Filipino Kamayan-South Indian Virundu Feast Pop-Up


    Yana Gilbuena is a talented chef who has traveled across US to spread to flavors of Philippines through her kamayan-style dining pop-up dinners. Her cookbook “No Forks Given” will be released in July 2018.

    Vijitha Shyam

    Vijitha Shyam is a molecular biologist, enthusiastic home cook and mother of two who is excited to present her take on South Indian food featuring the flavors and ingredients of her new home – Bay Area California.




    Yana and I love food. Every time there’s food in the table, there’s nothing but smile on our face. We have a unique way of eating. While the rest of the world used spoons, forks, chopsticks, and knives, we use our hands. This “eating using your hand” habit is part of our culture. From young and old, everyone knows how to do it. “Kamay” is the Tagalog word for hands and eating using your hands is traditionally called “Kamayan” by the locals. “Virundu” is the Tamil word for feast served during a celebration. Yana and I are hosting a kamayan virundu popup.

    So how do you eat with hands? Just follow these below steps:

    1. On a top of a small amount of rice, place a small amount of main dish using your dominant hand.
    2. Using your finger and thumb, hold the food together. Don’t forget to include the rest of your fingers in the pinch or else it won’t work.
    3. Make sure that all your fingers are wrapped around the rice.
    4. Lift your hand towards your mouth while leaning your head forward and place your thumb behind the food.
    5. With one big push using your thumb, shove the food into your mouth.

    I am really excited to host a 10 course duality collaboration dinner with my dear friend Chef Yana Gilbuena, SALO. India and Philippines association dates back to 1 st millennium through the Indonesian kingdom of Srivijaya followed by Majapahit. Tagalog language spoken in Philippines has some words loaned from Sanskrit and Tamil. In this dinner you will be tasting dishes that are common to both the culture but unique with their own regional ingredients and hear more about the history of two strong cultures.

    Join us to get a taste of South India 🇮🇳& Philippines 🇵🇭

    Vijitha Popup

    Vijitha’s South Indian Virundu Meal                  Image Credit: Paroma of Year of the Monkey Blog

    Yana Popup Salo Series

    Filipino Kamayan Feast                                                                         Image Credit: Google

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