#Inhislunchbox Series: Week 1 Summary

What you will find in this post?

  1. Shopping List for the week 1
  2. Lessons learned
  3. A summary of the lunch I packed for my kindergartener on the first week of his school.


It’s hard for me to even beleive that my little 7 pounder is a kindergartener now. I still remember those bright, big eyes on his first day as a pre-schooler in 2012. He was just 22 months then but he walked into that classroom full of cute little kids with ease and happiness. Fast forward three years, he is walking much taller and those big eyes are covered with round eye glasses. We welcomed the new schedule, new friends, new teachers and new school with tons of excitement. Sidd started kindergarten exactly 12 days ago. Each day is moving so fast that we can hardly keep up with the things that is happening around us. I am busy working on few fun projects and husband is away on business trips but kids and I are having a great time together on some weekends doing art projects, visiting museum and circus. On the first week of school, I had the oppurtunity to be a  part of a great event hosted by Feastly. It was called “Taste of Feastly – 2016”.

A great night : 80+ diners + 6 All Star Chefs + 12 dishes

From Spices and Aroma’s kitchen we served : Bird’s nest ( a savory dish with potatoes, vermicelli, homemade spice mix and peas) and Gulab Jamun cheesecake. I enjoyed tasting each and every dish from Lindsay’s amazing macaroons ( I am definitely going to be there for her macaroon class) to Geoffrey’s noodle salad to Leonardo’s fish soup to Marion & Morgane’s authentic French crepes to Shane’s pasta. It was truly a delicious night. I feel so glad that I could finally meet my fellow Feastly chefs . Thank you Feastly for organizing such an amazing event. You can find more pictures from the event here.


Now back to our topic for the post:

I have been telling myself to pack mostly homemade, healthy food to nourish the growing body. I pack 3-4 snacks along with substantial lunch as our pick time is between 06:00-06:30 PM. In this week, I created menu with left overs from my Feastly dinner too. Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t over pack the lunchbox. My son is a slow eater so this food is a lot for him. He will turn 6 soon.
  2. Pack food that stay fresh longer. For instance, orange can be peeled before eating, crackers stay good until snack 2 which will be 03:00 PM.
  3. For cheese, I put them in the freezer when I wake up and drop it in their bag when we are ready to leave
  4. Steam the brocolli crunchy and not too soggy. If its undercooked, it remains crunchy. My kids were trained in school to eat it raw.

Essentials for the kid’s journey at school 🙂 :

Label everything with your child’s first and last name as per teacher’s requirements

  1. Luncbox from amazon (I purchased 2)
  2. Lunch bag
  3. Water bottle

Shopping List for Week 1

From your pantry:

  1. Quinoa
  2. Rice or Jasmine Rice

From local grocery store:

  1. Bread
  2. Cheese stick
  3. Banana
  4. Cheese crackers
  5. Open Nature Chicken Deli
  6. Pasta Sauce (tomato)
  7. Pesto
  8. Dehydrated Vegetable Chips

From farmers market:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Clemetines
  3. Peach
  4. Brocolli
  5. Cabbage, Carrot, Zuchini
  6. Onions, Garlic, Ginger and Tomatoes

Week 1 Lunchbox Summary

Week 1, Day 1 In his Lunchbox:


Week 1, Day 2 In his lunchbox:

  • Snacks for the day: Cheese stick, Crackers in the tiny box, banana
  • Lunch: Hummus-Pesto chicken deli + cucumber sandwich with whole wheat bread, orange. I placed small ice pack below the aluminum foil so chicken remains fresh. You can skip chicken and add roasted bell pepper or tomato.



Week 1, Day 3 In his lunchbox



Week 1, Day 4 In his lunchbox



Week 1 , Day 5: In his lunchbox

  • Snacks for the day: Babybel cheese, dehydrated vegetable chips
  • Lunch: Rice with peas-cheese coconut curry (left over from our Thursday’s dinner), cabbage-carrot salad (made fresh), Gulab jamun cheesecake and orange


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