Sidd Makes Our Picnic Food

    I grew up enjoying the sandy beaches of Marina in Madras (Chennai now), my home city. As a kid who was raised in late 1980s, trips to beach is the most common weekend outing. Madras didn’t have any malls, food courts and multiplexes back then so our summer breaks and weekends were filled with trips to Mahabalipuram, Little Folks amusement park, Marina beach, Guindy Park, Vandaloor Zoo and Birla Planetarium and museum. I am the “toes in the sand” kinda girl and summer is incomplete without a picnic at the beach. We were at Capitola Beach two weeks ago. That was the last weekend before Sidd’s first day for school. The weather was perfect around 65F. We packed our picnic basket with Getfit Roti, almond butter, bananas, fresh fruits from farmers market, chips and nut-mix. I pre-warmed the roti at home and wrapped it in a kitchen towel and packed it in a hot pack box. A simple menu so I can enjoy making sand castles, smell the salty air, enjoy the vast horizon and be sea-habilitated.  GetFt Roti _1


    After a super hectic trip to India and the big move before that, I felt that this picnic was much needed before we begin the school year. My seven year old boy loves to make quick and easy meals for us. He made these delicious almond butter-banana roll and my four year old girl arranged the fruits and chips while my husband was standing watching them fix the meal. Sidd assembled it, took a bite and presented his food with utmost happiness and my daughter clapped in excitement. We enjoyed a simple “no-cook” meal with lot of chuckles and laughter. It was a nice evening, perfect to be shared here. As a family we travel a lot and having such easy meal ideas is a great plus to stick on to our travel schedules. I can imagine myself packing few packets for our future road trips.
    Get Fit Roti_2


    Getfit Roti 5

    One of the dishes that makes my life convenient is either paratha or roti. My kids were raised with the help of Punjabi aunties (nannies) who fed them dhal, chawal, kichdi, roti and paratha in the first three years of their lives. They love it more than my South Indian staple food as they can roll it into a frankie and eat it at their own pace. We hail from Southern part of India and are ardent rice eaters. Most of our dishes like idli, dosa, idhiyappam, appam are rice based. I remember eating chapatti /roti at home when I was in middle school. My mom made pooris but the art of making roti was considering untapped by South Indian moms. Coming from that mind set, rice is our comfort food and making roti is a task which I don’t enjoy much.  Getfit roti came to my rescue. I plan to use them for their lunch, pre-dinner snack or breakfast too. There are endless ideas to use this product.
    Get Fit Roti 3

    I wish this product was around when I was pregnant with my kids. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and this is the perfect low-carb food when you are rationed on the amount of carb per meal. Total carbohydrates for 1 roti is 8 g which is amazing. All in all, it’s a great product. I have been using it for couple of months now and use it very frequently. My kids eat it as snack or dinner. As a working mother, I am so glad that they are eating a food that is nutrient rich and is made with organic ingredients. If you a soccer mom who feeds your kids on the go or a pregnant woman who want the right food to eat, then definitely try this product. I am so thankful that it is finally here for picky moms like me.
    GetFit Roti 4

    GetFit Roti Kiddie Delight

    Makes 4


    • 4 GetFit Rotis
    • ¼ cup Almond butter
    • 3 banana, sliced as roundels


    1. Place the roti on a plate. Smear the almond butter and place the sliced banana.
    2. Roll and serve with fruits, chips and nut mix.

    GetFit Roti Beach
    A little bit about GetFit Roti

    GET FIT Roti is low carb, high antioxidant, nutrient-dense organic roti. The rotis are hand-made using a carefully sourced blend of organic almond, flax, amaranth and ancient lineage wheat. They capture polyphenol antioxidants from turmeric, pepper, spinach to boost your immunity and protect you from chronic diseases. They are tastier and much more nutritious than any wheat or whole wheat roti. The product is about 3 months old and is currently offered through ethnic groceries and rapidly expanding. The product is endorsed by doctors and they partner with Stanford and several other entities.

    They are sold in a pack of 32 rotis and contains three flavors – Turmeric-Black Pepper, Spinach-Toasted Cumin and Classic.  The rotis have 2X the protein, 3x calcium, 2x Magnesium, 2x anti-oxidants, – it is so much more than “roti” – it is a nutritious meal. It is introduced as a roti because then it becomes a staple, a daily health food/snack for your family. Kids LOVE the taste of it too.

    How does the roti taste?

    It tastes good with curry and lentils. It’s thin, soft when warmed and makes the perfect food for kids and adults. But it’s not like phulka. So, you cannot compare it with handmade rotis. But it is convenient and for many like me who wants nutrition packed food for your kids or for yourself, then you would be thankful to GetFit Roti.

    You can order them online at and save 25% with their Subscribe & Save plan.


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