Zyliss Easy Slice Folding Mondoline and Food Chopper Review

I was contacted by wonderful people from  Zyliss Kitchen Tool to try and review their product. I was given the choice to choose two items frm Zyliss Cutting Edge Kitchen Tools. Gladly, I accepted to review their product. I picked Easy Slice Folding Mondoline and Food Chopper from their amazing list of product. Please hop over to their website to browse their collection. I received this product last week and have been using it everyday for the last 7 days. This review is based on my usage for the last 1 week. Thank you Natalia for introducing me to Zyliss line of products.

The first thing I noticed about Zyliss Mandoline was its sleek, clean look. It’s light and compact. The mandoline can be split into 3 pieces, easy to dismantle and store in our kitchen cupboards. I have been eating a lot of salads these days and shredding & slicing the veggies with Zyliss mandoline was so easy and quick. This mandoline is sturdy for sure. I love their price. It’s a great buy for $34.99. In the days to come, I am going to slice potatoes for homemade french fries. The blades are pretty sharp and planer works well too. There are four slicing options (four different thickness). One for very thin slices like those needed for paper thin cucumber salads; two for citrus slices like lemon and orange for water glasses or garnish for pies and tarts; three for salads or Indian fritters called bajji, I love this thickness as I can get the cucumber, bell peppers and tomatoes for my sandwiches (I use this thickness the most) and lastly number four for Indian curries and other dishes that required a slice thickness of 1/4″. Also, I almost missed talking about the food holder, they really work well and keeps our fingers away from the blade. The non-skid rubberized base gives a sturdy grip and allows user to slice on top of a bowl.

The most amazing part is cleaning.  The top slicing surface is removable for cleaning and quick rinse in the running water is all that’s needed. For any stains, I use baking soda and lemon for scrubbing and washing. So far I sliced orangs, lemons, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and plantain with it. In the days to come, I would like to try slicing pineapples, potatoes and other veggies I use on a day to day basis.

The other product food chopper was a great find too. I use them briefly in the last 1 week. I use it to chop onions and greens. They have worked great too. Infact, chopping onions into small cubes without any tears was truly a great feeling 🙂

I highly recommend the above two product for the following reasons:

  1.  Good affortable price
  2. Compact and easy to store
  3. It works for sure
  4. Food holder to protect your fingers


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