Magical vadagam from Tamil Nadu

Vadagam is the ingredient that brings a magical taste to our Tamil fish curry. My achi makes it in a bulk quantity for us. It holds a very different strong smell. Here is the recipe straight from my grandmum to you guys!


1 kg Finely sliced Shallots/ Onions
100 gm Peeled garlic

1 cup Curry leaves
50gm Cummin seeds

30gm Fenugreek seeds

100gm Mustard seeds

100gm Urad dhal

2tbs Turmeric powder
2 tbs Rock salt

50ml Castor Oil


Place all the ingredients expect the castor oil in a cooking bowl. Mix it thoroughly. Press them hard with hand and cover it with a cotton cloth. Let it ferment for 3 days.Dont use wet hands.

On the 4th day, mix castor oil to it and make small balls out of it. Dry them under the hot sun and store them in a airtight container. It can be used for more than a year.

The above given amount is for a bulk preparation, you can reduce the quantity according to your requirements.

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  1. thanks for dropping by my blog..
    came to this following your chutney which is good ..
    this vadagam is very new for me made after fermenting n adding castor oil….we make vadis too but that's very different from this….in what other ways this vadagam is used?

  2. This is so new to me, with castor oil, I remember my daddy used to make us drink castor oil holding our nose, when we were very small, as it is used to clean your stomach!!, that is all I knew about castor oil, mm, I have to wait for next summer to try this recipe, and try that Karikudi chutney too…

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