Deep fried zucchini blossoms

The long weekend for July 4th is the most anticipated break for us. It’s the right time as the weather gets warm, sunny and bright. Fourth of July is declared as the Independence Day for United States. This day is associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, family get-together and picnics.  It is also a day to honor and support US military men and women who have served and are serving the nation. This year July 4th falls right on the middle of the week and many are contemplating when to take the break. We decided to kick start the weekend by making short trips to Sausalito and Pescadero.

On Saturday we stopped by the San Jose flea market too. I have been there couple of times but never spent quality time exploring their farmer’s market. I am still awed at the different kinds of vegetables and fruits. I picked up few produce which were alien to me and I was more than excited to try them for the first time in  my kitchen. I brought home Guajes, chyote mexican squash, zucchini blossoms and okinawan potato ( Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes). The farmer’s market has beautiful zucchini blossoms during this season. Everytime I see them, I make a note to buy it someday. They have an attractive yellow flower, so beautiful to look and very fragile to touch. You have to cook and eat them right when they “just picked” stage.  We are planning for a picnic in one of the beaches in Half moon bay in the coming week and I am planning to take some starters.

I decided to deep fry zucchini blossoms as I wanted to use them before they wilt. Since I have never cooked them before, I did a test run last evening. I imagined a recipe in mind, deep frying it like how we do for Indian fritters (bhajji), mixing gram and rice flour with some spices. I briefly ran a google search and got a glimpse of what people generally do with zucchini blossoms. The online recipes suggested cheese or anchovy stuffing. I always store panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) at home. I scanned through my fridge for any cheese packets. I had 3/4th of a packet of mexican cheese blend that I bought for quesadilla. So the recipe evolved within minutes. I washed and dried the zucchini blossoms with a kitchen towel. Stuffed the bulb with cheese and gently dipped them in beaten egg and roll it over panko seasoned with chili and coriander powder. Deep fry and voila! crispy, crunchy snack ready in no time. I served it with ketchup and hot ginger-clove-cardamon tea.

I am planning to fry them right before we leave for the July 4th picnic. They were super crunchy and I am sure it will stay that way until we reach our destination. I can imagine myself curling over a beach chair, sipping icy lemonade and enjoying bites and bites of this addictive snack.

Source: Self
Serves 3-4
  • 8 fresh zucchini blossoms – cleaned and dried
  • 1 cup Mexican cheese blend – grated
  • 2 egg – beaten
  • 2 cups panko breadcrumbs
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 2 tablespoon coriander powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Oil to fry
  1. Remove the stem of the flower as we are using only flower. Clean, wash and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Set them aside. Handle them gently.
  2. Mix panko, chili, coriander powder and salt together and place it on a baking tray or anything that’s long and easy to roll the blossom.
  3. Work carefully to avoid tearing. Gently slide the cheese (about less than a tablespoon) inside the flower bulb.
  4. Cover the blossom with eggs and roll over the panko mix. Coat well with the mixture as that’s what will make your dish super crunchy.
  5. Heat oil to 375F and once hot enough, gently place the zucchini blossoms and fry for 3-5 minutes on each side, until they turn brown.
  6. Serve hot with ketchup and Indian tea.


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  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Loved the simple styling .. the red sauce popping out .. the dark background.. the props you used .. every bit 🙂

    As for the dish .. am now going out to buy some zucchini blossoms.

  2. Seriously cant take my eyes from ur irresistible click,super tempting fritters..

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