SFO Food blogger’s bake sale

The SF food blogger’s bake sale was on the 14th May, 2011 at 18 Reasons. The day was wonderful as I got to meet warm, friendly and talented bloggers of the bay area and I enjoyed chatting and hanging out with them. The weather was not as expected, it started out chilly and cloudy in the morning and turned out bit sunny by afternoon. The initial hours of the bake sale didn’t kick off as expected but slowly by late noon, sales were getting better.
I baked chocolate bread, nipattu (Indian savory cookies), vegan banana coconut bread, chocolate chip cookies and bell peppers-brocolli bread. Here is what I baked.
Cookies, breads, bars, brownies, cakes, confections, everything under the sky were there. Look what other lovely bloggers baked.
All the baked stuffs were so innovative, attractive and delicious. I loved the rainbow cake, gluten free almond cake and coconut cookies.The entire sale came to $2400 and I am so proud of our SF food bloggers community.

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  1. wow Vijitha! Love all those baked goodies in that cute basket! Thanks again for trying the banana bread! Am so glad you took it to the bake sale so I can feel like I some how was part of it hehe!

  2. feisty spider 9 years ago

    i wound up with your choc-chip cookies, which are very good, i appreciate the whole wheat flour, but i'm eating them with handfuls of WALNUTS cuz ccc's NEED walnuts. your chocolate bread is really good CAKE. fun event.

  3. Woww fabulous bake sale, thanks for trying the bellpepper & broccoli cake for a wonderful cause Vijitha..

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