area with restrooms/changing room. The entrance fee was $1 per person and kids below 5 years are free. We reached there, changed to swimming suit and played in the water for close to an hour. It was little windy and cold.
    2. After that, we went to Shasta Fish Hatchery which was 10 minutes away. There was also a museum attached to it. We spent an hour exploring the tiny musuem and kids enjoyed feeding the fishes. We were told that the trouts from there were picked by the state department and tranferred to various streams, river and lakes where people can fish. Please make sure to carry 0.25 cents to purchase fish food from the machine.

Lake Siskiyou



Lake Siskiyou


Lake Siskiyou



Shasta Fish Hatchery


Shasta Fish Hatchery

We wrapped the trip and left Mount Shasta at 3.00 PM and reached our home after multiple stops at 08:30 PM. Since we missed celebrating Vinagayar Chathurthi on 05Sep2016, I decided to offer our prayers the following day. Vinayagar is always the first god we pray to. I even have his idol at my work place. He is so dear to me 😍. As his devotee, we believe that he removes all obstacles that come our way and showers us with happiness, success and prosperity. I went to bed planning to do the prayers first this morning. We were late by a day to do the Pooja but we did offer him his favorite prasadam : sweet kozhukatai & Sundal along with idli & chutney

|Shree Vakrathunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada|

Vinayagar chathurthi wishes to you all. May your life be as long as his trunk and your life be as sweet as his kozhukatai


  1. Carry cold medicines and other required medicine for yourself and your kids
  2. Pack swim suits, beach towels, sunscreen, waterbottles and sunglasses
  3. Pack tons of snacks that your kids love
  4. Fly tot for my kids to rest their legs during the road trip
  5. Kid’s favourite blankets
  6. Travel pillow
  7. Travel snacks ideas + my travel checklist (download)


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    Awesome sum up Viji. Will definitely try this itinerary with my toddlers some time in the future. This is very helpful