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Crisp September morning,with the gentle breeze caressing the cheek, sun shining bright across the horizon, with summer hat and sunglasses and a vast beach waiting for you, this place is the perfect spot to treat your hungry stomach before setting out for some water fun. Find out why?
2nd September 2011: S, my little cub and myself were on the long weekend trip to Reno, Nevada. It takes about 4-5 hours from San Francisco to reach Reno by road. On the way we kept planning about the eateries to check out, trails to hike and places to see for this year. We visit Reno every year as S’s best friend SM lives there. Since there is a beautiful home and lovely company awaiting us, we are always looking forward our road trip to Nevada. We decided to explore more of Truckee and Lake Tahoe this year. My husband told about the Ribs cook off this year. I continued my list with Emerald bay hike, Log cabin, Donnor lake and my little one added “Da da daa!!! Tha tha tha!!!” language to the conversation. After nodding and agreeing to his views about the topic, we decided to stop at Auburn oldtown for some coffee and photo shoot. Pictures here. After that as expected there was bumper-to-bumper traffic in I-80E and to entertain ourselves, we spoke about what we I like. FOOD!!!
I first heard about Log Cabin Cafe from a friend I know, I explained to S. It is seems its one lovely place with super delicious food. She kept insisting that I should visit that place when I visit King’s beach. Even my helpful blogger friends gave me tips on the list of places to check out during my visit to Reno this year and Log cabin was there in everyone’s list. He was still not convinced and yelp reviews helped me to do that. After reading great reviews about food, we got really tempted to try it as the first thing when I arrive King’s beach. Thank God! He was sold for sure. It would sound like a sales meeting for others when they listen to our conversation. That’s what happens when two highly opinionated people marry, one has to try hard to convince the other with the idea.
We entered King’s beach around 11 am on Saturday and the place is tiny enough to get missed. We drove past it but my husband located by chance and we made a “U” turn and arrived at the small parking lot. Somehow we managed to find a spot after 15 minutes waiting time. There is a private lot for parking and I am sure you will find one on the road too. When we arrived there was no wait time but the place was almost full and there was only two empty tables left. We were seated in the extreme corner right next to the kitchen. So you can imagine how hot and smoky it would have been. Note to self: Next time get seated elsewhere.
There was an American couple with four kids on the table to my left, a old couple near the window, a group of girl friends on the table to the right of the counter and few families on the remaining tables. I waited for the waitress to arrive, finally she showed up tired and exhausted. Blame the long weekend again, I told myself. She wasn’t in great mood. I could say that from her tone.

Having said that, the food is worth the money. The menu is a definite hit and the food tasted out of the world. We started with Arizona toast dipped in corn flakes and oats, it was crunchy, sweet and irresistible. There were 6 slices in total. We were four of us and I liked it so much that I ate 3 triangles straight. The other 3 boys were generous enough to accept by definition of equal sharing.

I ordered house smoked salmon eggs benedict with croissant because I love smoked salmon with eggs and the waitress highly recommended it. You can also get it served with toasts. No doubt it tasted yummy but was little bit salty for my liking. The presentation looked clumsy, by the by who cares, it’s a simple breakfast joint and not any signature restaurant. What matters here is the taste and they get 5 on 5 for that. Crunchy croissants with gooey eggs infused with hollandaise sauce and perfectly cooked potatoes were a combination made in heaven.

Next on the list was scrambled eggs with cheese and sundried tomatoes served with toast and potatoes. My husband ordered it. It’s a simple dish made with ingredients you can guess by looking at the plate. That’s what I like about small town restaurants, the taste is just like homemade. His empty plate suggested that his tummy was full and his bright smile suggested that he was impressed. Our other two friends stuck with smoked salmon and chicken sandwich. They loved it. Do I have to say “loved it” statement  about the food over and over again????

Log cabin has maximum 7-8 tables and when we walked back to the car park, I found a beautiful patio behind the restaurant. It would be wonderful to enjoy scrumptious meal on a warm sunny day outside. The interior is warm and rustic with country style fittings. There is a cosy seating area upstairs where you can watch television while you wait for a table. There was a tiny restroom, not maintained really well but was decent enough to use. What was annoying was that I couldn’t find a diaper changing shelf, as my little one needed a change. I had to run back to the car to get that done.

The total bill came upto $60.00 including tips for four which I wouldn’t call an affordable one for everyday breakfast but definitely worth the money in a tourist spot.
It is open from 7 am till noon, so don’t miss this spot which right at King’s beach. They take reservations, so book your table ahead and indulge guilt-free in their awesome meals. From my experience, I would give Log Cabin 4 stars.
8692 N Lake Blvd
Kings Beach, CA 96143
(530) 546-7109

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  1. Excellent review to a diner's rescue viji. The menu is really tempting.

  2. That hollandaise sauce Vijji is making me drool! Great review .. if I only i knew of this place I would have eaten there too during our trip 🙂

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