Haldiram Style Microwaved Moong dhal

I woke up today morning re-collecting a dream that made me crave for a childhood favorite. I vaguely remembered the dream but I did recollect those cloudy sky, roses, big mansion and people devouring delicious food. The smell of those foods were wafting around my nose and every time I closed my eyes, a picture of huge sandalwood dining table and  the laughter that were changed around it came by. Those were the days of my childhood and I smiled to myself thinking about them. Yes, I had dreamt about my summer vacation spent in Kodaikanal, a hill station in Southern India.
My perippa (dad’s elder brother) would rent a huge mansion and we would spent  a good chunk of our summer break in Kodakainal with all our relatives and our samayal thatha (family cook) would accompany us to help my achi and aunts with cooking. When he came to cook at my residence during engagement-wedding months, we would chat laughing about those vacation days, the way my achi would shout for not getting the breakfast done by 8 am, the way we kids used to ask him to prepare our favourite dishes and the men who would order fried chicken to go with their hot drinks. He has gone too old now and I was glad that despite his age, he came to help my mom now who is recovering from her brain surgery. He is such a hilarious man who is known for keeping funny names to each and every cousin of mine. Remembering the laughter and stories that were intertwined with that serene town, I began to prepare one favorite snack which goes so well with evening tea or coffee. And  that dish which had made me think about our samayal thatha is deep fried moong dhal.
With heavy pound around my thighs and butt, I stuck to healthy version. So I microwaved the soaked moong dhal and seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s crunchy and tasty. My son loved it. It’s an ideal evening snack for kids above 3 years old. This was my go to snack for South beach diet phase 1 and also I munched on them during pregnancy. Overall, it fits list of food that comes under low glycemic index. But remember, when I say its crunchy, its strongly crunchy. Don’t expect it to have the texture of those found in Haldiram deep fried Moong dha packets. If you want a healthier version, go for it.

Haldiram Style Microwaved Moong Dhal

Source: Self
Yields : 1.5 cupsIngredients:

  • 1 cup moong dhal
  • 5 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Rinse and clean moong dhal. Soak them in water over night. Strain and discard the water. Dry the soaked dhal with kitchen towel . It’s important to remove any moisture
  2. Place in a large ceramic plate. Spread it well. Microwave high for 2 minutes. Check  whether they are gathering together as lumps.If not, microwave again for 1 minute
  3. Break the lumps using a spoon and sprinkle salt & pepper and drizzle olive oil
  4. Mix them well and start to microwave for 2 minutes. Remove and check for doneness.
  5. Spread and mix it with a spoon and microwave for another 2 minutes. Repeat for 1 or 2 minutes if needed Each microwave is different so for the first time please check after every 1 minute of cooking. Cool and snack it with tea.

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