Easy garlic bread with store bought bread and garlic


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Hi foodies!
How have you all been? Hope you guys had a lovely weekend and are re-charged to handle this week’s work, schedules and stress. My weekend was great and fast. S & I registered ourselves with the local library and we spent a good amount of time glancing at the books and DVDs. We brought few home too. We love books a little too much. Books are amazing and they can do anything to you: make you laugh, make you think, make you analyze,importantly increases your vocabulary-there are zillion words unknown to us all these days!
My house is filled with both technical and non-technical books. He has books on digital signal processing, adaptive filter theory,communication systems, art of war, cast of characters , why we buy, and so on.My collections include Dan Brown, Khaled Hossini, John Grisham, Chetan Bhagat, Hilton Brown and offlate, I have started to buy books on recipes and diet.

S is a technical geek and he is too techie that he ends up correcting me in the market when I buy Macintosh apples as “No honey! its Apple Macintosh”. I end up staring at him. Also he ends up counting stuffs in the order “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D….”. Duuh! he he! 🙂 just kidding. I am just overdoing it. He isn’t that bad but one thing is for sure, he spends hours at Fry’s electronics and I go bonkers. I am more a novel-girl. I grew up reading Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys . I am sure girls who are reading it will understand. Yeah babes! Men are definitely from mars and we are from Venus. They are just too different.

I am currently reading “Shopaholic & Sister” by Sophie Kinsella. When I left India, my suitcase was half full with the books I bought from a sale in OXFORD ( a bookstore in Chennai). The store has a Cha Bar too. There is a whole lot of huge books on history, animals, heritage, countries, placed in the shelves. You can just grab one and end up reading it for hours with just a cup of coffee you ordered. They dont disturb you until its closing time :-). Isnt it that great?

Hey Chennaites out there!!! those who have not been there and those who love books (ofcourse loves Coffee!) just go drop in and it takes a heavy heart to step out of the store. This was one of the place S took me out after our engagement. I remember grabbing a book on “TRAVEL” and having Chocolate fudge and ice cream and discussing with him about the places to visit .Going on a date to a book store isn’t great idea for others but for us : It was awesome 🙂

So guys tell me: which is the current book you are reading? and who is your favorite author?

We spent most of our time watching those DVDs from library and last Saturday afternoon, we had a small BBQ party in the nearby park. About 10 of us met up, we made shrimps,chicken and vegetable patties. The day was bright, yellow and sunny but was too windy. My eyes and nose ended up watering and I was just waiting to get back home to sit on my favorite warm couch with hot Chai and bread.

The post for today is home-style easy garlic bread. Its super easy to make and also super tasty to munch.I made them with few left over bread slices.



4 bread slices – cut diagonal
2 tbs unsalted butter – soften
2 tbs parsley – chopped
2-3 garlic – minced
Salt to taste

Whisk the butter, parsley, garlic and salt in a mixing bowl and keep aside.
Take the triangle shaped bread slices and spread the garlic mixture over it.
Pre-heat the oven to 325’F and broil the bread slices for 5 minutes and turn them over. Cook for another 3-5 minutes. Its important to keep an eye on them as they will get charred.
Let them rest for 5-10minutes and serve hot.

Simple yummy crispy home-made garlic bread is ready!

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  1. The garlic bread looks very comforting and should have been aromatic too!!! Oh books dont tell me collecting and reading books are the heights of joblessness… Now after long thinking and realization I stopped buying books rather borrow them from libraries… I kinda getta know more ppl by that way 🙂

  2. Just love your stories… I grew up on Nancy drew and hardy boys… Now I borrow it from my daughter's collection.
    Lovely easy garlic bread…

  3. Glad to know u had a nice weekend.Books are my best friends:).Well coming to ur question – Am currently reading two novels simultaneously (coz my husband ended up reading one of the novels, when i was half done,so we are sharing it for now)-Its John Grisham's The Last Juror and Princess by Jean Sasson.Coming to the Garlic bread….looks wonderful perfect for evening snacks.

  4. Garlic Bread looks yummy. You know what book i am reading, i am on Vedic Maths by Ranjani Chari. Equipping myself to handle my elder one during the summer break.

  5. what a wonderful way to spend weekend, i love to read novels, currently m not reading any as dont get many english novels here..but love jeffery archer, sydney sheldon,dan brown etc

  6. Hey I too loved reading Enid Blytin, Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys 🙂 After coming here I have restricted myself with buying books since most of the books are available in the library. The even order our requests from other county libraries…great right! Yummy garlic bread dear…I have never tired it with bread slices…gotta try it soon.

  7. that looks yummy..love love books though i dont find more time nowadays..but off late am into spiritual books and also a few fictions once in a while.

  8. Hey I love this n u have made it so well. I dont like garlic in south indian food, but somehow it tastes soooo good in italian food! The plain old garlic bread is a perfect example! yummmm!

  9. ohh..even we are total book lovers!! we paid extra baggage and got most of books the last time we went to india. Even ours is a very diverse taste. Im more a soft novel, feminism, indian authors kinda girl and hes more the science fiction, mythology kinda guy. We've been a lot into reading about different religions lately and its kinda fun.

    n i sooo love the Shopaholic series!! read them a couple of years ago and was excited to go and see the movie recently, but as always, the movie didnt do justice to the book.

    Ok, before i go ranting on books, the garlic bread looks ohh soo gorgeous!!

  10. That looks so crispy n yummy..My all time favorite and must an order in pizza hut..

  11. Just love ur writeup..enjoyed reading…Yummy garlic bread looks gorgeous!

  12. I love garlic bread but have never tried making it with regular sandwich bread.. always go for the crusty ones. Garlic bread, coffee and a good book – what more could one ask for.

  13. The garlic bread simply looks great!!!I just love it.And the best part is its so simple.

  14. Hi Vij..The bread looks fab,n I love it the garlicky way too..abt books..am totally into it..but not reading in that vigor that I used to,before..during my school college days..:(..This net is eating my time..:P..I love all kindsa books n ready Marley n me lately..have to get some books soon..:)

  15. Garlic Bread is my fav! I love to read books too, just don't get the time that often … Absolutely Love Khaled Hosseini and Dan Brown's work! And never too late for Harry Potter Series! More of a fiction reader!

  16. simply garlicky bread looks yum.Wish I had more time to start reading good books,I got this interesting cookbook from library recently,cleveland clinic's Healthy heart 🙂

  17. Can smell the aroma of garlic……I simply love it….
    I share ur passion of books…..even Even we pick loads of books from library and my local library do keep DVDs of hindi movies…..infact I had an oppurtunity to watch good spanish and german movies….all thanks to the lovely collection of library…..we grab books and sit for hours in Starbucks nearby coffee shop…..

  18. ha! working with computer can be a bit tricky sometimes. yummy garlic bread! have you tried to make garlic and meat or vegies if you are vegan grilled with gruyere? it's yummy too i can tell you. we love eating it hot! and the garlic is just adding perfection in the flavour 🙂

  19. ummmmm sounds delicious any thing with garlic flavor and Garlic bread is my first choice.Looks nice and yummy.

  20. Yummy garlic bread.. I have never tried it at home. sure I am gonna do it soon. 🙂

  21. Sorry for the wrong name..but the main thing is I liked your recipes..good luck…

  22. I've never made garlic bread before but it looks delicious. Must try it.

  23. Garlic Bread is my favourite snack and i have tried it several times at home, but this time with your recipe it was fabulous…cheers

  24. Books always gets my prime attention..though the kind of books I choose are different in each stage of my life!!It started at simple-child fancy comics then went to Mills and boons during my late-teens,then some hard core romantic stuff..then gradually to thriller and investigative books..of course now I automatically lean towards the cookery section..strange isn't it??

    I make the gralic bread in a similar manner-one change though,I add garlic paste in place of minced garlic,rest all the same.

    Enjoyed reading through your post:)

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