#inhislunchbox Week 5 Summary

Week 5, Day 1:
Weather here is so funny. The morning looks like fall and at noon it’s super hot like summer. With this change in temperature and lots of water play during labor weekend, we are all down with cold. I was taught by our then nanny about giving ajwain water to kids and also adding it to parathas . That’s what I did today. I boiled ajwain seeds in water and strained it and added the cooked ajwain seeds to whole wheat flour and made parathas with sorakkai/ lauki/ bottle gourd-paneer.

Snacks for the day: Seaweed, berries, murukku, roasted sunflower seeds, kadalai mittai / peanut chikki
Lunch: Paratha with sorakkai, paneer and ajwain seeds. My son wanted it to eat it with South Indian pickle (avakai urugai)
I packed their water bottle with ajwain water diluted with regular water.

 Week 5, Day 2:

Snacks for the day: Homemade energy ladoo, watermelon, made in nature brand fruit fusion superberry blast, apples, seaweed
Lunch: Pongal rolls as he finds it easy to eat. Served with coconut chutney and jaggery.

Week 5, Day 3:
Snacks for the day: Homemade energy ladoo, berries, apple, cheese, roasted sunflower seeds
Lunch: Mother in law’s thenga Paal sambhar ( lentil stew with coconut milk)
It is one of the easiest and quickest dish to make and my husband loves it. I mixed rice with the sambhar and packed it with potato masala

Week 5, Day 4:
The lunchbox note worked so well for my son. He said his friends loved the question about mickey’s visit to space 😝😝😝
Snacks for the day: Cheese with grapes, mixed nuts & cranberry, seaweed and banana
Lunch: paratha stuffed with finely grated Zuchini- cabbage-paneer + ajwain seeds

Week 5, Day 5:
I am that typical mom who wants to lose weight all the time 😂😂😂 but the scale never changes. So I pick celery, jicama and bell pepper every week at farmers market to eat with hummus and end up using it in yogurt rice like today and probably the bell pepper will go into sambhar tonight 😁
Snacks for the day: lemon wafers, seaweed, Apple, roasted sunflower seeds, peanut chikki
Lunch: Thayir sadam with grated jicama and celery and also celery leaves and a simple tadka with mustard seeds + curry leaves + asafoetida. Served with quick potato curry and urugai.

Week 5 Day 5

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