DIY : Handmade Holiday Gifts Ideas (Step by Step Instructions)

First week of December is done. Gosh! Time is  running so quickly and we have only 15 more days for Christmas. I am sure that all of us have started with Christmas shopping. I started with my DIY projects. I am making handmade gifts for the holidays for the last two years. I love to spend that time to create  personalized gifts for my friends. The smile in our loved one’s face when they see this package is as magical as the Christmas spirit. Every time I make a gift basket, I think about that person deeply. It’s my way to say I love you and I care about your friendship and love forever.

This year I am making gift baskets with a cooking item, one all-natural body scrub and lotion bar. My son helped with transferring them to tiny glass bottles. I can call this a great project to do with your kids. This post will help all the busy moms and dads who want to make handmade gifts for the holidays. I know many moms like me would like to do this DIY and I will try to give as much detail as possible so all you have to do it shop for the items mentioned here and follow the instructions.

We are making three items

  1. Panch Phoran Spice Mix
  2. Oats-Sugar Body Scrub
  3. Homemade Lotion Bar (Moisturizer)







To make the beautiful gift basket:

Shopping List:

I hand wrote the recipes for Panch Phoran, listed the ingredients for lotion bar and face pack just to make sure that the receiver is aware of what was used to make these. Give it to your friends with all the love, hippo hug and monster kiss. Happy Holidays everyone! Keep the smile and spread the joy. Love you all!

PS: You can also make these as return gifts for house warming party or birthday parties.



Vijitha Vijitha

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  1. I’m making cooking related gifts too – I love your suggestions – thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love DIY gifts like this!!! so practical and useful!!! and there’s so much time and care that goes into gifts like this. . love these!!

  3. Swapna 5 years ago

    Can i use quaker oats that we use for cooking? Or is there any other oats i should buy? Also the orange peel should i grind it as well? Sorry yar for so many questions im so moved with your blog and wanna try so clearing my doubts.

    Keep it going will follow from now.

    • No prob Vidya. Quaker oats is good enough. Please go ahead and use it. Thats what I use. Orange peel dry it and grind in a mixie or food processor until it powders

  4. I prepared it even before checking with you.. 😉 Still wanted to confirm.. Feeling motivated by you.. Thanks. One more Q, in the group where v r members in fb, I asked u a question, but not able to locate that post now. A gal had asked abt removing oil from her skin n u had replied saying oats ll be enough. So my Q is, is oats gonna take oil out of our skin? I m worried coz I hv dry skin.

    • Hi Vidya, Oats is very interesting as it is used to treat acne which means it helps to remove oil out of the skin but it doesn’t totally remove the oil out of the body. In a google search, I found this.
      1. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for most skin types, even the most sensitive skin
      2. Oatmeal contains saponins, a cleansing agent, and can therefore be used as a mild soap
      3. Oatmeal is moisturizing and helps remove dead skin cells.
      4. Oatmeal can help treat acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes
      5. Oatmeal can helps relieve symptoms of aging skin

      So go ahead of use it. It will not dry the skin like soap but after the bath apply coconut oil or homemade lotion bar like the one mentioned in this post.

  5. Swapna 5 years ago

    Prepared it and was moved.. wah with the aroma and smoothing it giving when replacing soap.. so great.. can we use in place of orange? If so what should i follow..

    • Yes! its awesome right? 🙂 You can do dried rosemary or lemon peels too

  6. What an awesome idea and so simple to make. Mae my first batch of home made body scrub and it turned out to be so addictive. I hate my other body wash now. I even gifted a big batch to my pregnant friend to help her go chemical free. Thanks for inspiring Vijitha.
    I just want to experiment a little with this. If I chose to add essential oil, then what quantity should it be ?
    Look forward to much more inspirations !!
    Thanks Payal

  7. Sravani 5 years ago

    Hi Vijitha,

    Superb blog! 🙂 You are inspiring us a lot, i tried your lotion bars, and they came out really well. But i feel that it has lots of wax, can we reduce the amount of it? Have you tried with less amount of wax?

    • Thanks Sravani. You can try less amount but it will make it soft and also not sure how solid it will remain in summer. I made lipbalm with less amount of beeswax pellet and pour the liquid in a bottle. It is soft and melts easily. You can try by not shaping it in a muffin pan but pouring into a glass container. Hope this helps.

      • Sravani 5 years ago

        Thanks for your response! I will try it out and see..