Meen Kozhambhu for Sunshine and smile

We had been on a vacation to India to celebrate the first birthday of my little dumpling. Yes, time just went by so fast and today he is 13 months old.  Things had been crazy busy at my end. It’s been a week since we arrived and we are still jet lagged, living on Dennys and Subway and my house is super messy with huge suitcases and mountains of clothes piled in every corner. That summons my absence from blogging for the last 6+ weeks.
Today I am writing a short post and linking you to a very beautiful blog – Kankana’s Sunshine and Smile. She is one of my very few blogger friend whom I have met in person and we as a group with two other bloggers cherish our together times greatly. I am hoping to meet them all over a coffee soon.
Before you hop over to her blog, Spices and Aroma wishes her readers a merry Christmas and a very happy New year. May you all be blessed with immense happiness and good health. Love you all! 


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    1. Slurp,definitely a fingerlicking kuzhambu,belated birthday wishes to ur lil one V, xmas wishes and happy holidays dear.

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