Product review and giveaway: Yume Blush

One fine morning in July I received an email with a subject line “Tasty giveaways for your blog”. I opened it thinking that it would be something related to food. It had nothing to do with cooking but the product is made with edible ingredients. How interesting is that?

Yume (pronounced you-may) Blush is an organic, botanical, and vegan line of body care. Their products are pure and edible. Yume Blush product can be used as body cream, body lotion, or massage oil.

I was so curious to try my hands on this “all natural” products. I wrote back with a yes and the product arrived in a week. The PR lady sent me a package of four 1/2 ounce jars of apple raspberry, orange vanilla, lavender lemon and coconut chocolate. They have so many other delicious flavours like pineapple orange, coconut lime, lavender honey and chocolate raspberry. I have never been this curious to try and since they called it edible, I wanted to taste it for sure. I opened one tiny jar my hands reached first and immediately inhaled its natural fragrance. I gently massaged it on my lips. The aroma is sure to please your senses. I licked my lips and it tasted sweet. You definitely cann’t eat spoons of it but its way better in taste than your regular lip balms. 

For a person like me who  loves everything organic and natural, this product is a keeper for sure. I rely on ghee (Indian clarified butter), sesame oil or coconut oil to moisterize my body. On a practical front it doesn’t work great on a working day. I cann’t imagine my outfit getting oily stains around.  I use a lot of cocoa butter and lip balms at work. Imagine swallowing them in every sip of water you take or the meals like chips, burger, bagel you enjoy at lunch. Everytime you eat, you end up taking in little of your moisterizer into your tummy. You wouldn’t want that right?

For those of you who use a lot of moisturizer, YUME BLUSH is for you. They are 100% natural, vegan and safe on the body. Yume Blush noursihes your skin and you can massage it through your skin. The founder of Yume Blush mentioned to me that one of the customer felt that their fingernails grew healthy and you can use this to takes off makeup perfectly.I have used Yume Blush’s flavour on lips, foot and fingers for the last two months. They are so smooth and luscious. My nails do look more healthy and less brittle now. I love all their flavours but if I had to pick one, that one would be Lavender Lemon. The smell of lavender and lemon reminds me of a beautiful garden in a tropical land.

About the ingredients:
What makes it special?
1.  Amazonian, East Asian, African butters, organic flavors and 100% pure essential oils
2. 100% fruits, herbs, leaves, roots, seeds and flowers from around the world
3. High in Vit. A, E & D, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, + many other natural soothing benefits
You can fine YUME BLUSH at Whole foods near you. It costs $29.95 for one 4oz jar. 
Wonderful people at YUME BLUSH is giving away a pack of four tiny jars of their amazing product to one lucky reader of SPICES AND AROMA. They will ship the product to US postal address only. For people living overseas, share your family or friend’s US postal address to receive the package. You can gift and surprise your loved ones living in the US.
How to enter:
You can do one of the three things to enter this giveaway:
1. Leave a comment telling me why you want to win this.
2. Tweet about this giveaway
3. Share the post in facebook
Contest will close at 12:00 PM PST on Friday, Sep 14th 2012.
One winner will be announced on Sunday, Sep 16th 2012.
Disclaimer: I have reviewed the product listed above. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the review. Free product was sent out to try. My thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased and your opinions may differ.

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  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    I have really dry skin and moisturize all the time, and I love that with this I would be able to keep everything organic and natural!!

  2. I always like to use eco-friendly products which are chemical free. I believe this would be a great product to try! Lovely giveaway 🙂

  3. I've never used this product, I value 100% biodegradable!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  4. I was waiting for this giveaway to try my luck and see if I can win this. I want to win this because the way you described, it sounds Oh, SO delicious! And I do not normally use the word delicious for a beauty product 🙂

  5. natural, edible and looks delicious …this is what I need at this time.

  6. This is gorgeous!!
    Beauty product can some time be really ugly with all the scary ingredients… This looks beautiful…
    I wanna win this because I want to use something truly beautiful to make me look beautiful.. 😉

  7. being a mommie, i need it the most!!
    and i even tried ur recipe today…its in the freezer now after the last blend, will give u the latest updates tomo morning with photos!!

    I'm the ideal candidate for the giveaway!

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