South Indian Dinner for Group of Asian Diners

It was a busy weekend that involved a lot of cooking and eating!

I had my colleague and her group of friends for a popup at my place on Saturday 13Jun2015. They were a group of 6 Asian diners who were introduced to a plethora of Southern Indian Food. I made Gulab Jamun Ice Cream cake for their pop-up as it was one of the diner’s birthday. Every one would have tasted gulab jamun in every Indian buffet. I wanted to use that one of the key ingredient as everyone relates to it as Indian dessert. I baked Ina Garten’s fresh pound cake and a huge batch of my homemade vanilla ice cream. I used store bought gulab jamun for this preparation. This is a all vegetarian dessert.



Welcome Drink
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We had another group on Sunday and for that dinner, we had loads of proteins – chicken kabob, spicy grilled chicken and paneer-vegetable kabob along with minced turkey masala, my popular three ingredients Erode Chicken Chinthamani, Biryani Pot Pie, Jeeraga rasam and Chicken Kurma. The meal was served family style. Everyone loved my version of falooda with gulkand payasam, jelly, ice cream , tons of nuts and cooked sev.

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  1. Hi Vij,

    Thank you for hosting this delicious dinner for us. It’s my first proper introduction to South Indian food and it was wonderful. I love how you use coconut milk in different dishes as I like the flavor. The ingredients you used were fresh and healthy. They were family/kids friendly and not to spicy. I also enjoyed your sharing of how your grew up with your mom and grandma’s cooking and how you appreciate food. Thank you for the wonderful evening.


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