Guest Post: Gosht Shorba by Prerna of Indian Simmer and a Giveaway of her book

A life without friends is like food without spices or salt. No flavor, no taste and absolutely no fun. We are grown ups now. The definition of friendship must have evolved over the years. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t share laughter, tears, happiness, mood swings, anger and every possible emotion with a friend. That friend becomes someone who you can confide in. Life gets complex and totaly difficult and crazy as we grow old. I have friends with whom I have grown up from a school going toddler to middle school kid to a girl and then a lady. The friends we make in adulthoods are different. They become our sense of support and pillar of strenghth.  I am sure you all agree to me when I say that we choose friends based on common interests. We may have different friends for different activities but only very few friends will fit in all your topics of interest and on such friend to be is Prerna. We may have known each other through our blogs but the friendship has expanded beyond the blog. We are friends as a family now. The most important in my relationship with her is that there is a sense of mutual respect, love and care for each other.

I was the most excited person when she came out with the book “The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook“. Go grab a copy if you haven’t. It is selling like hot cakes in the market now. Her blog Indian Simmer is a source of inspiration for many bloggers. She has magic in her hands and her pictures speak to me. I can taste the dish when I see her pictues. I love her styling and composition in her pictures. Her recipes work like a magic. She is pro and I pray tha she goes places in this field of food, writing and photography. When we met, our topics are about what to eat, where to buy which ingredient and in short, it’s all about food. Food brought us together and food is keeping us together. When I moved to my own domain, I had few bloggers in my mind whose work is inspiring me every minute. I specifically wanted Prerna and few special friends (names will be revealed soon) to write a post for me as they are an integral part of my life. We have had so many beautiful memories together and hope to create more such beautiful memories in the days to come. Now I am letting Prerna take over.


I am not a phone person. I never was, not even in my teenage, when its supposed to be one of your daily rituals to glue your ears to the phone for at least a few hours a day. No, not even then! I can find a 100 reasons not to be able to pick up the phone and call someone. It has always been like that. I guess I believe more in eye to eye and face to face conversations than long chats over an electronic device while staring at the ceiling or wandering around? Then I never remember special days of friends and family. I always call a week after birthdays of friends and act to have remembered a wrong date. I over commit and then try to work night and days to keep the commitments. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I do not. These are all bad habits, I know but that’s who I am. I have lost touch with friends due of this, but those who understood, stuck around. I cannot say that I was ever the most popular kid in the class. Not in school, nor in college and not even after that but I have always been lucky to have friends. Many good ones who even after calling me for the nth time still call to check on me and also complain in the end that I don’t call. Ones who call me on their birthdays and remind me to wish them. Ones who know what my “problem” is, (I know that they do because they have told me several times) but still make sure I do not fall flat on my face because of that.

Vijitha or Vij as I call her has become one such friend. Someone I met with a couple other blogger friends at a coffee shop an year and a half back and thought what a chatterbox this girl is. And now she has become one of the reasons why I am thankful for starting a food blog. She isn’t used to me saying so many nice things about her, all at the same time so I will stop right here. Now even before my book came out Vij had asked for a signed copy of the book so that we can give it away to one of the loyal readers of her blog. So after many reminders and then a few threatening emails and personal home visits I finally sat down today and worked this post up for her. The recipe I am sharing today is one of the traditional ways goat meat is cooked in North India. You can find this and many other slow cooker recipes on my cookbook The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook which you also have a chance to win today. Hope you like it!

To win a copy of Prerna’s The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook, please leave a comment below and please mentiond the reason you would love to win it. The winner will be announced on March, 24, 2013.


Gosht  Shorba (Goat Curry)

Serves 4-6


  • ¼ cup oil or ghee (clarified butter)
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • 4-5 cloves
  • 3-4 whole dried red chilies
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 4-5 green cardamom pods
  • 2 tablespoons ginger-garlic paste
  • 1 cup Curry paste (a slow cooker friendly recipe in the book)
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 lbs goat meat (can also use lamb)
  • 1 (10 oz) can diced tomatoes
  • Water as/if needed
  • ½ cup chopped cilantro


  1. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Add all the dry whole spices. Let it cook for 30 secs- a minute until they are golden brown. Add ginger garlic paste. Let it brown and then add curry paste and salt. Cook for 1 minute until the oil starts to separate.
  2. Add the goat meat. Cook for 5-10 minutes or until outside of the meat is browned, stirring occasionally. Transfer to the slow cooker.
  3. Drain extra liquid from the canned tomatoes and pour  tomatoes over the meat. Add upto 1 cup of water if you like your gravy thin. I personally so not. Mix, cover and cook on high for 4-5 hours or on low for upto 8 hours or until the meat is cooked through.
  4. Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve hot with Naan, Paratha or simple steamed rice.


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  1. Jaya Narayan 8 years ago

    I like to cook a lot. I am planning to buy a slow cooker pretty soon , in which I could try all your delicious recipes, I read your blog it is very interesting.

  2. I really want to buy a slow cooker. Thanks to Prerna for inspiring me.
    The meat looks succulent and definitely my kind of curry.

  3. the recipe of gosht was yummy , nice clicks.

    a slowcooker recipe for indian foods sounds interesting . hope to win the book with your signature perena. thank you in advance….

  4. Sreenidhi 8 years ago

    Hi, I have been a vegetarian so far… My husband to be is a non-vegetarian… Lately, I am trying my hand at cooking Non-veg dishes with love & I think this book will help me out in a Big way!!!

  5. Wow…looks like my kind of recipe….flavoursome, aromatic, robustic and yum… the flavours….pics are yum….

    I love to win this book because…I like Prena’s style of cooking and love to know more about her cooking….

  6. I love the convenience of a slow cooker, and learning how to make Indian recipes using Prerna’s book would be awesome!

  7. You know I why I would love to win this book? I am a seasoned cook, have a food blog, love to eat and cook meat but for some reason my mutton/lamb ‘karma’ is jinxed! No matter how hard I try, I usually dont get it right…biryanis, kormas,kadais, kebabs-if its got lamb, mine is sure to throw a tantrum! I would love to be able to slowly go through the recipes in this book, try my hand and fix my lamb karama, so that I can transport my family also right back to my mother’s kitchen and all those sundays spent eating the perfect curry!

  8. I am an avid admirer and follower of Food photography and recipes. Would be amazing to have this book to learn some new recipes.

  9. I would love to win a copy of this book to finally know how to make curry paste

  10. There’s something awesome about slow cooking that releases all the aromas and juices and spices in a dish. I’ve been dying to own a slow cooker, and am sure this book will be an inspiration to do it like now! Great post btw!

  11. I live by myself and work a lot. There is nothing better than to come home to a dinner waiting for me. I love making ethnic food, and trying different things. To me, the spicier it is, the better!

  12. kitblu 8 years ago

    I follow Prerna’s blog and love her recipes. I have a slow cooker (actually I have 3 of different sizes) but haven’t been using them lately. It would be a great benefit I did use them as I end up eating dinner very late unless I have leftovers. If I had the aroma of food cooking and being ready at an earlier time, I would eat earlier. Better for digestion.

  13. Dorothea 8 years ago

    I’ve been a lover of spicy foods since I ate my first jalapeno many years ago! Can’t wait to try Prerna’s Goat Curry recipe and would love to win her book for more delicious recipes!

  14. I recently bought a crock pot (slow cooker) and am eager to try some good Indian recipes in it.

  15. I am a foodie. I love different cuisine and I have also started blogging recently. And this book looks yum 😉 Will be so happy to receive one…Keep Blogging 🙂

    Shobana Arunkumar

  16. Akshata 8 years ago

    Love your recipes and have been searching for Indian recipes to make in the slow cooker. They are a cook’s best friend when it comes to less work and more eating! I would so love to win a copy of this scrumptious book! 🙂

  17. It’s lovely to see Prerna over here! My slow cooker is about a year old now, and I must remedy the fact that I have yet to cook an Indian dish in it yet. This Gosht Shorba will do perfectly!

  18. Yummy recipe…too tempting .I love collecting all of recipe books…

  19. I am Indian, and after years of cooking can put together an Indian meal blindfolded. However, if someone told me put together an Indian meal in the slow cooker, I would be completely lost. This book (authentic Indian recipes!) I think will help me finally put that slow cooker of mine to good use, and enjoy the foods I love. 🙂

  20. Clizia 8 years ago

    I love indian food and have just bought a slow cooker! I would love to win this book 🙂 x

  21. I would love to win a copy of “The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook”, because it combines two of my favorite things, Indian food, and using a slow cooker.

  22. I love to cook Indian food in slow cooker, Prerna’s book will add more to my recipe collection. Love Prerna’s blog and her food photography.Good luck to both of you.

  23. What a lovely treat to eyes.Even if i cook only chicken/turkey at our house,this looks so oh delish.I think i might try with chicken instead afterall :-)Prerna,your pics are epic and vij,i am glad to find your blog.I would love to win a copy of it.

  24. I love cooking for my family and friends. Lately, I love Indian food thanks to my best friend. I finally found your website and tried two recipes so far. My husband and friends love it. My hobby is collect recipes and try them out on my poor hubby.

  25. Christy 8 years ago

    I follow the Indian simmer blog and facebook and have made many recipes….all are spot on and impress!!! I cannot wait to try more from the cookbook. Plus, as a working woman, I could use some crock pot ideas. I am a curry fanatic…..and her recipes and pictures literally transport me. I would be so grateful to win!!!!

  26. Santosh 8 years ago

    It is such an awesome Post. Gosht is my favourite. The Pictures are so tempting. I would love to have a copy of “The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook”.


  27. Beautiful! !!
    This is my kind of comfort food….
    I just love Prerna cookbook…. beautiful

  28. Diane Bowron 8 years ago

    I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

  29. Krithika 8 years ago

    This dish looks so mouthwatering. With 2 kids, a full time job and a travelling husband, I would love to have a reference of slow cooker recipes so I dont need to worry abt dinner.

  30. What a lovely write up from both of you! Prerna, you have surely inspired me to try more slow ooker recipes — I would love to win a copy of your ookbook so I can try them all 🙂

  31. I have always wanted to buy a slow cooker but have been postponing it due to various reasons. Maybe this book might make me rethink. Curry looks so yummy!

  32. I have never even considered cooking Indian food in my slow cooker–I don’t use it nearly as much as I should–but I love the sound of this recipe and the fact that this delicious dish comes together while I’m busy doing other things makes it a must-try. Great recipe!

  33. I love using the crockpot. Book will add more to my indian crockpot recipes. Good luck to both of you.

  34. Sushma S 8 years ago

    I have a slow cooker for a while and would like to try Indian recipes in that cooker :).

  35. Alison 8 years ago

    I would love a copy of this book! I just returned home from India with my newly adopted son and having a slow cooker book of Indian foods would be AWESOME! My son keeps me very busy so there isn’t much time to prepare the delicious Indian foods of his culture for him. With a slow-cooker recipe book, I could prepare everything while he is busy or sleeping, then turn my attention back to him as needed, and have a great Indian meal to look forward to!

  36. Aah, what a blessing it is to have a friend with whom one can share the highs and lows without being judged. Life is beautiful with a great friend around.
    So nice to read about your friendship..
    Would love to have that signed copy of her book.

  37. Hi,first time to your wonderful blog and saw this beautiful click and lovely give away..I am a vegetarian and from a long time I am thinking to buy a crock pot,but now I will surely buy one to try Prerna’s delicious recipes.Love to win this book!!

  38. Shobana 8 years ago

    I am newly married and a novice in the kitchen. My family pities my husband cos they think I can’t make a decent meal for him and I am usually the subject of their jokes. I would love to win this book and make lovely meals for my supportive husband(who taught me the basics of cooking) and also to win people’s hearts and their tummies ! 🙂

  39. Would love to win this cookbook. The curry looks so spicy, brown and perfect. I love Indian food, especially the non vegetarian fare.

  40. Growing up eating Indian food it is something I want my kids to enjoy as well but sometimes Indian food just takes too long to make so a slow cooker would be ideal to get those delicious salaans on the table with a lot less work!

  41. Kimberly P. 8 years ago

    I have recently moved from Southern California (filled with wonderful restaurants in which to eat Indian food) to a city in WA state that has very few restaurants period. I would love to win a copy of this cookbook so that I can create some delicious Indian food in my home. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  42. Love to win this book for my “friends”, I can try recipe on them…

  43. I’d love to win a copy of the book so I can make more Indian recipes and take less time doing so.

  44. would love to win the book so that i can start trying to make some Indian dishes. Indian food always look soooo good with all the wonderful and colorful spices. 🙂 Thank you for doing that!!!

  45. Ashwini 8 years ago

    This is Ashwini’s slow cooker (yes I can type, it is 2013 after all). Please please consider Ashwini for Prerna’s cookbook so that she may stop annoying me. She has tried to cook Indian dishes with my help but never succeeded. And she blames me for it. The injustice!
    Last week she made ghee from Prerna’s blog and it was perfect. Though I would like to take credit, the success was due to Prerna’s precise, no-nonsense instructions. Ashwini was actually nice to me afterwards. If one recipe can do this imagine what wonders the whole cookbook will do.

  46. Catherine Markey 8 years ago

    Lovely new book. I love India, Indian food, and since I am oldish and forgetful, slow cooking is perfect for me. I would be so thrilled to win a copy of this book. ANd p.s. your blog is a great treat.

  47. I love and follow Prerna’s blog – for the recipes as well as the pics. Would love to win a copy of the cookbook to try out her wonderful recipes!

  48. I love Indian food and make it a few times a month. I’d love to win this book to learn how to make Indian dishes without all the extra work!

  49. Samara 8 years ago

    That looks absolutely delicious! I remember eating this dish as a young child. My grandmother used to make it for us to eat with pita- brings back memories. Prerna’s book looks amazing too would be amazed to win it. I’m only twenty and my first time looking at Prerna’s blog was to look for an tasty Ruz Bukhari dish and it was hands down the best thing I ever made thanks to her simple instructions. Would love to win this book to get more in touch with my culture through its food! 🙂

  50. I love using my slow cooker year-round, as it means I can make a flavorful meal while working full time. This cookbook looks like it is full of flavor!

  51. Prerna’s book would be an inspiration to get a slow cooker and try the wonderful receipes out there.

  52. Anusha Moorthy 8 years ago

    I can identify with Prerna in many ways – my love for food, photography, travel and the fact that my life revolves around my 4 year old girl. Love Prerna’s photography and would love to own a book of my favorite food pictures!

  53. Daniel Schiller 8 years ago

    I must admit to being a huge fan of IndianSimmer. I am in awe of the rich, textured flavors inherent in Indian food. Rest assured this book would be cherished, and its recipes shared often. Chances are that you won’t pick me, but above all else, I would want to know that you found a good home for it. Thanks for creating such a special place with your blog!

  54. My mother gave me a slow-cooker for Christmas and I have only used it a few times. I love Indian food and I really want to learn more about it, so this cookbook sounds amazing!

  55. Mausumi 8 years ago

    I just recently bought a slow cooker. I am a working mom with twin toddler boys at home. I love to cook frsh homemade food (mostly Indian) for them everyday but I hardly get to spend any quality time with them as I will be working the whole day and then evening I will be busy cooking the dinner. I would love to win this book and try the slow cooker recipes so that I can get to spend some more time with my kids in the evening while the slow cooker does most of the cooking for me 🙂

  56. I am a big fan of Prerna’s and now of you as well, since her post led me to your blog! I’m excited to try this recipe and would really love a chance to try more of the recipes in Prerna’s book. I’ve been learning to cook Indian food from some dear friends but recently moved to a new town and now I’m on my own with the cooking. It would be great to have this book for some additional recipes.

  57. Reshma 8 years ago

    I have a slow cooker which I find it very convenient to use it on weekends. I put everything in the slow cooker and is ready for dinner when we come back home after a long day out. The only recipes I am aware of are Haleem, Khichdi and Kidney beans/chickpeas (canned) gravy curry. So, this book will let me explore more slow cooker Indian recipes.

  58. I never tried preparing indian food in a slow cooker. Can’t wait to try it.

  59. Angie Boore 7 years ago

    I absolutely adore Indian food. I blame in on the fact that Curry Sauce was actually my first solid food. I was hooked ever since. I have a couple of Madhur Jeffrey’s cookbooks, and while I love to use a crock pot for other dishes, so far I have never cooked a curry in one. Please pick me 😉

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