DIY Kid’s Project – Flower Bouquets

June is almost here. May creapt upon me real fast. It’s been busy since the beginning of this year. It’s amazing. I must agree.I have learnt so much and met so many talented people along the way. Some weekends are busy with planning and cooking for our pop-up dinners while some weekends are spent with the little people we love the most – our kids. We cook, paint, color, do DIY projects and what not.

I have the interest to cook and that’s the whole driving force behind hosting the pop-ups but the whole project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our kids. My daughter is 18 months old now. She is growing up too fast. In few months, she will start pre-school. She doesn’t scream or cry when I am gone. She is one happy girl. My 4+ year old boy is so accomodating too. He packs his back and goes on play dates when we are gone. They are truly our blessings for life.

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Like every parent, our world revolves around them. I try to involve my son in every project I work on. We cook together. When I pack a egg curry, he peels the egg shells for me. When I bake, he folds the batter for me. Weekdays are packed with swimming classes, biking, trip to the park and doing Math/English worksheets. Last week, we did three DIY projects.

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It was Teachers Appreciation Week. We made Indian desserts (Carrot Halwa Trifle, Mango Mousse and Banana-Semolina Balls) for his teachers and today I sent them flowers as well. We buy from our regular florist at the Farmer’s market. You can always find flowers and candles in my home. He sells them $3 a bunch and we bought 4 of that. I have a box of craft supplies in my garage. We grabbed brown wrapping paper and brown or baker’s twine from that. I picked them from Dollar store. We used plastic cling wrap, rubberbands and paper towels from the kitchen. Once you find everything, place them in the dining table and start the project with the energy to motivate and encourage your kid to participate and contribute. He studies in a private school that has 12 teachers for kids between 3-5 years age. We made 12 flower bouquets for them.

My son helped me with wrapping the wet tissue and cling wrapper. He enjoyed being a part of this DIY.

My son also made a small DIY Happy Face card over the weekend. I helped him by cutting the shapes and drew a circle and marked the eyes. All he did was colored the face with crayons. Once done, he wrote his name on the other side.  We gave this along with the flowers.

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DIY FLOWER BOUQUET For Teachers Appreciation Week

Things Needed

  • Flowers
  • Plastic Cling Wrap
  • Kitchen Tissue
  • Rubberbands
  • Celophane Tape
  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Marker


  1. We bought the flowers on Sunday. So the first step is to keep them hydrated. Take a vase. Fill it with little water and store the flowers in it until ready to use. It will also help the flowers to bloom in couple of days. We made this bouquet to give it on Tuesday.
  2. Using a scissor, chop the stem to the length you desire. Cut the kitchen tissue into rectangles.Place the plastic wrapper on the working surface as shown in the picture. Ask your child to wet the tissue and wrap the stem. Once that’s completed, let the child wrap the plastic wrapper as well. Since it sticks really well, kids will find it easy to bring them all together tight and well sealed. Tie rubberband around it to let them stay together well. Set aside.
  3. Clean the chopped stems and leaves. Make sure there is no water in the table. Wipe them clean with a towel. Now cut the brown packing paper in the 12 squares. We did 14×14 inches. Set aside.
  4. Place the brown paper and fold it into half. Place a bunch of the tissue-cling wrapped flower at one corner and roll them tight like a cigar. Seal the end with a celophane tap. Wrap the brown paper with twine to make it look pretty. Continue to repeat the steps until you have made all the bouquets.We wrote a “Thank you” with the marker. Done!



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