50 + After School Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

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    1. 50 + Healthy After School Snack Ideas for (working) mother
    2. 5 ingredients Rule which I follow during shopping
    3. Tips for working moms to plan well so kids eat the right snack at the right time
    4. Pdf copy of the list of snack in calendar format (7 days for 5 weeks chart)+ shopping list for each week

    As a working mother, it is important to keep snacks ready when I pick my kids. They will be tired in the evening and they need some food right when we pick them. I can see that you are all nodding a yes. When I came to this country in 2009, I was so curious to try sugary or salty and processed snacks in the grocery store. Trust me, I have tasted almost each and every one of them. If you ask me if I will do that again. My reply is I wish I can live those days with a better food choice. The first obvious effect was on my health. I kept gaining weight and ended up with gestational diabetes. There is no direct evidence between the two but I personally felt that I would prevented it if I ate right in the years before getting pregnant. Anyways life is all about learning. Since then, I have made conscious effort to serve healthy food for my family. Purple Carrots_1 Couple of weeks back, I was invited to be a guest on Health Roots, a show in Bay Area Local Radio Channel (1170 am). I was asked to share my journey with gestational diabetes during both my pregnancies. You can read more about my story here. We spoke about the conscious lifestyle change I made as part of eating right. My kids will turn 5 and 2 years by end of this year. As a mother, I feel that I have the responsibility to give them the right food so their tender body is nourished with all the goodness.

    50 + Snack Ideas Screenshot

    Click on the image to download the 50+ snack ideas chart along with shopping list for 5 weeks

    I am a huge supporter of local, seasonal food and a visit to farmer’s market is our weekly ritual. My son looks at each vegetable and fruit at the market and plans which one to pick. Ofcourse I help him along the way. I feel that with limited time in hand, it is important to come with a meal plan. That’s why I shared few of our weekly meal plans with you all. Please feel free to download it from the dropbox link below:

    1. Week 3 Menu Plan + Shopping List (highlights in red)
    2. Week 2 Menu Plan + Shopping List
    3. Week 1 Menu Plan + Shopping List

    Strawberry_2 It’s summer time now. My son goes for swimming class, art projects in library and plays soccer in the park. I pick him around 5:30PM. Our dinner time is between 07:30-08:00 PM. Even if the school serves snacks at 3PM, every kid will be hungry when we pick them. My son comes to the car exhausted and tanned J. I try to carry his milk in his sippy cup to work. I store it in the fridge and I warm it a bit when I drive back home. So that’s the first snack he eats in the car. The moment we reach home I have to get the snacks ready within 15-30 minutes. Thankfully we are 5 minutes away from his school. I prefer to feed my kids homemade food on most days. I was taught “5 ingredients rule by a friend”. I mentioned it in the radio show as well. The rule is that when you take a look at the list of ingredients in store bought food product and you find more than 5 ingredients, then it shouldn’t be consumed. Ofcourse there should be exceptions.   Pub Snack Lemongrass Peanuts I want to share a conversation I had with my son few weeks back. I was playing puzzles with him at home and he began a new conversation with a question. Can you guess what I had for snack today? I smiled as I get excited when he asks questions. I asked him for a clue. He said it has only one ingredient. I gave him a expression that it was a tough question and I didn’t know the answer. He was so excited that I couldn’t guess. He folded is hand around his chest and said it was baby carrots. I felt on top of the world. It is an Eureka moment for me as it shows that we as a family are heading in the right direction of eating right  almost right. We follow the 5 ingredients rule on most food. My son knows that all fruits and vegetable are the best choice as it is made with only one ingredient. When grandparents were here there were arguments that I rationed my kids too much and that I am living in a bubble. I gave it a thought and yes as a mother I am learning, analyzing and reanalyzing the situation and trying to make a choice that I feel is good for the kids. I have realized that everything in moderation is good so I try to include dishes that are deep fried (use fresh oil everytime) and use puff pastry (buy the brand that uses real ingredients). Every one gets to eat 1 or 2 pieces and that’s it 🙂 Also, some mothers will like to feed the kids early dinner by 6:00 or 6:30 PM. I serve snacks around 5:30-6:00PM and our dinner time is 08:00 PM. So please free to find a schedule that works for you and your child. South Beach Diet Snack Soy Chunks Masala Coming today’s post, I have been asked about what I serve to my kids as snacks. I am not an expert in this – I think no one is or no one can be. As a mother, we learn everyday, each child is different and each family is different.  Like every awesome mother out there, I am doing the best I can to see what works best for my family. For instance, some kids might like chocolate drink or smoothies but my son hates it. Over the last couple of years, I have finally cracked the puzzle. I kind of know what my son eats on a regular basis. I created a list for my use and I wanted to share it with you all. I have made a list of 50+ snacks that I serve for my kids. You can use this as a template to build on the dishes your kid loves.

    Vegetable Bread Rolls


    1. Sandwich with pesto and mushrooms:  One of the easiest snacks to make on a weekday evening is a sandwich. I always stock whole wheat bread and pesto from the store. Sometimes I make my own pesto with spinach or cilantro or basil. If you buy it from the store, please make sure to make the brand that has less number of ingredients and uses less sodium. For this sandwich, I use button mushroom. Heat oil, quickly sautee the chopped garlic for 20-30 seconds and add finely sliced mushroom. Cook in high heat for 5 minutes. Remove and mix with pesto. Layer the bread with pesto mix and mozrella or cream cheese and grill until lightly browned and crunchy. It takes 15-20 minutes to make this snack. You can also find recipe for spinach pesto-mushroom sandwich here.
    2. Peaches with Sour Cream and Pistachios: Around this time of the year, farmer’s market is flooded with stone fruits like plums, plouts, peaches, nectarines. You can use any of the seasonal fruit and top it with sour cream or mascarpone cheese and crushed roasted pistachios. My son loves it and I serve them little cold. It takes less than 5 minutes to make this.
    3. Celery with cottage cheese + dried cranberry: I had gestational diabetes during both my pregnancies so I try to eat healthy snacks all the time. Celery is one of my favorite vegetable that I always have in my fridge. I add them to soups and stir fries. In this snack, you can smear cottage cheese in to dips/pockets in celery and top it with dried cranberry. You can replace cranberry with raisins or dates. It takes less than 5 minutes to make this snack. Have you noticed that you secrete more saliva when you chew celery? This is because celery needs a lot of chewing. When more saliva is produced it will neutralize the acids (lowers the pH) in your mouth and it helps us by keeping our teeth and gums healthy.
    4. Roasted boiled plantains with ghee: I am from the Southern part of India where plantains, mangoes, coconuts and jackfruits are popular. The ingredient used in my cuisine is very similar to those you can find in Malay, Caribbean or other tropical islands. Ripe plantains are needed for this snack. Cut the plantains into half and gently remove it skin with a pairing knife. Cut them into thin roundels. Heat ghee or butter in a large saucepan and arrange the plantains next to each other. Cook on each side for 8 minutes or until its brown and crispy. Serve with Greek yogurt sprinkled with cardamom. It takes 30 minutes to make this snack. Recipe can be found here as well.
    5. Microwave kale chips: I buy 2 bunches of kale from farmer’s market every other week. I use one bunch to make kale chips and other bunch to make dahl or pilaf or coconut based curry. Recipe for kale chips here. It takes less than 10 minutes to put them together.
    6. Microwave popcorn with grated cheese: My son loves popcorn and anyone can make popcorn in a microwave. My son makes it by himself with little supervision from me or my husband. Add 1/3 or less corn kernels in a sandwich brown bags. Based on the heat setting in your microwave, you can start at 1 minutes to pop them. Once done, transfer to a bowl and drizzle coconut oil and cheese. This snack can be made in less than 5 minutes.
    7. Carrots with maple syrup: Another easy recipe that I love to serve. My son wears glasses as he has lazy eyes. We try to include carrots few times in a week. You can use baby carrots or regular carrots for it. Please make sure to rinse and clean them well. I try to buy organic / pesticide free varieties as we eat them raw. Serve it with maple syrup or ranch or any of your kid’s favorite dressing. Did you know that eating raw carrots helps to clean the teeth? This is because the increased chewing helps clean the gums. This snack takes absolutely no time to make. All we have to do it rinse and clean the carrots and serve it with maple syrup. I use all natural maple syrup and they are 100% natural sweetener that is in use for many centuries in North America. There are evidence that it is more nutritious and healthy than regular white sugar. There are purple carrots available in the markets as well.
    8. Sliced Banana, shredded coconut, raisins in yogurt: Our kids go for classes that requires a lot of physical effort to stay alert and active. We always keep banana at home. It provides instant energy and that is my go-to snack when I feel tired or low in sugar. I mix ripe bananas, fresh grated coconut, raisins in yogurt.
    9. Peaches with mint-almond pesto: This is yet another seasonal snack made with fresh peaches. Don’t use fruits that are sold in sugar syrups. Please use fresh fruits from the market. The recipe for pesto is here. This snack takes 10 minutes to make. You can also make the pesto over the weekend and use it for the pasta as well.
    10. Masala Puffed Rice: Southern part of India has rice based cuisine. Puffed rice is a popular ingredient used in Indian cooking for so many centuries. Recipe for puffed rice snack can be found here. I make a whole batch and store in airtight container. Since the puffed rice are sold in bulk, you can either share the packet with a friend or plan a chaat meal for few other times to finish them. They stay fresh for long time as it has low moisture content. I prefer to keep them for 1-2 months.
    11. Boiled mung bean sundal with coconut, curry leaves and spices: I grew up in a household where eating “sundals” is almost an everyday ritual. Among all the legumes/beans that are staple in Indian cuisine, mung bean is my top favorite. That is because it is a versatile legume that absorbs the flavors of spices and herbs really well. It turns mushy pretty fast and that makes it a super easy baby food too. Mung bean has soluble and insoluble fibers in it. I was interacting with my friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor from India and she mentioned that astringent taste of mung bean helps tone our digestive organs. A diet based on mung bean will help us cleanse our body. They are low in calorie and low glycemix index. Mung bean sundal is one of the most common snack I ate during gestational diabetes. There are so many benefits like aids in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and is a mild diuretic. In this preparation, I soaked the mung dahl in water overnight. I pressure cooked it for 1 whistle. Gently remove the whistle to release the pressure. This is done to prevent it from getting over cooked. I like to see the whole beautiful beans in the sundal. I make a simple tadka with sesame oil, mustard seeds, dry red chillies, curry leaves and asafeotida. You can find detailed recipe here. This snack can be made in 30 minutes.
    12. Roasted chickpeas,nuts & jaggery mix: Pottukadalai trail mix is a common food that is offered to God during prayers. Store bought roasted chickpeas are mixed with grated jaggery and nuts. I serve this snack to my kids on some days as jaggery prevents constipation, cleanses liver and increases immunity. I sweeten my evening chai with jaggery. However, you should remember that jaggery contains more calories so use it cautiously on yourself. This snack takes less than 5 minutes to make
    13. Zucchini-Beets bites with mint chutney: Grate 1 zucchini and 1 small beets in a bowl. Add 2 teaspoon garam masala and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix in cooked brown rice or regular rice or quinoa and breadcrumbs to the vegetable mixture and add an egg. Roll them together into a dough. Make small patties. Shallow fry in oil. Serve hot.
    14. Idli bites with spice powder and buttermilk: I make the idli batter (recipe here) on Sunday. Being the typical South Indian, I need my idli, dosa and uthapam during the week. Mini idlies is very popular in my house. My kids love it. I either make them in the morning and make it fresh when we get home around 5;30 PM. It takes less than 5 minutes to pour the batter in to idli moulds and takes less than 15 minutes to cook. I serve it with idli podi and yogurt. I skip milk in this snack.
    15. Watermelon-feta cheese-basil salad: You can make this salad pretty quickly. Place watermelon chunks in a bowl, layer it with feta cheese and thinly sliced basil leaves. It is a refreshing salad that will be a big hit during get-togethers and parties. It takes 10 minutes to make this.
    16. Boiled black eyed peas with vegetables like grated green apple, green mango carrots and cucumber: This is similar to sundal I spoke about earlier. Mix boiled black eyes peas with grated green apple, green mango, carrots and cucumber. Season with South Indian tadka made by heating sesame oil and cooking the mustard seeds, dry red chillies, asafeotida, curry leaves and salt. Once the beans are cooked, it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. I pressure cook the soaked beans to save time and gas.
    17. Cucumber with hummus: Easy cucumber wedges served with hummus. It takes less than 5 minutes to serve.
    18. Boiled peanuts with vegetables like grated green apple, carrots and cucumber: Raw peanuts are boiled and served with vegetables and South Indian tadka (refer steps in 16).
    19. Whole wheat roti or tortilla with banana and almond or peanut butter: Smear whole wheat roti or store bought whole wheat tortilla with almond or peanut butter and place sliced banana. Roll it into a wrap and serve. It takes less than 5 minutes to make.
    20. Grapes and Paneer skewers: I make fresh paneer. Grab my recipe to make homemade paneer here. I let my son assemble this snack. I give him a bowl of grapes and paneer cubes along with toothpicks or skewers. He would thread the grapes and paneer alternatively into the toothpick or skewers. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and serve. You can use babybel cheese as well.
    21. Vegetable Paniyaram: I make this quick snack with idli batter. Mix 1 cup of idli batter with thinly slices vegetables like cabbage, carrots and cauliflower. Cook them in paniyaram chatti / appe pan. Serve hot with idli podi. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and about 20 minutes to get the first cooked batch.
    22. French toast with eggs and honey: Mix ¼ cup milk with 1 egg, teaspoon of honey, pinch of grated ginger, salt and pepper in a bowl. Dip bread in it and cook in a griddle until done, about 8 minutes on each side. This makes 2 toasts. My son loves it. It is our Sunday breakfast too. It takes less than 20 minutes to make and serve.
    23. Sandwich with cream cheese + cucumber: Smear laughing cow cream cheese over bread and layer with thinly sliced cucumber roundels. Cover with another slice of bread. Cut into squares or triangles and serve. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and serve.
    24. Celery with cream cheese and honey: Mix cream cheese with honey. Smear the cheese mixture into space in celery wedges. This is one of the quickest snack to eat after workout. You can skip honey and replace it with nuts. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and serve.
    25. Sandwich with mint chutney-cheese spread + pineapple: My kids love pineapple. I buy a fruit and use it for next few days. It will be in sandwich, salad or smoothie. Mix mint chutney (grind mint leaves, ½ red onion, 1 green chilly or less, dried pomegranate seeds, 1 teaspoon ginger to a smooth paste) with cream cheese. Smear the spread over the bread and layer with pineapple slices. Place another slice of bread on top of layered pineapple and cut into halves. Serve immediately. It takes less than 15 minutes to make.
    26. Paneer-Pineapple skewers: I make fresh paneer. Grab my recipe to make homemade paneer here. I let my son assemble this snack. I give him a bowl of pineapple cubes and paneer cubes along with toothpicks or skewers. He would thread the pineapple and paneer alternatively into the toothpick or skewers. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and serve.
    27. Small egg dosa: Beat one egg in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Pour dosa batter over a hot griddle. Smear it with the back of the ladle to form a large circle. Pour egg on top of uncooked batter. Drizzle sesame oil around the edges of the dosa. Let it cook for 6-8 minutes on medium low flame. Release the edges and flip. Let the other side cook for 8 minutes. Serve hot with chutney or idli podi. I serve egg dosa for my kids with lentil powder (paruppu podi) and ghee. It takes 20 minutes to serve this.
    28. Zucchini paniyaram with besan/gram flour and chaat masala: You will all love this recipe for sure. All you have to do it grate the zucchini and add gram flour (besan), chaat masala or any spice mix like sambhar powder or pav bhaji masala and salt. Don’t add water as zucchini leaves a lot of water. It will turn into a batter by itself. Heat the appe pan/paniyaram chatti and cook on both sides for 10-15 minutes. Serve hot with mint chutney. My son eats it without any dip. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and about 20 minutes to get the first cooked batch.
    29. Celery with paneer crumble & raisins: Mix paneer with raisins and stuff it into celery wedges. This can be made within 5 minutes
    30. Baked vegetable chips: Serve store bought dehydrated, baked vegetable chips
    31. Dhokla: This is similar to idli. The gram flour is steam cooked. It is one of the safest food to give toddlers. You can find my recipe here.
    32. Lemongrass Peanuts: 1 cup roasted unsalted peanuts, 2 tablespoon grated lemon grass, 1 tablespoon lime peel ( finely grated), 1 teaspoon olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and serve. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and serve.
    33. Roasted Corn: I relate roasted corn as a snack that transports me to my home city, Madras. Roasted corn with lemon juice and spices. They are popularly sold in Marina Beach in Madras. I make this during BBQ and you can find the recipe here. I have also shared tips on how to pick the right corn. On weekdays, I make it for us in kitchen stove.
    34. Grilled Cauliflower: This is yet another snack that we love. Cauliflower is my favourite vegetable and I grill them like steak. This recipe is allowed in South Beach Diet Phase 1. You can find the recipe here. You can find purple, orange and yellow cauliflower too. Kids will love to see the colors on their plate. This snack takes 15 minutes to cook and serve.
    35. Ghee Roasted Pav: “Pav” bun toasted to perfection with homemade ghee (clarified butter). Serve warm with Nutella and berries!
    36. Apple wedges with all-natural almond or peanut butter: Apples are in season from Oct to Jan . I try to buy them when I see it in farmers market. This one of the easiest snack to serve as it involves just washing and slicing the apples. I serve it with almond or peanut butter. Did you know that apples are the nature’s toothbrush? The juice from the fruit strength the gums and prevents the buildup of plaque. Just like celery, carrots there will be more production of saliva as it involves a lot of chewing to eat the fruit.
    37. Boiled egg with any spice powder or just salt & pepper: Make a paste with spices like turmeric powder, curry leaves powder, coriander powder, salt & pepper, dash of ghee and water. Cut boiled eggs into half. Smear the paste with boiled eggs smeared with the spice paste. Roast in a cast iron pan with little oil. Serve hot. Once you have the boiled eggs, this snack can be made in less than 10 minutes. I generally boil the eggs along with rice in the morning. I use pressure cooker to make them. They are hard boiled as it goes through 4 whistles. Find my recipe here.
    38. Boiled Corn with ghee or butter: On days I am pressed for time, I use frozen corns to make this snack. You should microwave the frozen corn for 2 minutes on high. Check whether it is hot and well cooked. Add a spoon of ghee, salt and pepper. Serve immediately. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and serve. My son loves it.
    39. Soy Chunks Stir fry: Soak soy chunks (as much as you want) in hot water for 15 minutes. Remove the water by straining and gently squeeze out little water. Dont get rid of all the water. The water retained in the soy chunks is needed to cook and prevent it from burning. Heat oil, once hot throw in ginger-garlic paste, sriracha, turmeric powder and curry leaves powder. Sauté for a minute. Add soy chunks and cook it for 15 minutes on medium low flame. I used cast iron pan to cook this. Once cooked, serve hot. This snack takes less than 20 minutes to cook and serve.
    40. Roasted Moong Dhal: Haldiram sells moong dhal snack and you can find them in store but they are deep fried. I make a microwave version which uses less oil. This snack is a make ahead snack. You can find the recipe here. It takes less than 10 minutes to cook them in the microwave.
    41. Bhel Poori Salad: A quick snack to make with puffed rice, sev, cucumber, onions, carrots, tomatoes and mint chutney-date chutney. I make a quick cheat version of sweet-spicy chaat chutney. Grind together ½ cup mint leaves, ½ cup cilantro, ½ green chilly, 10 dates, 2 teaspoon tamarind pulp or fresh tamarind, chaat masala. Store the chutney in fridge. Assemble the ingredients for the salad and drizzle chutney as your kid’s liking. I also add yogurt to it.
    42. Vegetable Bhajji: This is a typical snack I make over the weekends as I will have the time to cook and enjoy the crunchy delight. I use vegetables like onions, eggplant, plantains and potato. The trick to make crunchy bhajji is to slice the vegetables thin and also make a perfect batter. I mix 1 cup besan / kadalai maavu/ gram flour, 1 cup rice flour, 1 teaspoon chili powder, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, salt and asafetida with ½-3/4 cup water. The batter should be thick so it adheres to the vegetable so don’t add excess water. Dip the vegetable in the batter and deep fry it in super hot oil.
    43. Cashew-Vegetable Pakoda: Another weekend snack I make for my kids. Recipe can be found here at Spicy Tasty.
    44. Avocado Cheese Toast: Saturated fat, cholesterol and polysaturated fat are very key for growth of brain. The body can make them but two polyunsaturated fats must be obtained from diet. Human brain is made of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which will continue to build up in child’s brain until the age of 2. It is similar to how body needs calcium to grow bones. Hence I try to include egg, coconut oil, avocado or nuts everyday. This is an easy recipe for snack. You can find the recipe here.
    45. Poha-Nuts Trail Mix: This yet another make ahead snack in my home. This snack has no added fat. Alternately you can roast the poha (flattened rice) in couple of teaspoon ghee or butter. Grab the recipe here
    46. Peas-Paneer Tarts: I make these tarts on days I have frozen puff pastry at home. When I leave to work, I remove the puff pastry from freezer and place it in the fridge. In the next 8-10 hours, it will thaw by itself. I make quick sautee with veggies of my choice and make easy tarts with them. You can grab the recipe here.
    47. Paneer Pakoda: I make fresh paneer almost every week. I follow an easy method taught to me by my Punjabi cook aunty. You can find the tips and recipe here. Actually it carries no particular recipe and anyone can make paneer by that method. I make a batter similar to the one give in Snack 42. Dip the paneer cubes in batter and deep fry it.
    48. Deep fried poha delights: This is my childhood favorite snack and I recommend making it for your kids. Poha is deep fried in hot oil. Press them against kitchen tissue to remove any excess oil. In the same oil, deep fry raw cashews. Drain the excess oil using kitchen tissue. Mix deep fried poha, cashews with salt and pepper. Store in air tight container. It lasts for 2-3 days. Take ¼ cup of the fried mixture and add finely chopped carrots, onions, cucumber and raw green mangoes. Top with chopped cilantro.
    49. Fig Puff Pastry: Figs, plums, plouts, peaches, strawberry or any of your child’s favourite stone fruit or summer fruit or any jam can be used in this preparation. I use the most common cheese available at my home for making this and that is mozzarella. I feel that brie or goat cheese will be a great choice too. Please find the recipe here.
    50. Steamed crunchy broccoli with melted cheese: Steam the broccoli until crunchy about 5 minutes. Serve with ranch. The good thing about broccoli is that we don’t have to pick organic varieties. It is one of the vegetable that can be picked at your non-organic section of the supermarket. I always stock broccoli as its my son likes it. I make creamy cheese soup or stir fry or rice dish with it. Serve hot with cheddar or cream cheese warmed with milk in a microwave or gas stove.
    51. Dates + Goat Cheese: Stuff seedless dates with goat cheese and serve. It takes less about 2 minutes to put them together. Dates are rich in iron and I try to give it to my kids often.
    52. Strawberry with Whipped Cream: This is a quick snack my son loves. Serve strawberry with whipped cream
    53. Egg Puffs: Make a simple onion spice mixture by cooking onions (2 large onions) with oil and cumin seeds to make 4 puffs. Season with garam masala. While the onions are cooking, boil the eggs for 15 minutes. Once cooled, remove the shell and cut them in half. Place the onion mixture over puff pastry cut as squares. Gently place the egg with flat side touching the onion mixture. Fold the corners of the puff pastry towards the centre and seal with finger. I prefer to leave the eggs little visible. Bake at 400F for 15 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to make and serve this dessert.
    54. Beets-Paneer Puffs: My son loves puffs so I create different stuffing to it. We eat one puff per person. That’s it. This is a super easy stuffing made by cooking grated beets with oil and cumin seeds. The beets are sautéed for 5 minutes. Once cooled, mix in equal portion of grated paneer. Follow the rest of the steps (refer Snack 52) to assemble. It takes
    55. Boiled ripe plaintains (Nentharam Pazham Mash): This recipe was taught to me by our neighbor in Madras. They are from Kerala and this is a popular baby/ toddler food. Ripe yellow plaintains from Indian or Mexico store is pressure cooked for 2 whistles. Once cooled, the skin is peeled and chopped into pieces. I mash them for my almost 2 year old daughter. My son eats the pieces. Drizzle ghee and sprinkle fresh coconut and sugar. It takes 20 minutes to serve this.
    56. Boiled Sweet Potatoes: Simple boiled sweet potatoes as snack. You can also find purple ones in the market. I serve them sliced.
    57. Boiled Edamame with soy sauce: You can buy cooked edamame from Costco. Just microwave it and serve with soy sauce. My son enjoys spending the time to open the pods. Read my post on edamame here.
    58. Puff Pastry Sticks: This is a make ahead snack. You can involve your kids to make it too.My son loves crunchy snacks like this. I mix puff pasty with toasted cumin seeds and nigella seeds. I roll them out to a large rectangle on lightly floured sheet. Cut them into strips. Spray oil or brush butter. Gently twist the sticks and place on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake at 400F for 12 minutes. Cool and serve.
    59. Cherry tomatoes-cheese-basil skewers: The cherry tomatoes that are tiny are the most sweet. I pick them at the farmers market. Thread cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cheese squares and basil leaf. Drizzle lemon juice and sprinkle salt & pepper. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and serve.
    60. Vegetable Bread Rolls: I make this snack with white bread as I felt rolling out was easier and it retained its shape. I could easily roll them to make the snack. You can definitely try to make it with multi grain or whole wheat breads. You can replace the filling with beets-paneer masala or paneer-bell pepper stir fry or shrimp/minced meat curry.

    Ghee Toasted Pav Buns


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