Quick and Easy : Chocolate Dipped Pineapples

Hello all,

How did the New Year celebration go? What did you guys do? What are your new year plans or resolution?

We had a very simple celebration with friends during the weekend. On New Year’s eve just like any other year we dined as a family in a Chinese Restaurant near our home. After a scrumptious meal, we watched two movies – The Words and Hope Springs.  I did a lot of cleaning and organizing in the house during my New Year break. My kitchen looks more organized and seems to pump up my energy to whip awesome dinners. I rearranged my pantry placing the jams, jellies in the top rack followed by oil then spices and rice, pasta were tucked in the last two rows.

January 1st started off with a special prayer at home and I cooked authentic South Indian meals just like the way my mom does. I like to follow her tradition on this and taught my son a new “Tamil slogam” (recital) which I hope that he will remember in the years to come. I have made several plans for the year and to-do list for the blog tops the list for sure.

Spices and Aroma is entering the new year with its own domain. I have said this so many times here but truly I am excited about this new beginning.  I began 2012 with a note about my year as a mother and the blog so far carries 100 posts. I wish to have more useful and handy recipes in 2013.  As I write this post , I feel elated with the number of friends I have made through this creative space; be it Kankana’s Sunshine and Smile, Prerna’s Indian Simmer, Rose’s Magpies RecipesSoma’s eCurry, Tanvi’s Sinfully Spicy, Reem’s Simply Reem, Kulsum’s Journey Kitchen and Grishma of Zaika Zabardast. Special thanks to all these lovely ladies for creating such wonderful post that inspires me to cook more and thanks to them for having me as their friend.

I have the following plans for 2013:

  • Cook quick and easy meals
  • Bake healthy desserts
  • Eat more whole grains
  • Indulge in seasonal cooking
  • Get 2 dress sizes down
  • Travel more
  • Play badminton often
  • Attend food conference/ events and make more friends

Today post is a recipe for one of the healthiest dessert ever. It is made with chunks of pineapple and feel good dark chocolates. Yes two ingredients and that’s it. Chocolate dipped pineapples is my go to dessert on days I want to cut down on sugar intake but at the same time want to enjoy some chocolate-y. This will become your favorite party dessert as it takes really less work to prepare and you guests will love it when you serve it with fancy tooth picks.


Recipe: Self

Serves: A party of 6-8


  • 1 large fresh pineapple – cut into small cubes ( make sure it is large enough to hold with a toothpick)
  • 1/4 cup dark chocolate (either chips or bar)
  • 1 tablespoon milk  (optional)


  1. Pat dry the pineapple with a kitchen towel and let it rest for sometime.
  2. If using a chocolate bark, cut them into small chunks. Using a porcelain bowl, melt the dark chocolate chips or chunks  in a microwave at high for a minute. Check whether the chocolate has melted. If not, cook for further 30 seconds. Using a spatula, mix the chocolate. The heat from the bowl will let it melt well. If you feel it’s thick, add little milk to turn them into a smooth paste.
  3. Cover a large baking tray or any flat plate with parchment paper. Take one pineapple chunk at a time and tip in the chocolate sauce. Place it neatly on the baking tray. Arrange them next to each other and at the same time don’t over crowd them. Once done with all the pineapples, place them in the fridge for 2 hours.  Remove it right before dessert time.
  4. You can serve it with whipped cream on top.


  1. I generally make them around 6.00 PM (before the guest’s arrival) and tuck it in the fridge until dessert time.
  2. Sometimes I sprinkle crushed nuts (roasted) right after dipping it in chocolate. The nuts will stick to the surface and adds a nice crunch when you serve.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how much our blogs can change and mature in just a year? I’m certain you’ll reach many of your goals for the coming year!!! Loving this simple and yummy treat…a healthy way end a meal 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

  2. Viji you are just the sweetest :))) Love this pineapple chocolate idea too! so quick and easy and not sinfully so! Happy New Year girl! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Viji,
    First of all Thank you for sweet words…. And yes blogging has given me my most special friends too….
    You are a sweetheart and I am so blessed to met you …

    Wishing you and your beautiful family A Gorgeous and Stunning 2013′

  4. Awee..this looks like such a fun recipe to make with kids..chocolate dipped anything is given a huge welcome here 🙂

  5. You always come up with such cute ideas 🙂 And sweetie thanks a bunch for the mention. You know how much I love you 🙂

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