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My dad recently moved our more than 2 decade old company to a new premise. We celebrated its silver jubilee last year and we are really thrilled about its much bigger expansion now. To mark this celebration, our office is planning to host a “High Tea” for our loyal clients.

High tea is an English meal which became popular among laborers during 1600s. Initially, it was referred to a traditional meal comprising of meat, bread, cheese, crackers, desserts like cake. But slowly its definition in non-UK countries changed to something that’s served with lighter meal like sandwiches, scones, cookies,pastries or cakes.

Since S & I can’t attend this, we decided to send our wishes and love by contributing a dish for that evening. It is a tasty egg sandwich made with a creamy mixture of dijon mustard and mayonnaise. The soft moist bread and the chunks of boiled eggs leaves a simple taste on every bite. The mild flavor of the chives and pepper corns blends beautifully with the creamy mixture.

It rained a bit today and this sandwich is a perfect one for this weather. Hot tea and few slices of this bread is a true delight for anyone. I added Aloo bhujjia along with the spread for a crunchy twist and I enjoyed them with a cup of hot Indian chai.

When Meeta of Whats for lunch honey? and Aparna of My diverse kitchen announced the theme as High Tea Treats , I am convinced that this post is a perfect entry for their event.

6 wheat bread slices – edges trimmed
3 hard boiled eggs – chopped
2 tbs chives – chopped
2tbs mayonnaise
1tsp dijon mustard
1tsp tomato ketchup
Salt & Pepper

Mix the eggs, chives, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, ketchup, salt and pepper. Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature.

Slice the bread in the centre so that they form two small rectangles. This makes it easier to eat. Spread the above mixture over the bread and serve.

Thanks Sushma for the lovely award. I am really honored by it.
This award goes with a fun meme which has to be passed on to 6 of your favourite blogs and which has to be answered with only one word.Here is the meme part:

  1. Where is your cell phone: On my couch
  2. Your hair: Black
  3. Your favorite food: Satay, Amma’s rasam & sambhar, L aunty’s prawn & chicken masala!
  4. Your dream last night: Me being in Hawaii
  5. Your favorite drink: Lemonade
  6. Your dream/goal: Give my best in whatever I venture
  7. What room are you in: Living room
  8. Your hobby: Running, blogging, cooking, reading
  9. Your fear: Heights, Cats & Dogs
  10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Pursue/ enroll for a PhD program
  11. Where were you last night: Home sweet home
  12. Something you arenโ€™t: Liar,Cann’t bluff,Serious kind, Selfish
  13. Muffins: Awesome! Tasty!
  14. Wish list item: Join Daring Baker community soon
  15. Where did you grow up: Lovely Coromandel Coast
  16. Last thing you did: Made a yummy green salad
  17. What are you wearing: Tee & Tracks
  18. Your TV: Off
  19. Your pets: No
  20. Your friends:Many but very few are in the close circle
  21. Your life: Cann’t get any better ๐Ÿ™‚
  22. Your mood: Happy
  23. Missing someone: Yes, Right now “S” (He is off on a biz tour). Sometimes amma, appa, D & B
  24. Vehicle: Nissan Murano and my own first car: Maruthi Alto (I sold it since I left India)
  25. Something youโ€™re not wearing: My pretty gold bangles
  26. Your favorite store: Kohl’s (USA), H&M , Mark’s & Spencer (UK), ofcourse the super crowded T.Nagar
  27. Your favorite color: Pink,Black
  28. When was the last time you laughed: Few minutes back (I was watching few comedy scenes)
  29. Last time you cried: Ah!I again few minutes back. I laughed so much that tears rolled down my cheek.
  30. Your best friend: S (my husband),B & A
  31. One place that I go over and over: The park near my home (running)
  32. One person who emails me regularly: B, V, D
  33. Favorite place to eat: Mainland china , Anjappar, Kumarakom, Ende Keralam (Chennai), Panda Express (California), Ofcourse subway(anywhere)

I would like to share this award with my lovely friends Mythreyi, Valarmathi, Sandhya, Abhi, Gita, Somoo, Vrinda,Chitra,Supriya,Ivy

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  1. Thanks a lot VS for sharing with me.. I enjoyed reading your Meme…
    You have a lovely space too… I will love to follow your blog from now on!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the award and meme. I have recently accepted the same award and posted the meme on my blog. Your sandwiches look delicious and perfect for a high tea party.

  3. I usually do this for breakfast as my son just love having egg…Ur version seems more nice & yummy, will surely try this next time …and congraz vijitha,u deserve it and hope u get lots more in future…

  4. The sandwitch looks superb and yes with the tea it will be marvellous.

    I used to have bread and eggs in the morning breakfast but after my doctor advised me to avoid eggs I am on no use policy.

    Thanks for the awards. I really appreciate your consideration.

  5. Thats a awesome creamy sandwich with eggs!

    Congrats on ur award Vijitha, thank you dear for sharing with me:)

  6. Nothing like a grand "High Tea"
    There is something special about all the treats served at a High Tea. I usually would like a full sandwich of most and your Egg Spread with a twist ~ using a bit of ketchup ~ is brilliant!

  7. These sandwiches are indeed perfect. Thanks for joining us for High Tea.

  8. Happy diwali to you and your family dear Vijitha, may this diwali light up your life with prosperity and lots of happiness!!!

  9. Hi vijitha…Just came to wish u and ur family a very happy and a prosperous diwali,hope it brings in lots of happiness and luck..have a great time and enjoy

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