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Few weeks back we threw a surprise bridal shower for my collague. Ours is a super cool team and I find everyone super energetic and enthusiastic. We wait for an oppurtunity to jump in to have fun. There was a suprise birthday celebration for our director few days before the bridal shower. Green tea cake and blueberry cheese cake was ordered from Profilic Oven and we decorated her office with loads of balloons and flowers. The cake was no doubt was from one of the best tasting bakery in the Bay area, California. That was during the first few weeks I joined work and I didn’t carry my camera that day. That’s why I don’t have any pictures of that celebration.
For the bridal shower, I was the official photographer and I managed to click few good pictures. It was a potluck party and everyone of us brought delicious foods. This post gives a glimpse of what we brought to the table and ate. It was a funfilled lunch break with tons of good food, laughter and games. We decorated the room with flowers, wall art and ballons.We had chicken potstickers, cucumber / salami sandwich, tarts, bread with spinach dip, shrimp with salsa, pasta, fruits with chocolate fondue, cookies, chocolates, cakes, mango mousse, sparkling cider and so many other stuff which I cann’t recollect now. The bridal shower ended with some games and sharing funny words of wisdom.




It was on a week day. My time for myself during weekday is zero. The moment I pick my son my duties as a mom begins. We enter home with hunger at its peak. I feed him snacks and milk and I get changed by then. Then we cuddle and play for sometime. Then its dinner time and after a quick shower, we are off to bed. Yes, I try to put him to bed from 8.30PM and it goes on till 10.00 PM until we finally stop talking and giggling. With this crazy schedule, this mango mousse recipe is a saviour. 15 minutes I got between his dinner and bed time, I mixed and fixed this. YES, I am in love with such easy recipes. I am sure even you guys will appreciate it once you taste it.They are super creamy, soft and perfectly sweet. The most brilliant part is that you will have rave reviews on what a wonderful pastry chef you are. 🙂
Today’s post is about the mango mousse I made for the bridal shower. Thanks to my neighbour Divya Paulose for the AWESOME recipe. It saved lot of time and energy on a week night. Everyone at work loved it. This recipe is a keeper for anyone who wants super delicious dessert in less than 10 min Yes including preparation and assembling time.  Just mix and let it sit in the fridge overnight. VOILA! Your lip smacking dessert is ready all by itself. The orange flavor from the gelatin complements so well with mangoes. Overall, this dessert will be a hit.
Source: Divya Paulose, my neighbour
Serves: 20 people (1/2 cup serving size)
1 can mango puree ( ones found in Indian grocery store)
1 can ,14oz condensed milk
1 packet,  6oz orange gelatin (I used Jell-O brand)
10oz whipped cream ( I used cool whip brand)

1. Dissolve gelatin in 1 cup hot water. Mix until it dissolves.
2. Add mango puree, condensed milk and whipped cream and mix all together. Pour into a clean air tight container or glass baking dish.
3. Cover with the lid or aluminium foil. Let it set in the fridge overnight. That’s it. Simple and super easy.
4. You can garnish with strawberries or chocolate shavings/chips or fresh mangoes or cherries.

Additional notes
1.  For single serving size, I recommend pouring the mixture into desired glasses, ramekins or cups. Tap them gently to set properly. Cover with plastic or aluminium foil. Chill over night.
2. If you cann’t find store bought whipped cream, you can whip the (1 pint ) heavy cream until stiff peaks with a hand mixer.


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  1. Hey,
    I cannot find orange gelatin in the store nearby, can we use normal gelatin for the recipe? Also wat do u mean by cool whip, pardon my ignorance..not much into making this kind of stuff..

  2. Thank you all for the lovely comments.
    @K2- I couldn't find your email hence I am replying here. Don't sweat on getting orange gelatin. I think plain one will do as well. You can try finding lemon ones (may be). Where do you live? You can find gelatin in Safeway, Savemart, Lucky, Whole Foods, Trader's joe in US. In Chennai, I have seen them in Nilgeris, Spencers daily. Don't worry about your question on cool whip. Even I didn't know until I started using it. It's like shaving foam, you can add it to strawberries or top it in ice cream or cakes and eat it. It's airy and fluffy so makes your dessert light. It's called whipped cream. If you cann't find it, you can whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks with a hand mixer. Hope this helps.

  3. Hey Thanks a ton Vijitha.. I am tired of making rasmalai's and the likes as desserts for parties..this seems easy and a crowd puller 🙂
    I stay in Manchester – UK and we have ASDA here Target's UK version. I can get basic gelatin and leaf gelatin here..will try this soon and let u know how it turned out, fingers crossed !!

  4. K2: Hello there,
    I remember getting them from Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury and Waitrose. I hope I got the names right.

  5. Satiny smooth & deliiicious!!!!A nice sneak peek into the celebrations 🙂
    Prathima Rao
    Parts Corner

  6. I bet you had fun…. you did a good job as the photographer!/ Thats a great quick dessert and I am sure delicious….

  7. This mango mousse recipe looks divine. What a brilliant idea and it seems it added so much to the wonderful spread celebrating your friend. I will definitely will keep this dessert when I am in crunch or even when I am not! 🙂 Green tea cakes and dumplings look mighty good as well! 🙂

  8. Mango mousse looks super delicious and is very simple recipe…Loved the color too…Nice clicks..

  9. wow! what a gorgeous spread for the bridal shower! the sandwiches and mousse both look amazing! 🙂

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