Roundup: 10 Quick and Easy Desserts for New Year Party


It’s 31st morning here and I am thinking about what dessert to make for dinner tonight.  We have decided to have an intimate celebration with just a simple dinner of our family favorites. Since its a working day, I was looking at my archive posts for quick and easy dessert that will save my time in the kitchen. I am making these (recipe links provided) for dinner tonight:

  1. Peas Tarts with store bought puff pastry
  2. Cumin Rasam
  3. Vegetable brinji
  4. Methi Chicken Curry
  5. Bottle Gourd Raita
  6. Two desserts from below (I think I am inclining more towards chocolate dipped pineapple and pressure cooker rabri)

When I look back at 2014, all I can say is that it was a WONDERFUL year as it was the year being a mommy for the second time. I thoroughly loved watching my  new born daughter reach her milestones every month and ofcourse my four year old was turning into an independent boy. I noticed that over the last 6 months, he has started to develop interest in coloring and seems to stay focused until he completes his art work. Once done, he weaves a story around his creation which to me is a beginning for him to  explore his creative talent. On a professional front, I started a new job in August and I am loving the team here.  Though 2013 ended with lots of stress and sad episodes, 2014 created great memories for us as a family.

During our vacation in Disney last week, we asked each other about the new year’s resolution. My husband said that having no resolution was his resolution which is good as we always fall off the bandwagon but as a mother, I wanted to have some vision. So here I go, I am looking for ways to groom my kids in 2015. I am planning to spend more time with them to do DIY activities (like we did in 2014) , cooking together (Sidd’s post here) and science experiments. Since my son is four years old, I think that it will be a good time to start talking about philanthropy and develop the idea of thinking about others and not “I,ME, MYSELF”.  This year he donated his un-opened birthday presents to Sleep Train Charity Program. It was a hilarious conversation as he was trying to convince us that even his sister should give away one of her first birthday gift. Finally he came with a solution that he will giveaway 2 of his gifts and my daughter will give one. We were glad that we somehow started off with a good habit this Christmas and hope that it will remain as our family tradition each year. With regards to work and blog, all I am hoping for is to remain focused, work hard and stay healthy.I am also really excited about spending my evenings to create handy menu chart for myself and to all my readers. You can read about that idea here. Please grab Travel Check List and Indian Pantry Essential List from the dropbox link provided in the respective posts. I also started hosting supperclub meals in South Bay Area and San Francisco towards the end of 2014.

Many of us will begin the new year with a resolution. Do share with us here your New Year’s Resolution.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2015. May this year be more memorable and eventful. Stay healthy! Stay Blessed!

Before I sign off with my last post for 2014, I wanted to do a round up of 10 Quick and Easy (Semi-Home) Dessert from my blog.

Desserts Collage

#1. Avocado Chocolate Mousse


I should agree that this is one of most tried recipe in my blog and I have received emails from readers saying how easy and quick it was to fix for a party. If you are a chocolate lover and don’t have the time to make the traditional mousse, you can make this cheat version with avocado.

#2. Sweet Peaches Served with Almond-Mint Pesto


This dessert can be served with vanilla ice cream or can be eaten by itself. When peaches storm the market, I buy in bulk to make this healthy dessert. If you are  a peach lover like me, then do try this recipe. You can make the same with persimmons, pears.

#3. Chocolate Dipped Pineapple


This recipe was inspired from chocolate dipped strawberry. I used semi-sweet chocolate to coat the pineapples. Again, it is a super quick fix dessert which can be made a day in advance.

#4. Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Machine Needed)

Ice cream_vanilla_3

My husband loves ice cream so I make a simple vanilla ice cream as that can be used as a base to build on my dessert. I will top it with gulab jamun or hot jalebi or even caramelized banana. This handy 4 key ingredients ice cream recipe is a keeper for sure. It’s creamy, fresh and absolutely divine.

#5. Crème Brulee With Mango


I fell in love with brulee when I tasted it for the first time in England. Few years later my school mate made it with mango puree and I loved her version of the popular dessert. In this recipe, I have followed Food Network Fame Alton Brown’s recipe and added mango puree to it. This dessert should definitely make to your new year’s party. You can also check other easy desserts with Mango here.

#6. Three Ingredients Coconut Almond Bites


Living in the US I have realized that celebrating Indian festivals in a traditional way is key for my kids as they get to visit temples and know about the traditions. Most of the important festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Ganesh Chathurthi, Holi, Raksha Bandan will fall on a weekday and I hardly get the time to make elaborate sweets. On those days, I make these instant sweets. You will appreciate this as it used only three ingredients and can be shaped like pedas.

#7. Rabri Made In A Pressure Cooker


I love Rabri. Who doesn’t?  Traditionally rabri is made by slow cooking the milk in tender heat. The process continues until there is no milk left in the vessel. Rabri is made by cooking the milk with sugar, spices and nuts. They are dense and extremely creamy. It is served cold. I made a quick version with a pressure cooker. It was ready within 15 minutes.

#8. Jalebi


Even though we ate so much of pastries, cakes, muffins and cookies for Christmas, to me nothing beats the taste of the Indian sweets. They are the ones that scream celebration to me. So in true desi style, you can start the new year with Jalebi. It’s a simple, fool proof recipe. This dish is sure wow your guests.

#9. Rasamalai – Semi Homemade Quick Method


This is a semi-homemade recipe and it takes less than 20 minutes to make. A milk base is made with half and half, heavy cream, cardamon, saffron and sugar. Store bought rasagullas are added to piping hot milk mixture.  Once the rasagullas soak up all the goodness, garnish with some roasted nuts. The most sought after dessert  for Indian weddings/parties/festivals will be ready in no time. If you have the time, you can definitely make fresh homemade rasagullas.

#10. Mooti Chor Ladoo


I made this favorite sweet to announce the launch of my website. The post is dear to me and so is the ladoo. It’s soft, plump and perfectly sweet. If you have the time and patience, do try your hands on this recipe.   I called my wedding caterer and asked him to email the steps to get it right. He explained the process in detail and he made me feel confident to try it right away.

What dessert are you making for the New Year?


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