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How To Cook a Bunch of Kale?

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  1. Kale Chips in a Microwave Recipe
  2. Kale Cooked with Lentils Recipe

I feel so good. I completed 7 days low carb. As I promised to myself, I didn’t get on the scale to weigh myself. I have been including a lot of Indian subzis, vegetable stir fries (poriyals), eggs, chicken, mutton and seafood to keep myself full. I did include dahls during the meal. I had a busy week at work and hence I didn’t find time to write down my menu chart for Week 4 for this week.

Kale is a green leafy vegetable used in salads and stir fries.. I came to know about kale during my visits to farmer’s market. I would buy a bunch of those purple or green colored curly leaves with excitement to try something new. It will stay untouched in my fridge for more than a week and I will be throw it without using it. I was once lost on what to cook with it. Over the months, I developed the confidence to cook with kale in Indian dishes. I have made kale pulao, kale omelets, kale dahl and kale chips in a microwave. When Idid a smoothie cleanse, I rotated between baby spinach and kale in my smoothies. You can grab the recipe for Ruby Pink (Green) Smoothie Recipe Plus How to Create You Own Smoothie here.

I went picked 1 huge bunch of kale from farmer’s market last Sunday. They had this beautiful purple-green colored leaves. Since I am on low carb diet, I wanted to make dahl with it and use the rest to make kale chips in a microwave. Trust me, making kale chips is the microwave is a coolest hack ever. I have tried baking them in an oven but I end up some being burnt and taste bitter. So I completely stopped making it. Then one day I tried to wilt kale in the microwave but it got over cooked and turned crunchy. That was a eureka moment. Next minute, I washed few leaves, pat dried it with kitchen tissue and neatly arranged them in a ceramic plate. I microwave it on high for 5 minutes. Once done, remove and let it cool a bit. It will be crunchy and perfectly edible, no bitterness at all. You can skip the oil as well and eat it as such without any seasoning.


Kale Chips_1




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  1. I’m trying to like kale so it’s helpful to see how many ways you’ve prepared it. I’m gong to try the kale chips in the microwave first,

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