How to plan a Mexican Themed Birthday Party?


Time just flew by. Our little girl turned 1. She is a riot by herself who warms our hearty with juicy kisses and hippo hugs. We wanted to celebrate her birthday with a Mexican theme.

I love Pinterest. You can find a lot of free printable from there. Buy craft glue, get your scissors, some baker’s twine and you are set to make your own party decors. We started working on them a week prior to her birthday. The lovely compliments which we received made up for the late nights we spend. Sidd helped us with lots of sticking and cleaning up. I wanted to share the experience with my e-family which is you guys. Please join me to wish Sahana a very happy birthday. This blog is all about helping others with healthing eating and today I am changing gears a little bit and sharing tips on how to plan your kid’s or parent’s or your spouse or colleague’s birthday or any other party with a theme. I have shared pictures of the birthday party and also the links from where I grabbed the printable. So this post can be used as a template to plan your next party.

We chose a beautiful community space from our friend’s housing complex. It was nestled among a safe neighborhood with a spacious green space and play area. I wanted to have a catchy, colorful  chalkboard in the entrance. I filled the board with details about the birthday baby and tied couple of balloons over it just to make the party venue visible for the guests. I used liquid chalk to get the look below. First buy a plywood board from Home Depot or any home improvement store. I used chalkboard paint to paint the board and liquid chalk to write on it. I bought them from Amazon. Please make sure that you have painted the board 24 hours prior to writing on it. I started off by drawing lines like in a notbook with height as per your requirement. Please use a rule /scale. I wrote the details with a pencil and traced it with liquid chalk.

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_20

Since the theme is Mexican, the obvious meal of choice will be Mexican food. We were thinking to order either from Chipotle, On the Border or Chavez. We went with Chavezs as it was recommended by my colleague who is from Mexico. It was a party of more than 60 people and there were people under different age group. Living in California, we were confident that Mexican food will be loved by all. And yes the food was a great hit. We ordered the cake from Costco and I wanted the birthday wish to be written as “Feliz Cumpleanos” which means Happy Birthday in Spanish. I made a cute birthday banner for the cake from a free printable I found online (link below).

I chose to have some Latino music to shake our legs. Rasputin Music is the place where I picked 2 CDs (Salsa and Zumba). You can use iTunes or youtube if you have wifi available in your party location. I printed about 20 or so pictures of my kids and hung them using baker’s twine and cloth pegs. Wooden cloth pegs can be found in Dollar store. To add to the theme, I bought 3 door mat from Dollar store which I felt had a Mexican table mat look. Ofcourse a birthday party is incomplete without a “Birthday Party Banner” so make sure to pick one. I picked ours from Michaels. My husband was at Party city to pick the pink balloons and found a pack of Maracas which you can see in the picture below. This adds to the Mexican décor. I love the colors on it.

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_34


Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_29

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_23

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_31

Coming to the return gifts. I wanted to involve my four old in the birthday preparation process. I gave him the task and he felt very responsible. He called himself the best big brother ever (these are his words – :-)). We bought $0.99 wooden frames, self adhesive alphabets and glitters from Michaels and hand painted it with $0.50 paint I found in Home depot. I pick those tiny bottles for painting the food boards I use for the blog. My handsome boy and I painted the frames, when wet sprinkle the glitters on top and let it dry overnight. The following day tap the excess over s newspaper (so we can reuse it) and paint the back of the frame for completeness and to make it look nice. Let it dry for couple of hours. Time to add Sidd’s friend’s names on the frame. I helped him by arranging the letters and he stuck them on the frame. Tada! Super cool DIY photoframe is done.  We went a step further and printed “Thank you note in Spanish” to go with the frame.

We also gave animal stamps and tattoos which I bough from Amazon. My dad brought roll-out whistles from India. It was shaped as colorful birds.It screeched when kids blew them. I am sure that the kids loved it as the birthday hall was loud with that sound.

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_22

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_36

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_21   Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_35   Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_25    Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_28

We set up churro bars and the idea is a replica of the link provided below. We bought hot churros from Costco and cut them into threes. Since you are now done with main things, now all you have to do is add all the bright, bold Mexican colors to the party venue. You can add colors by placing fresh flowers using the salsa / tomato cans I bought from Chavez store. We had a photbooth which our guests enjoyed. Finally don’t forget to buy piñata and please don’t forget to fill treats in it. We forgot as this was the first time I bought one :-0 (face palm)

Overall it was a great party and I am happy that the time spend on the behind the scenes were totally worth it.  Feliz Campeanos my baby girl and this would not have been possible without the support of Sidd anna (brother), my handsome little boy.

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_26

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_37

Mexico_Themed_Party_Spices andAroma_33 List of free printable:

  1. Free Cinco de Mayo Printable
  2. Free Fiesta Party Kit Printable
  3. Free Fiesta Banner Printable
  4. Free Spanish Numbers Printable
  5. Free Cupcake Flag Printable
  6. Free Cinco De Mayo Photobooth Printable
  7. Churro Bar Idea from A Subtle Revelry
  8. Free Menu and Place Cards Printable
  9. Alphabet Bunting Chalkboard from Simplyklassichome

Return Gift Ideas (Amazon link) – They are PRIME Eligible. Just click and shop.

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  1. Shweta 6 years ago

    Nicely done! Happy birthday to your lil one!!

    • Mahalakshmi 6 years ago

      Hey first of all happy happy bday to lil sahana ! I am a fellow SM and I have been following your food blog and experiments blog. I have a son and a daughter too..almost close to your kids age so I try to follow and try out a couple of things you do with enthu.
      Thumbs up to all the efforts…they look so good.

      • Thanks a lot Maha.Hi to my fellow SM buddy 🙂

  2. How come so many spanish things came in between mexican theme?

    • Spanish are from Spain and Mexians are from Mexico. They both speak Spanish because Spaniard’s conquered many countries in central/ southern America. Mexicans speak Spanish but aren’t considered Spanish since they aren’t actually from Spain. Because Mexico was conquered by Spaniards a long time ago Spanish traditional names are common in that country. Since they have Spanish tradition I have included them in the party. 🙂 Great question Vani

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