Black mung bean salad / Karuppu payaru sundal

People who have sent me emails or spoken to me about South beach diet had this question the most. Will the diet work just like that?I was little lost on what they meant by just like that?They meant just eat the right food and do no physical activity.The answer is NO!  Unfortunately losing weight in a healthy way is not an easy task. One must exercise a bit to get the process going in the right direction. It could be simple walking to start with, which can slowly proceed from slow jogging to running. Never know someday you might run a marathon.Eating right is a major contributing factor for weightloss but that alone wouldn’t do the trick. Physical activity is key for healthy weightloss. Since the summer is in full swing, my most favorite exercise for this season is swimming. Lets talk more about the goodness of swimming in later part of the post. Eveybody loves summer and its the season to flaunt your beautiful body in swim suit. A diet rich in genuine calories and regular exercise plan will give you that Beach Body  you will need for this summer.

Before that let me tell you what happens when we exercise.
Imagine you are walking in a treadmill. You will start slow at about speed 3 and slowly work your way up. In the meanwhile, you will play around with inclinations. When the breathing rate increases (from 45-65 beats/ minute to 150-160 beats per minute), it means that the lungs need more air and that’s obviously means more oxygen. The heart rate increase, the heart pumps blood through the body at a fast pace and this makes you burn more calories. When we exercise, lungs get the oxygen while heart and blood vessels distribute the oxygen to muscles which consume it. When this process synchronizes with each other, a person’s stamina and lung capacity improves sufficiently. That means that there will be good longevity and good health.
When will we reap benefits?
It takes 3 months minimum to start enjoying the benefits of exercise. My trainer’s words are still echoing in my mind. “Come regularly, stay committed and give me minimum three months of your time. You will then tell me the difference in the way you feel about your body”. I have been regular for 3+ weeks at a stretch, then as a women I have my monthly issues which makes me miss 1 week of workout, then other personal commitments will keep me busy and slowly I will fall off the track. Then one fine day I will jump and start back. That’s how my exercise routine has been. I have know people who do extreme body workouts and I really respect them for the focus and commitment they have got to achieve the goal. I started out with Tony Horton’s P90 and once I feel more fit and improve my stamina, I am planning to move to much harder workouts.
For the days when you don’t work out, eating right is important. And some days I would over indulge. On conscious day when I think sensibly,  I would stuff myself with complex carbohydrates, fruits, nuts and hearty Indian dishes made with lentils, lean meat and vegetables.When you exercise for minimum three months, you will see the following changes
1. Lung capacity improves
2. The heart grows strong
3. Blood pressure comes down
4. You become more insulin resistant
5. Stamina  and immunity improves
6. Brain becomes more activated
Coming back to my swimming sessions, I do free style and I think that’s one of the fastest and most often done stroke in swimming. Since we work with two arms rotating in full stretch in water, the power is generated along your length.To lose weight and get the inches off the waist and thighs, you must swim hard to increase your heart rate. When the heart rate increases, the body needs more oxygen. The body burns more calories to burn the more oxygen.
We have briefly talked about the goodness of exercise and now lets get into the food we should eat after a workout. Since I workout in late afternoons around 3 or 4 PM, I love to snack after a good swim. My most favorite food right now is warm mung bean salad, referred to as karuppu payaru sundal. The soaked mung bean is pressure cooked until done and they are seasoned with flavorful South Indian spices. A protein rich snack after a workout is the way to go and this dish is stuffed with good amount of complex carbohydrates and proteins.1 cup of cooked mung beans has212 calories with 38.7 grams of carbohydrates and 14.2 grams of proteins.
Source: Amma
Serves 2

1 cup raw mung bean (white or black)
3 cups water
For the tempering
1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
5 curry leaves – chopped
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 pinch asafoetida
2 dry red chillies- torn in halves
Salt to taste
1. Clean, rinse and soak the mung beans in excess water for 6-8 hours or overnight.
2. Pressure cook them for 1 or 2 whistles. Switch off the flame and let it rest. If cooking on a pan, cook covered for 30-45 minutes until done. Drain excess water and set aside.
3. In a small saucepan, heat oil. Once they ripples and is hot enough, throw in the curry leaves and let it crisp up. Then add mustard seeds and let it pop. Next add asafoetida and give a quick saute to prevent burning.
4. Finally add dry red chillies and let it flavor the oil, about a minute or so. Mix in the cooked mung beans and salt. Stir to combine and serve hot.
Additional notes:
1. Mung bean sundal was my staple snack during gestational diabetes. Since mung beans have low glycemic index, they can be eaten in measured quantities during pregnancy. You can also make savory pancakes with rice and mung beans and they are called as Pesarattu. Since it has rice, pesarattu is a gluten free dish too.
2. This dish is perfect for those who are diabetic / pre-diabetic.
3. Since this sundal is made from a bean, they are an ideal snack/breakfast dish for those in South beach diet. Perfect SBD phase 1 dish.
This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance.

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  1. South Beach Diet Phase 1:
    South Beach Diet Week 1 Guidelines and Food List
    The guidelines for phase 1 are easy to remember: no starches or fruit, and limited dairy.

    You can have protein at any meal. For vegetable servings, have at least ½ cup at breakfast and 2 cups at lunch and dinner. An optional fat serving (oil or mayo, for example) is allowed, but the serving should be no more than 1 tsp at each meal. The two daily snacks should be either veggie, protein, or nuts from the fat list.

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