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You have been seeing a lot of DIY projects and ideas from Spices and Aroma. As a mother, these projects keeps my son busy and it improves his ability to concentrate on one task and at the same time, it teaches him the importance of gifting and showing love to someone. It is a win-win for mother and the kids. Prerna of Indian Simmer’s daugher made this DIY photoframe as a return gift for her birthday. I loved the idea so I decided to make it as a return gift for my daughter’s first birthday celebration. You can read about how I planned a Mexican themed birthday party here.You can find ideas for party decors, meal planning, music and free printables.

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Made by Prerna of Indian Simmer’s daughter. She gave this to my kids for her birthday.

We started with a $0.99 wooden photoframe from Michael’s. I prefer wooden as the paint will adhere to it better and I didn’t even spend the time bruising the surface with sandpaper. I grabbed self adhesive glitter alphabets and multi colored glitters from Michael’s and a bottle of smal paint from a home improvement store (home depot). It is one of the easiest project to work with a pre-schooler and trust me, my son loved it. He always helps me with paint wooden boards for my food photographs so this was a known task.  This activity is a great place to start teaching the kid to apply colors in a single stroke.

For this DIY frame, we started off by covering the work surface with used cloth or $1 table cover from dollar store and began painting the wooden frame on the top side. Once it was done, sprinkle generous amount of glitters on top. The wet paint will help the glitters to stick on the surface. Let it dry overnight. The following day tap off the excess glitters over newspaper. Now paint the back side of the frame and let it dry for 4 hours. I helped my son with grouping the self-adhesive alphabets according to each of his friend’s name. Once the frame is dry and well set, ask the kid to stick the alphabets on the frame. That’s all you are set to gift it as a holiday gift or return gift for your kid’s birthday party. We made this one for grandparents in India.

DIY Photoframes_1

DIY Photoframes for Holidays and Party Return Gift Idea

Things Needed

Instructions to make it:

  1. Locate a working place. We did this project in the garage. First spread a old bed sheet on the floor or you can use $1 table cloth from dollar store
  2. Let the kid know what the task is. Better the communication is better is the interest of the child
  3. Remove the plastic wraps around the frame and arrange them on the side. Take one at a time and ask the child to apply the paint neatly. Have baby wipes or any tissue to clean the finger before touching the bottle of glitters. We applied two layers of paint. We made 10 frame on one evening. You can do more or less depending on how occupied and interested the child is. We had 20 kids for the birthday party and we decided to do the task on 3 evenings.
  4. Place newspaper before you start sprinkling the glitters. This will help us collect and reuse the ones that didn’t stick to the paint. I poured the glitters to a bowl and let my son sprinkle on top using fingers. This makes the process faster and we need to cover the paint surface before it dries.
  5. Let it dry overnight
  6. The following day, mother or father can dust off the glitters that didn’t stick. Collect the glitters into a fresh bowl.
  7. Now ask the gift to pain the back side of the frame. Let it dry for 4 hours.
  8. Once both sides of the frame is well dried, ask the child to stick the self-adhesive alphabets with correct spelling of his friends or if you plan to stick “Happy Holidays” or whatever is planned by the parent.
  9. Tada! The most pretty frame is ready and your guests will appreciate the effort and love that went in making the personalized gift.



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