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I was out for shopping with my younger cousin D, my aunt n mom last evening to the most crowded part of Chennai:Pondy Bazaar. We can find the entire city’s population there. We started our shopping expedition from G (An apparel outlet) to G (A trinket outlet). D & I picked up couple of tops from Bossini n Globus.During our school days, our moms n grandmum would pick up similar dresses for us for family functions. We have always enjoyed the attention and admiration we used to get for that from our cousins n friends. That practice had gone as we grew old and kinda felt it to be really silly. So nearly after a decade or so, we both picked up a similar yellow top and decided to take a picture together in the studio the following week.After strolling and meandering through the platform shops we headed to the Mary Brown on top of G (the trinket outlet) to have dinner.

As you enter a shop, its a usual procedure in India to leave your shopping bags with the security guard at the entrance and he gives you a token for the same. When ya get out of that shop, we need to give back the token to get our bags from him.

After catching up with family stories, movie reviews and local gossips, we wrapped our dinner pretty late. That was a lovely evening after a long time!

We picked up our stuff from the security guard and as my mom and aunt verified the contents in the bag, they found one of the yellow tee missing. We were very sure that everything was there when we left it with him, so we were very confident that he has nicked it.

I was completely annoyed and was fuming around cos we had pic-plans with that yellow top and also cos he thinks that we are bunch of fools who wouldn’t really find it out till we reach home. My mom and aunt were quite shocked with this. I stepped in, screamed at him and asked him to bring his manager. I shouted in such a way that every customer knew about this. They asked me “n” number of questions and that made me even more furious. I gave them a piece of my mind and I brought the entire roof down!!!

Finally I made them pay me the tee shirt’s amount.

Interesting thing is that, on my way back to the parking lot, I purchased the yellow top again at Bossini 🙂 he he! (typical me!)

Infact last night, I was lot more red than my entry for Click.

The post for today is the red hot chutney made from dry red chillies, shallots and garlic. It has a beautiful red shade which makes it a perfect entry for Click.

This chutney is one of the most authentic dish of Tamil Nadu, South India. Its the most spiciest chutney I have had in my life. Its not my personal favorite but my dad and grandmum just adore this. It is taken with drizzles of sesame oil and tastes great with velappam (jaggery appam), idly and dosa.

The chutney tastes great when ground to a thick paste using an ammi-kallu (Look at the picture below)

Blender/grinder will do the same job but the ammi-kallu brings in a unique taste and enhance the flavor of the dish more.

I made this chutney by grinding them in the ammi kallu (actually my mom did most of the grinding) :-).

  • 20-25 dry red chillies
  • 10 shallots
  • 8-10 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cm diameter tamarind ball
  • Rock salt

Grind them all to a fine paste in a grinder/blender/ ammi kallu.Adjust salt to taste.Use minimum amount of water.

Serve with idly/dosa/rava dosa/ vellappam (jaggery appam)
Thanks a bunch Malar for the lovely award.

I would like to pass on this award to my favorite bloggers.

This is my entry for Valli’s Spicy Fiery Chutney event


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  1. wow , what a red chilli chutney!!
    Nice color . Its true that ammi kallu enhace the chutney flavor always:)

  2. Beautiful photo, love the copper container too.

    It does make you mad when somebody is so dishonest when we trust them with our goods, don’t know when they will learn!!

  3. Oops! HeHe!! I can’t tell the difference betn copper and Bronze!! Looks beautiful all the same! :))

  4. Nice to see our ammi kallu, sure milagai thokku tasted great…and tats quite a story…

  5. haha..thats a quite frustrating thing that happened wit u..good that u got a new one..:)
    Awesome click n chutney too..:)

  6. Hot presentation,enjoying all the red clicks.
    Shocking tale of deceit,brave of you to fight back.

  7. ohhh….jillmill!!! i loove that place!!! my mom n i used to go mad there!! :)) loved the photo!!

  8. thanks for passing on the award…will pass it on along with my next post!! :))

  9. thanks for thinking of me for honoring me with this wonderful award

  10. nice click..and love the chutney recipe too..
    thanks for the award dear..

  11. good job with the teeshirt price! didn’t know there was bossini in chennai 🙂

  12. I miss home and brought back memories from my shopping trips back in the day… 🙁
    Thanks for sharing the award and pinging me about it. Thanks so much Vij.. appreciate it.
    Congrats on yours… so how have you been?

    Lovely pic for the red event.

  13. Love ur chutney color, good that u were fuming for ur T-shirt !

  14. wow reddy reddish red colo… nice click.. love the bronze pot with its shinny look.

    ammikal hm really tastes good when grinding anything like chuteny, thovayal and for sambar in it.. but kai eriyume illa..

    Thanks for the award dear., i m honored.

  15. Hey Vij, congrats on the award! And good luck with Click – great photo 🙂 I had a little giggle at the thought of you yelling at that security guard. Glad you stood your ground.

  16. Imagine how many things this guy stole and nobody found out about him. It’s like having a wolf to look after sheep!!!
    Lovely click. Good luck and congratz for the award.

  17. Thats a fine click Vij,thanks for coming my home..ANd yes,i missed you for a while..Congrats for the award yaa.

  18. I love the chutney… and the story 🙂

    I have heard about GillMill so much in the last 1 year, but have never gone there on my visits to Madras.

  19. Wow wat a pretty red chilli chutney..i miss ammi kallu chutneys n masalas…congrats on ur award, thanks for sharing the award with us..

  20. Hi i have been to Gilmil lot of time, after reading i will be careful to check my things. Good taht you got money for the T shirt.Great click, yes always ammi and attukal enhances the taste.

  21. wonderful red chutney! must be really hot…love the ammi kallu version always:-)

  22. Vij, that’s a lovely picture. And an interesting story.
    Congratulations on the award, and thanks for thinking of me, dear.

  23. wow that is one hot recipe!! lovely shot. I like the red red chutney.

  24. Heart Thanks for the award dear Vij.Sorry I am late in replying as I am a bit busy.We are moving back to India,so these days are busy packing,but my blogging somehow gets done or I blog hop- either one of these I try to fit in a day.
    Loved your story about yellow tee.Did u take a pic together?I have been just once or twice to pondybzr.

    Lovey and surely red hot entry to the event.

  25. I can understand how upset you must’ve been!

    This is my favorite chutney.. my grandma makes this w/o the garlic though and i totally agree… ammi kallu is the perfect way to do this. Nice click! Fiery red.

  26. That looks fiery 🙂 Very nice click. Your post about pondy bazaar is making me homesick and i just got back from india.

  27. wow, mouth watering chutney. My mom used to make very often. Now i too do it in mixie.

  28. i love the simple, fiery mulaka chutney too! so, did you use the ammikallu ;-)???

  29. I’m glad you got them to pay for it… I wouldn’t know what to do… And I am glad you got to replace that lost top too… It is frustrating to lose money, but I get more upset if I lose something I bought, especially when its something you can’t replace.
    Great pic btw!

  30. Good for you, sticking up for yourself! I love the colour of the red chili chutney. Yum!

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