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I love smoothie! Who doesn’t? I am sure it is a part of us on a hectic day at work. My most favorite one is strawberry and banana smoothie.By definition, smoothie is a blended creamy beverage made from fruit / vegetable and served chill. They may contain crushed ice, frozen fruits, frozen yogurt, cold milk, sweetened syrups and will have a milk shake like consistency.California is getting chilly day by day and I feel so cosy wearing a thick jumper and fluffy slip-on most of the time and additionally, my home is so warm with the lighted candles in the corner. Last night as I sat down to watch “Chopped” in Food Network, S who was till-then-busy with his laptop wanted something to munch (late night snack). We have been trying to cut down on calories to lose few pounds, hence I denied any snack and offered fruits. He said “NO” (that was quite a big loud No!).

He demanded strawberry pastry or strudel to satisfy his sweet tooth and finally after tough negotiations , he got convinced for a glass of smoothie made from fully skimmed milk. The frothy smoothie with natural sweetness of ripen bananas and tempting red strawberries was a true dessert for wrapping our late nights. That’s my story on making this healthy delicious drink last night. It is such a simple drink made in a couple of minutes and tastes absolutely heavenly.

Well, I brought down the milk to room temperature by placing a glass of it in warm water and didn’t serve them very cold. I am sure many wouldn’t enjoy a cold beverage on a chilly night, atleast I wouldn’t enjoy it.

Here is the recipe for it.

Serves 2
10 strawberries – cleaned & halved
1 ripen banana
500 ml skimmed milk
1/2 tbs sugar syrup/honey (optional)
1/2 tbs Hershey strawberry syrup (optional)

Blend them all in a food processor till they become frothy. Serve immediately. Enjoy!



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  1. i love smoothies and the ones with banana are my favourite..banana-strawberry and banana-apple are the most common at our house!

  2. This smoothie sounds great anytime ~ it’s perfect!

    ps: I was very surprised that the judges on "Chopped" gave it to the chef that totally flubbed the dessert round, by not getting his main portion on the plate.

  3. hi,
    fab combo! I like smoothies they are so filling and refreshing aren't they?!
    Nice click!

  4. when I was new to the blogging world, smoothie was something new and wondering to me. Now it is a ear catchy word.

    your picture for smoothie is smooth and refreshing.

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