10 Easy Halloween Treats Kids Can Make

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  1. 10 easy recipes that kids can make as halloween treats

Fall has arrived along with pumpkin and persimmons at the farmer’s market. Fall also marks the beginning of fun times. It started with Ganesh Chathurthi, my mother-inlaw and husband’s birthday and Navarathri Golu then it will be Halloween, my kid’s Birthday celebrations, my parents’s wedding anniversary, my mom’s birthday, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It is for sure the most busiest time of the year for us. It also means that there will be a lot of cooking and parties to host. Party planning is a big task. I agree but don’t get stressed! Sidd and I are here to help you. We are super excited to share our list of 10 non-candy Halloween treats.

Last week on our drive back from school, I asked Sidd whether he would like to help me create a post for Halloween. He was excited as we didn’t do his posts for a long time.  We sat together before the Navarathri Golu weekend and decided on the list of dishes that will be super easy to create by kids. The clementine with smiley face (scroll down) was his idea as he thinks that the clementine looks like tiny pumpkins.  On some days, his school serves cutie clementine as evening snack. May be he got the idea from his teachers.

Sidd worked really hard during 4 hours long photoshoot. He deserves a round of applause for his patience and perseverance to get every dish right. He will turn 5 end of November. He talks like a little big man still retaining some innocence within him. He still needs momma to sleep with him, he wants to sit in the baby stroller which his sister uses, he doesn’t know what husband or wife mean even when girls from his class talk about it all. He is still the little boy who laughs by calling himself silly and cries stretching on the floor when his 2 year old sister grabs the ipad and runs away. I think boys take a while to reach the maturity level of a girl. Well, they continue the same trend until old age I guess. See our husband and you will all agree. Lol! We call Sidd the little baby while Sahana the big sister at home.

As a mother, I am enjoying this phase of their innocence and curiosity. We talk about everything under the sky, we cuddle, we argue, we fight, we make up. I may not have the best things in life but I do have blessed things in life.  The sparkle in their eyes to learn more makes me do so many projects with them. They inspire me to come up with ideas to work them. Sahana who will turn 2 in three days watches our work. Sidd, Sahana and I are working like a well oiled machine and she is trying to be a part of our journey as explorers.  She helps clean up after we finish the photoshoot. She picks books, pencils and toys after we finish our work. She sings “Clean up time! Clean up time!” every time she picks an object from the floor. That’s the song they sing in her pre-school when they have to clean up.

Halloween is special for us as we put extra effort to make homemade costumes. Last yeat Sidd was Disney MacQueen Car. We made it out of a cardboard. This year Sidd is going to be either Planet Saturn or Mercury. He is still deciding between the two and he wants Sahana to be pluto as she is the tiny one at home.

For your Halloween party, we made things easy for you by testing,re-testing the recipes that can be made with kids. All the dishes were assembled by Sidd and he wants to say that he enjoyed making it and we are sure that kids in your house will love it too.

If you decide to plan the party by making your kid assemble the food, then the first step is to have a discussion. Yes you need to have a meeting to see whether he/she is interested to do it. After they agree to participate, start by showing the creations online, telling how the end product will look and the amount of effort involved. Once everyone are in the same page, start shopping.

Please note that these can’t be handed over to kids showing up at your door step for Trick or Treat. You can give the clementine from this list but the rest is all for your friends and their kids who are invited for your party. This is key to know as public can’t be fed with treats made at a non-commercial kitchen facility.

10 Easy Halloween Treats Kids Can Make

1. 3 Ingredients Spooky Teeth:

You will need sliced apples, tiny marshmallows and peanut butter to make them. Make sure to slice the apple ¼- ½ inch thick. It should lie flat so the kid can smear the peanut butter and arrange the marshmallows. Place the second slice and press it gently to give the teeth effect. It tastes absolutely yummy and Sidd ate them after the photoshoot.

2. 2 Ingredients Scary Cockroach:

You will need cream cheese and dates. Let the kid fill the dates with cream cheese. You can help them by showing how to open the dates to stuff it with cheese. It’s a great project and again a great yummy appetizer for your party.

3. Grumpy Old Man:

You will need to make energy ladoo and marshmallows to make these. Please follow our previous post to make energy ladoo. Then follow Sidd’s instructions to make the grumpy old man. You need to help the kids by pressing the marshmallow flat and cutting the eyes, nose and moustache. Aren’t they cute?

4. 4 Ingredients Caterpillar Grapes:

You will need skewers, grapes, mozzarella string cheese and blueberry for eyes. Let the kid thread the grapes. You can slice the cheese stick into cubes of less than ¼- ½ thickness. That will be the head of our grapes caterpillar. Ask the kid to gently pull the sphere in blackberry. They will squeeze it first but eventually they will learn the knack to gently remove the sphere which we will use it as eyes.

5. 4 Ingredients Ghost Berries:

You will need strawberry,blackberry,vanilla frosting (you can melt white chocolate too) and raisins for eyes. We used frosting since we had a tub at home. It is tricky and sticky to put them together. So if you have white chocolate, feel free to melt and dip the berries to get the ghost look.

6. Clementine Faces:

Sidd drew different emotions on clementine. He will be taking for his classmates on Halloween. He drew one clementine with glasses and called it Sidd Clementine.

That’s Sidd Clementine!

7. Banana Ghost:

You will need popsicle stick or skewer, ripe yet firm bananas, chocolate chips and cheese sticks. Ask the kid to push the banana through the popsicle stick or skewer. Set aside. Using a double boiler melt the chocolate chips, wait for it to come down to room temperature. I diluted the chocolate chip with little milk. Once Sidd could hold the ramekin, he drizzles, poured and painted the bananas with melted chocolate. We used left over cheese stick (after making caterpillar grapes) to make triangular eyes. Press the ¼ – ½ inch cheese slice flat and using scissors cut triangles. That will be the eyes. Using just our fingers, roll the left over cheese bits into a long thread. Make circle or oval shape with it and place it below the eyes.

7. Spooky Eyes:

You will need Babybel cheese, olives, ketchup, food paint in red and paint brush. Ask the kid to remove the cheese from its packaging and place it on a plate. Dip the brush in red paint and gently make random lines with it. Sidd ended making something but I like the imperfections in kid’s work so I highly recommend you to let them do what they want to see. Place the sliced olives and drop of ketchup.

9. Silly Cat:

You will need Ritz crackers, soft cheese, olives for eyes, mozzarella cheese stick (cut as triangles) for ears, raisins for nose-mouth and carrot sticks for whiskers.

10. Insect Lemonade:

Make lemonade from here and throw in roasted cumin seeds. They will look like insects floating inside your drink.

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Do let us know on things you plan to make for your Halloween party. We would to hear from you.

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