In the beginning there was a little girl who enjoyed food especially the ones her amma (mom) and achi (grandmom) cooked. She ate their food as if she starved for days. She is an excellent food critic who never ever participated in the cooking process and comments on even the mildest mistakes in cooking (less salt…too much salt…too much oil!!). She grew up thinking that women who cook all the time have nothing worth doing in life but little did she know that she would be a different person when she turned twenty. That’s when her passion for cooking began and it has been on the increase since then. And that girl is ME!!!!!!

I am  a

Daughter, Wife & Mom|
Molecular Biologist |
Dreamer |
Food Blogger- Photographer|
Recipe Developer |
Cooking Instructor|
Pop-Up Dinner Host|
SF Bay Area Dweller|

With my amma in Cherthala, Kerala (1988)

I, Me & Myself:

My dad gave me the name Vijitha which means “winner” in Hindi. I was born on a beautiful day in August in Cuddalore town, Tamil Nadu, South India and have spent my school and college days in Madras (called Chennai now). I am blessed with wonderful parents who have taken me and are still taking me around the globe for every vacation we get. Travelling has given me opportunity to taste different cuisines and learn new cultures from a very young age. You can read about my travel here.

I started this blog in 2008 to document my achi’s recipes. I am her first grandchild and I am her special one. We were a great team. We had great memories together – the laughter, fights and gossips we shared are still fresh in my mind.

She is upfront and honest. She will go an extra mile to protect anyone who trust her. She is a women with substance who is bold, brave and beautiful. She died of cardiac arrest in 2013 and I miss her every single day. This blog is dedicated to her and my love for her cannot be explained in words. I know wherever she is, she will be continue to bless me and I know that she is watching me as I type this.


With my achi in Chennai, India (2011)

If you ask me, I will say that my grandmother and my mom are the best cooks in the world. I take cooking classes over phone in the wee hours and they are so patient to guide me in a step-by-step manner. My cooking experience began on a full spell during my student life. I graduated my Master’s in Molecular Medicine from England and engineering  degree in biotechnology from India.

I am now living in Silicon Valley, California with my husband and kids. They are my great source of support and inspiration for every step I take in my life. Thank you for all my family and my friends for not letting me fall when I stumble, for the lovely moments in our lives, for making me smile when I am blue and for always being there for me.


Welcoming 2014 with our 2 months old Sahana and 3 years old Sidd. Photo Credit: Kankana of Playful Cooking


And the moment arrived!

“I’m just thankful for everything, all the blessings in my life, trying to stay that way. I think that’s the best way to start your day and finish your day. It keeps everything in perspective “- Tim Tebow.

That’s how I felt on 30Apr2017, the day I met Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. I grew up watching @sanjeevkapoor ‘s Khana Khazana show and made sure my mom recreated those recipes at home. I never ever thought that I would get an opportunity to meet him. But today I had the privilege to serve 4 of my favorite dishes for @akshayapatra’s fundraiser event.
He tasted my food and spoke to me briefly and gave his insights on how I should focus on different dynamics of a cuisine and present it in more unique ways. Thank you chef for giving your precious time to talk to me. I felt really honored.

Sanjeev Kapoor


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