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Who will enjoy my cooking class?

  • Kids/Teens who love to cook
  • Girl/Boy married to an Indian
  • Anyone who loves to learn Indian Cooking


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Spices and Aroma is a place to have fun with cooking. We are on a mission to make South Indian cooking easy and teach food lovers cook healthy dishes in a breeze. Indian cooking is no rocket science. It is simple if one follows the basic rules. The secret to the trade is all about bringing the masalas into a delicious harmony. The curries taste brilliant because of the combination of veggies or meat or sea food and different types of spices used along with it. The knowledge about the wet and dry ingredients and their usage in right proportions is all that’s needed to get started. At the end of my cooking sessions, you would feel that the wall around the highest echelons of the world isn’t all that high. I can say that Indian spices not only add colors and flavors to the food but also to our lives.

I am experimenting on healthy cooking and try to play around with local ingredients to create a dish with quality calories , for instance I replace heavy cream with silken tofu. I write about recipes that are South beach diet friendly (useful for individuals with weightloss goals) and for women with gestational diabetes. I stick to my routes, take my staple ingredients and carefully incorporate the global influences to create a new recipe that screams Southern Indian.

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In India, food is much more than sustenance. Spices and herbs have both medicinal and culinary significance. Food, mind and spirit are interconnected and this dietary approach to health was discovered thousands of years ago by a system called Ayurveda. My classes will carry information about the use of different spices to create a delicious Indian meal. Vegetarian food could be the way of the future! We have a wide range of lentils, grains, beans and vegetables to play around to create a magical meal. It makes you healthy and lose weight if eaten the right way. If you love Indian food and is curious to learn about vegetarian options, then my classes will help you gain some insights about it. The class include lessons followed by sit down meal.

My meals will focus on the theme:

  1. Back to basics
  2. Buy organic and locally grown foods
  3. Avoid processed items.
  4. Grow some of your own food.
  5. Eat at low on the food chain — at least one meat-free meal a day — since 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production

Duration: 3 hours followed by sit down lunch or dinner

Before we start, make sure to read about my post on

Know-How of Indian Cooking


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The recipes mentioned below are to give the interested foodies an idea about Indian cooking. They can be customized as per your needs. Please note that all the cooking classes will start with a brief introduction and tour of Indian spices and my pantry.

No Cook Recipes will be taught to individuals who are interested to learn that. Please contact me for further details. My 4 5 year old boy makes them in my kitchen. Click here to see his posts.

    1.The basics of Indian meal

  • Understanding the Indian pantry
  • Masala chai – Tea prepared with Indian spices
  • Rotis – Indian flat breads
  • Mutter Paneer masala – Peas and Indian cheese curry
  • Indian butter milk flavoured with coriander, green chillies, ginger and other


   2. Southern Indian Meals

  • Sambhar – Vegetable and lentils gravy
  • Rasam – Spicy tomato soup
  • Aviyal – Mixed vegetable curry cooked in coconut paste
  • Tomato raita – Cooked tomato and spices in yogurt


  3. One batter infinite possibilities

  • Masala Dosa
  • Idli
  • Sambhar
  • Coconut Chutney
  • Paniyaram


4. Indian street foods – Series 1

  • Pav bhajji – Mashed peas and potato masala served with ghee-fried buns
  • Mango lassi – Delicious yogurt drink
  • Indian chaat chutneys – both Sweet and Tamarind variety
  • Pappadi chaat – Most favourite street food prepared with deep fried savoury disks, sev (gram flour noodles), chutneys and veggie mix


5. Indian street foods – Series 2

  • Paani puris – Small puffed spheres served with savory fillings and chutneys
  • Samosas / bhajji – deep fried vegetable fritters
  • Channa chaat – Salad with garbanzo beans
  • Neembu paani – Lemonade with a twist


6. Special Meals

  • Puris and bhajji – Deep fried dough served with mixed vegetable curry
  • Egg curry / Murg palak – Chicken with spinach
  • Bhendi masala – Spicy okra curry
  • Pulao/ Jeera rice – Basmati rice cooked with black cummin seeds and other
  • Raita – Yogurt side dish


7. Non-vegetarian series

  • Green chicken / Potato chicken
  • Mutton masala cooked with eggplant / with gongura leaves
  • Fish fry/ fish curry
  • Rice Dish
  • Yogurt Curry


For more details contact me here: vijithashyam(at) / spicesnaroma(at)


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