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Spices and Aroma Pop-Up Meals / Supperclub is about cooking delicious food with Californian, Indian Inspirations & Beyond. We host our pop-up meals at a secret locations in San Francisco and South Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Please follow our meals in our facebook page . You can find our sample menus here.

Starting in 2017, we will be hosting Madras-83: Food Festival Series and Indian High Tea event on a regular basis.
Madras 83 Meal Combo
In Madras 83 food festival series, we will be serving a 3-course meal comprising of dishes that are so close to my heart and that will remind me of my grandmother’s (achi’s) kitchen.We will be hand picking dishes that are popular from different regions of Southern India. I will be cooking them with organic, local & seasonal ingredients. It is a great pleasure to share the cuisine I grew up with and let you all know that there is more Indian food than just naan, samosa, butter chicken & saag paneer.
Indian High Tea
In the Indian High Tea meal, we will be serving our favorite 6 tea time Indian snacks (sweet & savory dishes) along with seasonal fruits, loads of masala chai and a refreshing fruit drink. Will you be coming for our chai conversation?

We hope to share the stories & flavors of my home state Tamil Nadu through this series.

Feastly Garage Picture


Our upcoming meals:


  1. 12Feb2016, Sunday: Valentine’s Day Indian High Tea
  2. 26Feb2016, Sunday: Madras 83 Brunch


  1. 26Mar2016: High Chai

What we do?

  • Set the scene
  • Customize your event
  • Small Plates
  • Team Building Events
  • Cooking Class
  • Pop-up Meals Collaborations

We do plated or catered meals for private events like baby shower, anniversary celebration, birthday parties, weddings.

If you are interested to talk to me further, please fill our contact form.

Spices and Aroma serves South Indian and Modern Indian meals with local, organic and seasonal California produce. We support local farmers and promote sustainable living. You can find sample menus here.

Salad Idli 1


  • South Indian
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Seasonal & Organic
  • Seafood & Poultry
  • Everything in between

Please take a moment to read what others think about Spices and Aroma pop-ups.

Chai Spices Image

Popular Meals

  • Indian High Tea
  • Royal Ayurvedic Meals / South Indian Wedding Meals on a Banana Leaf
  • Plated Farm to Table South Indian Favorites


Our promo video

Image Credits: Paroma,  The Year of the Monkey Blog


  1. Pooja Agrawal 9 months ago

    In addition to traditional Indian dishes Vijitha, you have special talent of amalgamating different flavors and dishes that would be hard to imagine otherwise. Creativity in the presentation is cherry on top. I would attend another of your pop-ups in a heart beat if logistic permit. Thank you for providing us with a unique experience with your pop ups :)

    • Thanks a lot Pooja for your kind words. We are planning to host more pop-ups in a South Bay location :-)

  2. Shaina Conners 9 months ago

    Vijitha catered a friends birthday and did a fantastic job. Every detail from the dishware, to flowers, and the delicate spicing of the food was well thought after. Everyone enjoyed themselves the cuisine immensely and I cannot wait to have her cater another one of my events!! We are just thinking to have a dinner for a group of friends just to have her food again. She does a great job presenting each of the dishes and the significance to her home country and the region. It was so fun and she is the best best best host! I cannot recommend her more highly.

  3. We went to a Mother’s Day Chai Party hosted by Spices and Aroma. It was incredible tasty Indian food I’ve never had before in a fun small plate presentation. My parents had a great time and we were so full. Vijitha was a lovely host and we hope to attend more of these events in the future :).

  4. Rhonda 9 months ago

    Vijitha entered my name into a competition she was having. I won and the prize was 2 boxes of handmade sweets that Vijitha made. The presentation was very good but the taste was beyond outstanding. After every bite, I was left longing for another bite. These sweets are definitely the best Indian sweets I have ever consumed.

  5. Stephen Malchi 9 months ago

    Attended Mother’s day chai party, it was an awesome experience! never had chai like this before. Presentation was great and the food was delicious. Would love to attend again

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