My Indian cooking class at Whole foods, Cupertino

Do you love Indian food but want it to be healthy & delicious?
Do you like to talk & know about Indian spices & its history?
Do you want to cook & entertain your loved ones?
Then this is the place to be…
I am Vijitha, a food lover who grew up in  a home of incredible cooks – my mom & grandmom. My love with food started at a very  young age. I am experimenting on healthy cooking & trying to play around with local ingredients to create a dish with genuine calories, for instance I replace heavy cream with silken tofu. My blog carries recipes that are South beach diet friendly & for women with gestational  diabetes. I take the old and carefully entangle the global influences to create a new recipe that speaks about my heritage.
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My cooking lessons take the guests on a magical odyssey to Southern part of India. It’s just not about the food & the classes educate the guests about the culinary history of the place, the Ayurvedic traditions and spice route. We sit down to taste the meal after the class & make a connection and talk about food & culture. The meal is meant to be eaten with hands (purely optional), and the food is very sensuous – perfect to touch, feel and smell the spices & herbs.

Location: Whole foods, Cupertino

Classes information: Updated every month at Whole foods store calender.

June 9th , 2012 between 4-6 PM at Whole foods market, Steven’s creek, CA.
Vegetarian Indian cooking with ayurvedic insights (promoting the belief food is medicine and medicine is food)
Menu: Cumin scented lentil stew, Mint-cilantro rice, Roasted cauliflower dusted with aromatic spice mix and cooling cucumber raita. Four easy menu and lot of information about most ancient dietary system called AYURVEDA for just $35.00

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1. Steve, San Mateo

Vij: The cooking class exceeded my expectations!
1) I liked the introduction to the spices, the medicinal anecdotes, the tips on preparation and sourcing of the spices. I especially liked the relaxed atmosphere, tasting as we went along and the journey to actual eating of the 4 delicious dishes.
2) I disliked that the class had to end.  Seriously, I appreciated all your time and apologize for talking so much as to make the class last so long. I actually cannot think of anything I disliked at all. I will have to think hard as to what might enhance a class.   Maybe I am being too commercial, but It could be fun to have an apron  ” Cooking With Vij” printed on it and available for purchase at the end of the class.  Another thought I had was to tape sections of the class so I could remember all the information, but this I could do on my own next time . Lastly, you could think of offering a starter pack for purchase of ten to twelve spices in plastic bags or some containers for serious students to purchase. Alternatively, I would be interested in purchasing a shopping session 1;1 or with some interested students and you at a local store to buy some pots, and spices, etc.   Wow this could be big business !
3) I came to the class with no requirements except to learn, have fun and enjoy and the class met and surpassed all three.
Thanks a million for the recipes.

2. Hunter & Yeshe, San Francisco

Hi Vijitha,

Thanks for the great class!  We all had a blast and my mom and John are really excited about their trip to India. You really helped my mom because she was so concerned about what options she’d have to eat their due to her strict diet.  She told me to thank you again. The class definitely exceeded my expectations.We did find the store on main street. 
1.  I really liked how you presented the Indian pantry  – the spices etc and trying each one before the class began- it really helped me identify the flavors I’ve always enjoyed in Indian food.  I liked the selection of dishes we made as well- now i can make a complete meal for a dinner party for friends.
2. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about the class.  And I can’t think of how it could be better.  I don’t think you could fit anymore dishes into the class in terms of the time. 
3.The class definitely met my requirements.  I want to get more friends to come with me for the next class! 
I am going to make one of the dishes this week- I’ll let you know how it goes.  Thanks again for your hospitality.

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  1. I wanted to say exactly the same thing that Rose said. I just want to sit in a corner and watch you “teach” people 🙂
    So proud of you my girl!

  2. That is awesome! I think you should consider Steve's suggestion and have a starter spice kit for starters.

  3. Good luck Vijitha on your venture! Let the knowledge of our rich Indian cuisine spread far and wide 🙂

  4. Viji – you will be awesome.. All the best! I am not in the area, else would have loved to attend one with friends. You curely know a lot about healthy eating and I am learning from you all the time…

  5. That's so exciting Viji ! So happy for you. Congratulations and all the best ! Would love to see some pictures from your classes next time

  6. wow that is super exciting, congratulation Viji this is fantastic!! would love to see you in action infact learn, wish I stayed close to you!!

  7. Congratulations Vijitha! Your class sounds fabulous and I love topics you've covered. I could learn a lot from you!

  8. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Wonderful blog with mesmerizing pictures.
    The cooking class would be an amazing experience and an avenue to get a peek at the maestro in action. I would like to know if there are any costs associated with the classes and how much would 1 session cost

  9. Vijitha!
    Your cooking class sounds so wonderful and I wish I lived in your area. Perhaps you might think about a video class – now that one I could attend. Love to see you on camera. Congrats and best of luck with your cooking classes! Totally jealous.. Sharon

  10. guess wat?? we now live in Cupertino, we just moved here in aug, otherwise wud have come to visit u…anyways, today im trying ur icecream recipe, first tryout from ur blog and i'm crossing my fingers!!!

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