1 Avocado = 2 Dishes In A Day


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    What you will find here:

    1. AVOCADO TOMATO CHUTNEY served with idli for breakfast
    2. AVOCADO CHEESE TOAST served with Rajma Masala and Orange Juice for Lunch

    Hope your first Monday of the New Year has started off really well. I woke up early today to cook our meals for the day. Knowing what to cook has made my life easy. I hope that you guys also feel the same way. I made our dishes from our Week 1 Menu Chart. Those of you who are wondering what I am taking about, please hop over to this post to read more. I made fresh Khaman Dokla which took less than 10 minutes to assemble. As it was steaming in the cooker, I cooked the pasta for lunch which needs to be packed before we leave at 8.00 AM . I will share a secret tip here. I cook the pasta in a pressure cooker as well. Dump the pasta of your desired shape, add a teaspoon oil,  fill water to cover it and stir well to mix them. Cook on medium heat for 1 whistle. Switch off the flame. Let the pressure come down and run it under clean tap water through a colander. Set aside. How quick was that? It’s 7.00 AM now I just have to make the mint chutney after my shower. That reminds me to tell you about all natural oats-orange body powder I use for the shower and the homemade lotion bar as moisturizer. Grab the recipe here as they are so good for your and also your little one’s skin. 

    Today I am going to share two recipes with avocado. I started to use avocado only from 2010. I wasn’t sure what to make with it other than guacamole. So every time I will pick one and was so hesitant to think anything beyond that. One day I saw a recipe for healthy chocolate mousse made with avocado. I was tempted to try and trust me, it is one of the most popular post in my blog. There was a time I used to make it for every potluck and will ask the guests to guess the secret ingredient in it. No one can even imagine avocado in a dessert. So trust me on this and make it for your Valentine’s day meal. Once I got bored with making same two dishes with it, I started to try to play with it. Every time I make a dish with avocado, there is something left behind. It turns into ugly black color when left in the fridge. I am a mother who wants to include these healthy plump avocado in our meals atleast once a week. So I came up with making two dishes in a day when we open 1 avocado.


    Avocado-Tomato Chutney_3


    II. AVOCADO CHEESE TOAST (Kid’s Meal for Sure)

    Avocado Cheese Toast _3



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    2. Hi Vijitha,
      I just started subscribing to your blog. I tried the avocado cheese toast with my daughter. She is an extremely fussy eater and this taost was just gobbled up. She did not even realise that there was Avocado in the toast. Thank you for this recipe.

      • Thats awesome to hear. What more happiness do we need as a mom right?

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