Fried rice with eggs and shrimp


10 min


15 min

We love chinese food and this quick fix fried rice is no exception. This dish came from little fresh shrimp I bought that evening. S wanted Indian shrimp curry which I made couple of weeks back.
The recipe can be found here. But by the time we reached home it was 9 and the cleaning the entire bag would take 1 more hour and cooking the Indian curry would take another 30-45 mins. So I decided to reserve the cleaning for the next day and took just 15 shrimps and cleaned them quick. I scanned through my fridge for few veggies and found left over rice and eggs too! I decided to make a simple fried rice with few sauces that I bought couple of months back. T
he post for today is a simple yet yummy egg shrimp fried rice. The crunchy shrimps and soft scrambled eggs blends so beautifully with the cooked rice and flavorful sauces.

15 shrimps – cleaned & deshelled

3 eggs

3 cups cold rice
1/4 cup red bell peppers
– finely chopped
1/4 cup spring onions – finely chopped

1/4 cup carrot – finely chopped

1 tsp oyster sauce

2 tbs soya sauce
1 tbs sherry wine

1tbs red cooking wine

Olive oil

Salt to taste


Heat a wok and add little oil. Once they get heated up, throw in the shrimp and cook till they turn orange and roll up to a circle. Remove and place over a tissue to remove excess oil.

Now break the eggs into the heated wok and scramble the eggs till done. Remove and keep aside.
Then add little oil to the hot wok and add the cold rice. Give it a complete mix and saute for another 2-3 min. Remove and set aside.

Pour in 1 tbs oil and once they get heated up , add the veggies and turn the flame high. Saute for 1-2 min and pour the oyster sauce, soya sauce, sherry wine and red cooking wine. Cook for 2-3 min and then add the shrimps and eggs. Finally add the rice and give it a complete mix. Adjust salt to taste.

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  1. Lovely presentation Viji…never tried adding shrimps in fried rice…I have to try your recipe this weekend…looks delicious 🙂

  2. Lovely clicks, me too…will fix fried rice…with left over rice and long lying veggies.

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