Harley Farms, Pescadero

We went to Harley Farms during a weekend. It is a convenient location to drive to from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. If you have younger kids, visiting Harley farms will be farm. There is goat tours including cheese tasting tour. We paid $20.00 per ticket for the goat tour but the visit to the shop and picnic area is free.

There was a shop small by the owner and you can good quality goat cheese, olive oil and artisan bread. We packed some food and picned in the open space there. My son loved the location as he spotted goats, llama and cows. He felt so liberated as he could run around the entire space freely. The gentle wind from the Pacific made the day even beautiful for us. The drive to the farm is also scenic as there is Pacific ocean on one side. Overall, I highly recommend visiting Harley farms or Pescadero for a day trip from San Francisco.

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