Private Event: South Indian Wedding Meal

30th Birthday Celebration

I was contacted by two lovely ladies to plan and cook for a 30th birthday bash. How exciting right?

I come from Southern part of India. Living here in the US, I miss home, family, weddings and great food. I want to re-create South Indian celebratory meal for special occasions. That’s how we celebrate birthdays, promotions, child birth or any great happenings. We celebrate it with elaborate food.

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As they entered the venue, the guests were welcomed with panagam shots (traditional lemonade) with masala vadai (deep fried lentil fritters) and pakoras (vegetable fritters). After brief introductions, I began to talk about my cuisine, heritage and culture. We then served the dishes in the banana leaf. Each banana leaf is like a plate. They were placed on the table and the guests were asked to eat the food with their hands. A small amount of rice placed in the banana leaf is mixed with curried lentils, vegetables, chips or dips and then picked up using other fingers and maneuvered right up to your mouth. You dont put your fingers into your mouth . Just use your thumb to push the food inside.
Banana leaf is South India’s disposable plates. Once used, they are left to compost. It is one of the most eco-friendly way to dine.
The meal can be eaten with your hands. That’s purely optional. We will provide you with a spoon.
As promised, we took the guests to Tamil Nadu through their palate.

The 30th birthday party had 30 dishes (produce purchased from Farmer’s Market) and it was a VEGETRARIAN feast.
I am hosting my next one on June 7, Sunday:
For more details about my pop-ups, please visit here.


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  1. Loved your blog Vijitha.

    Its so inspirational to see someone cook for a large amount of people just like for a sadya. Keep up the good work.

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