Planning a day trip to San Francisco? Explore Ferry building farmer’s market

Everyone in the virtual world lives in a make believe world where the glossy, dramatic and fun pictures gives the view that friends on facebook or instagram or twitter have picture perfect life. But the hard truth is everyone of us have bad days too. Every individuals need their own “space” and on those times they should do stuffs other than their routine, break the shell and explore their skills. For instance, my husband loves to play cricket over the weekend and I have learned to respect his space over the months that have passed by. For me, it would be writing, blogging and photography. So its important for you to find your niche that calms your nerves and mind. I have been ridiculed about the time I spent on blogging as waste. Yes! Agreed! I make no money out of it. It’s my pure passion. I spend quality time cooking, styling, photographing a plate of my food and writing an informative post for my readers. As my friend Kankana vented out in facebook, we don’t have a Genie to do laundry, cleaning and run errands. We do everything what every wife, mother and daughter does but a little difference is that we do other creative stuffs too with the time every one has in a day – 24 hours.A good blog is an amalgamation of great writings, magical photographs and passionate voice. My blog is like my baby, I nurture it day in and day out and I do believe that one day my work would get recognized for the commitment and effort I have put in over the years. I do this all with a toddler at home, an online course to complete and an internship in hand that requires one hour commute each way.  Every human is an individual, an entity first and then he becomes a part of a family and eventually a part of society. Everyone needs their space and for couples, it takes years to know each other to respect your better half’s space. I am little glad that as a couple we are trying our best to understand and acknowledge each-other’s wish and aspirations.

There should be one day in my life where I don’t have to think about making money, finding a full time job, sorting my health insurance, mortgage to pay and that dream day would be when I call my girl friends (Rose, Kankana and Prerna)  and plan a day-out with them or a play date with our kids.
We decided to spend the entire day with two things we love – good food and great photography. For those of you who want a break, plan a day out with your best buddies, someone with whom you will feel light as feather and happy as a kid in a candy store. Want to hear what we did? Read on…
We made a visit to San Francisco and narrowed down the venue to Ferry Building farmer’s market. It’s a perfect place to plan your day trip from South, North Bay or Peninsula. Our day started at 9.00 am by taking the BART to Embarcadero and the farmer’s market is 5 minutes walk from the station. For people coming from Marin county and up North, they can take a ferry from Sausalito to Ferry building. How convenient is that? I cannot imagine driving around SFO in peak hours, then finding a parking spot and returning home without a ticket.
As we walked from the Embarcadero station with huge strollers and crying toddlers to Ferry building, we saw this massive group of Well Fargo’s protestors marching on the road with cops on every corner. That was a new sight for me in the US. I have never seen any protest march in person and this one was done in a way not to disturb the public. Anyways, wanted to share that sight with you all.
Apart from the protestors, the first thing that is going to please your eyes would be the colorful trams, munis and taxis in San Francisco. There is yellow, green and red everywhere and you will feel as if you are walking into a kaleidoscope with colors popping with every move. Just before you cross the tracks to reach the farmer’s market, there are tiny markets on the lane that leads to Embarcadero BART station and they carry trinkets ranging from ear rings to anklets to necklaces. There were other markets that carried painting, fridge magnets, pet accessories. There is a dramatic clock right at the middle of the Ferry building with American flag perched on top and it’s referred to as the icon of San Francisco. If you are in and around San Francisco, make sure to visit this landmark.
The Ferry building farmer’s market is open three days a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 10.00 am to 2.00 PM on two weekdays and between 8.00 am to 2.00 PM on Saturdays. I have visited the market on Saturdays too and it is much livelier, busier and there is greater choice of foods rather than the other two days. Well, we know why!!!
The larger market on the other side of the road has tents that sells fruits, vegetables, flowers, breads, cheese, jams, home made ice creams, meats and eggs. The products are fresh and organic and they come from small family owned farms and ranch. We walked inside the Ferry building farmer’s market and spent a good chunk of time photographing the colorful stores. Do step outside the back entrance of Ferry building to enjoy the spectacular view of Bay Bridge. As we lazed around, it was past noon by then. Time to pamper the growling tummies.
For lunch, we took a small bite at Slanted Door, Vietnamese restaurant but you do have a wide range of food tents on the main stretch of the farmer’s market and for dessert it’s homemade icecream for sure. No arguments on that and we all enjoyed a cone of malted milk chocolate and brown sugar fennel ice-cream. They were creamy, delicious and perfectly addictive for a hot day. Don’t forget to grab few treat home from Mietta and other pastry shops. By the time you are done exploring nook and corner of Ferry building, it would be 4 in the evening and time for the little ones to get naggy and sleepy.  While we mothers took the BART home, our other two friends went ahead to explore more of SFO. You can continue your evening by walking to Pier 39 or Union square or shop in the ginormous malls till you drop.
San Francisco is a such a beautiful city with multiple faces. It has everything to offer from kids to adults. You just have to pick what you want to do and enjoy every bit of your stay there. I hope you enjoyed seeing our multi-cultural San Francisco through my lens.
Pictures from Jan/Feb 2012



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  1. Very nice article dear, am glad you got a nice break from the routine. We do take BART time-to-time for SFO Day trips and this would help me venture more 🙂

  2. Omg, you guys seems to have loads of fun together, wish i live near u.

  3. You wrote it so beautifully!! I want do this more .. we should do this more 🙂

  4. Lovely Vijitha! Enjoyed both reading your post and the pics 🙂 Man was that a fun day and yes we really needed that didn't we?! Hope we get to meet again soon.

  5. Love love love all the pictures! I so wish I was living in SFO as well..just to hang out with u guys and actually I love SFO :)Oh and Happy Wedding Anniversary dear!

  6. very nice post V…wish i could have gone with you guys too…maybe next time!

  7. Amen to all of that girlfriend! We all needed that much deserved break from our crazy lives and I am SO glad we did it (let's NEVER forget whose idea that was! ;-)) Every person needs a few friendly ears to hear you out and a helping hand to push you forward. I am glad I found all that in the three of you. Group hug! 🙂

  8. Good and well written. Am happy that you had the time with your friends. I also do it once a month meeting friends. You have given a good idea. I am also a big fan of FM. Wish I lived nearer to SFO, would go once a month then. Hope to see you soon at the WF workshop!

  9. Looks like you girls had loads of fun!!! I wish I could do that too 🙂 Girls day out.
    All the pictures look amazing!

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