Triberry lemonade


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Arid air, roasting sun has made my brain cook and shrink like a dried apricot. I could hardly do my swimming during the day or shop at the farmer’s market in the mid-mornings. Walking around the shining swimming-pool tiles feels like stepping onto a hot plate.100+ F – It’s damn hot here!!!! I am really fascinated by the ebb and flow of the weather here in California.Hence to cool by senses and help me think straight, I am cradling myself with a large glass of this chilled lemonade. Tri-berry lemonade is such a simple treat made with frozen berries – raspberry, strawberry and blueberry and ofcourse with lemons, sugar syrup and tons and tons of crushed ice. This is a perfect drink during a BBQ on a very hot day. Trust me, a sip of this icy-cold lemonade under the scorching heat is an easy way to refresh and concentrate on not burning your chicken and buns 🙂

1 packet – Mixed berries (Store bought)
5-6 lemons or 1 cup lemon concentrate
500ml water
Mint leaves for garnish

For the sugar syrup:

3 cups water
2 cups sugar

Heat a saucepan and bring the water to a boil. Mix in the sugar and let it dissolve. Cook for 10-15 minutes or further till they turn to a thick syrupy consistency. Remove from flame and cool it. Grind the frozen berries to a fine paste. Strain and keep them aside.

In a large mixing bowl, pour the completely cooled sugar syrup, berry paste, lemon juice/ lemon concentrate and give it a stir. Add water little by little to dilute the mix. Adjust the amount of lemon juice and sugar as per your taste. Add crushed ice and garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves. Serve cold.

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