Instant Flattened Rice-Nuts Snacks

    What will you find in this post?

    1. Announcement about weekly menu chart
    2. Recipe for a healthy snack (gluten free and vegan)
    3. Travel list for your family – pdf here

    A very BIG hi, Namaste and Vanakkam to all,

    A heart felt warm welcome to all the new subscribers from Spices and Aroma family. I have been discussing in various facebook groups about ways to make our life easy and stress-free (with regards to cooking) for 2015. I have started to work on them and as a first step, I have created a list for essential ingredients that I feel is a must in every kitchen. Once we all have the same set of spices, lentils and rice varieties in the cabinets, it will become easy to refer to the chart, shop for the fresh produce and dairy for the week and keep going with the cooking without any interruptions. I will be sending out the ingredients list on 23rd Dec, Tuesday (before 12:00 AM Pacific Time) before I step out for our Christmas break.

    I am also working on creating first menu plan which will go out on Jan 4th, Friday (12:00 AM – Pacific Time). I have taken all the suggestions, feedbacks and requests from you. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I shall create a vegetarian menu plan for the first two weeks in Jan (including North and South Indian food ideas) and slowly introduce non-vegetarian recipes (but I promise to give vegetarian substitutions). The dropbox link to the pdf copies will be attached to my emails. So please make sure to download the attachment, print and stick it on your fridge.


    Please note that:
    1. Spices and Aroma will send two posts in a week (Tuesday and Friday nights (Pacific Time)
    2. On Fridays, you will be receiving menu chart for the week along with shopping list and recipe links to the dishes.

    Thanks for joining me to welcome 2015 with the following ideas:
    1. Get more organized in the kitchen so I spend more time with my family.
    2. Save time by not thinking what to cook or stare at the fridge right before meal time.
    3. Cook with seasonal produce. I will be sharing recipes with ingredients found in the farmer’s market each week.
    4. Eat more vegetables and fruits in 2015
    5. Spend our precious time to cook smart (dump all the ingredients and cook in one go) by using:
    5.1. Pressure cooker
    5.2. Slow cooker
    6. Entertain and serve yummy meals to our friends and family in a more efficient and happy mood.

    That’s all. Sounds easy right!


    I am sure that you are all busy with your Christmas shopping, packing and gifting your loved ones. Incase you are looking to make DIY personalized gifts for your family/friends/colleague, do check my post below. These are such awesome projects to do with your kids.

    Before I sign off I want to share with my awesome readers a pdf of travel list (dropboxlink provided below). I know many busy moms like me would try to pack everything but we will find something missing when you open the bags at the hotel. This list is a summary of what I pack for my family when we go on domestic trips. All you have to do this print it, check mark what is in the bag and what is not in the bags. Right before you leave fold the completed sheet of paper and keep it in your handbag so you can reuse it when you pack again at the hotel.

    Spices and Aroma Travel Checklist Domestic Travel

    Click on the image to download the travel checklist

    If you want to receive these updates and pdf files please subscribe for my page here.

    Happy holidays and have a great Christmas break.

    Flattened Rice-Peanuts-Walnuts Medley 

    No Oil | No Salt Snack

    Before I wrap this post, I have more thing to share with you. Can’t you see that I just love you guys to bits 🙂 🙂 🙂

    This is recipe was taught to me by our nanny who takescare of my daughter. She makes this medley of real foods, real ingredients in no time and it stays fresh for upto a month in an airtight container. It has zero oil and zero salt. You can serve this as an after-school snack for your kids and spouse.


    • 1 cup flattened rice / poha / aval
    • 1 cup unsalted roasted walnuts
    • 1 cup unsalted roasted peanuts


    1. Dry roast the flattened rice in a heated pan. Sauté until they get crispy. Remove and let it cool to room temperature.
    2. In a large bowl, mix roasted flattened rice with walnuts and peanut. Store in a airtight container. Eat with chai.



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