Wine and champagne and South beach diet

For those who are following South beach diet, it is important to know what goes inside your mouth, whether its a glass of cocktail or a plate of fries. And when on a healthy eating plan certain drinks can be diet busters and can act in reverse – weight gain. The lost weight can come back because of your sugary sodas, fruit juices, beer, vodka or whiskey or wine. No alcoholic drinks are allowed in phase 1. But once you have moved to phase 2, you can enjoy alcohol in moderation, about 1 drink a day. Excessive consumption can add empty calories and also lower your determination to get through your weight-loss regime successfully.
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There are two such drinks that are OK in phase 2. On a personal front, I have developed a liking for red wine only over the few months. When I got married and moved to US as a new bride, I was little intimidated to see wine collection at home so leave alone trying it. Sitting with a glass of wine sounded taboo to me then. But my husband loves his wines and he spends quality time reading and knowing about the grape varieties and how they have been fermented and he collects wine from different parts of the world and safely stores them at home. Wine to him is like precious gold to an Indian mother. On every Friday night he would sit with a glass of red wine and some cheese and I would watch as if he has done some crime. I would take a sip from his glass and rush to the washroom to rinse my mouth. He would announce with a frustration in his voice “Start with a dessert wine or champagne. You will be fine”. Then came a celebration for a promotion at his work. He got home a bottle of champagne to toast the success. For those of you who wants a definition for Champagne, here you go. It’s a sparkling wine produced by inducing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of the wine to effect carbonation. You can read more here. I liked champagne, then the following week we had some dessert wine and I liked that even better. He then suggested to start using wine in cooking. Like an obedient student who listens to his teacher, I made mussels, clams with white wine and spaghetti with red wine. Over the months, I started to enjoy a glass of wine with my food and now I have developed a liking for its taste and smell. Enjoying a glass of wine is a acquired taste – Agreed for sure and it took a little longer for someone like me. Now I know the different types of wine, the grapes used in it and temperature at which they are fermented and pricing for a bottle too 🙂
And when started with South beach diet, I keep jumping between phase 1 and phase 2 often. When in phase-2  I would enjoy a glass of wine or champagne some day.
This is the key rule I keep in mind while in phase 2 of South beach diet:
1. Opt for red over white wine. Red wine is a better choice because the skin of the red grapes has higher powerful antioxidant resveratrol and they are good for you. Just restrict yourself to a glass, about 4oz.
2. Opt for extra-brut champagne as they have no or very little residual sugar. Brut and extra-dry varieties of champagne can be your second choice as they have only slightly more residual sugar than extra-brut.
We all know how good is red wine for your heart, ofcourse only if you restrict to a glass one day. Recent research found in British Journal of Nutrition concluded that even a regular moderate consumption of champagne may improve blood flow and vascular performance. But further research and testing are needed to confirm the facts. I came across this informative picture on champagne which I think will be useful for alcohol novice like me. infographic
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    1. i am a red wine girl and we order it by the cart loads and so never run out of it,…but in summer i wouldnt mind a chilled glass or two or rose or white wine.
      Informative post…and good luck with the sbd 🙂

    2. Well, I don't have that much information on wine, But I can differentiate just by the taste. I like red wine better than white.

    3. I will try and get on weightwatchers soon, my husband's company partially sponsors it. I don't feel overweight, but I could stand to lose a couple of pounds.

      Oh, and BTW, I gave you the “Sunshine Award” recently, just FYI! XO

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