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DIY: Handmade Holiday Gift Photo Globe

With Christmas approaching quickly, I have been thinking on what handmade gifts to make for my family. The stores are glittering and shining with lights, great food and gifts. There really wonderful gifts out there and I have no doubt about that but I am considering making my own. Creating this simple photo globe is quite simple and infact, its lots of fun for the kids. There are endless possibility to decorate the photo globe making it very personal and very festive.

Photo Globe_1

Things are cooling down outside. It’s raining non-stop in California and I am hunting down activities to keep my son busy. As I walked down the street to pick the letters, I  see the holiday lights glowing in everyone’s home. It has been celebration time since October – Navratri, Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year. I am not much into baking but I need to make something sweet to honor the celebratory tone in the town. As many of you know, my older one loves to help me in the kitchen. We are planning to make quick and easy Indian sweets to meet our cravings for calorie laden treats. I am inclining to make coconut almond bites for his teachers or his friend’s parents. Even the gulab jamun cheese cake is a awesome gift to give our friends. Should we do that or this?

Photo Globe_2

It is a time for giving. So in the spirit of the season, Sidd and I rolled our sleeves to make few DIY projects I found at Pinterest. We made this for our home and also for the grandparents. The photo snow globe with a Christmas theme were the return gifts for his birthday party too.  If you plan to gift it to your family or friends, start by emailing them right now. By the time you get their pictures, it will be Christmas. Trust me, everyone are busy with their life so getting a photograph is an ordeal by itself. Ask me and I can tell stories about it. When we made this, I requested all the moms to send me the picture 1 week prior to the party date. For those who missed sending it to me, I grabbed the kid’s picture from facebook as they are in my friend’s list. You can either laminate the pictures from Printx office or use transparent packaging tape. Once that was done, you are ready to involve your kid with the photo globe building process. I used mason jars as my globe and used styrofoam to hold the pictures. Water and glycerin were used to make the liquid. Grated styrofoam was used to get the snow effect. All in all it is a wonderful activity to do with your kid and once it is ready, they would love to shake and swirl it to see the snow and glitter dance its way inside the bottle. I have placed mine in the kitchen window silt.

Photo Globe_3

Photo Globe_5

Photo Globe_4

Handmade Holiday Gift Photo Globe

Things Needed


  1. Print the photographs in 4×6 size. Cut them to make sure that it can go inside the jar. You can bend it to make it more visible. I cut the extras around the face of the person so that they can easily go inside the mason jar.
  2. Laminate the pictures or use transparent packaging material to seal them tight. Neatly wrap them around the photograph. I wrapped it more than four times.
  3.  Cut the styrofoam into a square that can be stuck on cap of the mason jar. You should be sticking the styrofoam on the side that will stick with the rim of the bottle. Please use water resistant glue. Let it air dry for 12 hours. The following day make a small incision on the styrofoam with a pairing knife. It should be deep enough to insert the laminated picture. I applied glue to the picture and pressed it firmly into the incision. You can also stick some Christmas prop. Let it dry for another 12 hours.
  4. Grate the styrofoam to form snow like particles. Next day ask your kid to sit comfortably in the work area. Let your kid sprinkle glitters and grated styrofoam into the jar. Ask him or her to fill the mason jar with water upto the rim. Using a dropper or spare Tylenol or Moitrin syringe, add 5-6 drops of glycerin to the water. Mix it well with back of a spoon.
  5. You gently slide the photograph sealed to masor jar cap into the water. Press and screw the cover to seal them tight. Wrap baker’s twine to make it look pretty. Make sure it sealed tightly to avoid water from dripping down. Give it to your child and watch him enjoy the Christmas magic.