South Indian Wedding Meal Pop-Up in San Francisco

South Indian Wedding Meal Pop-Up in San Francisco

As you all know that my husband and I are working on hosting pop-up diners in San Francisco/Bay Area. We have been hosting the meal via Feastly for the last 6+ months. I decided to host Southern Indian meals to foodies in SF/Bay Area. I want to promote the cuisine I grew up eating. I am here to tell that there is more to Indian food than just naan, saag, samosa and chicken tikka masala. I come from Southern most part of Indian where rice, coconuts, curry leaves and tamarind are popular. Feastly has created a beautiful platform for me to host my meals to much wider audience. Through feastly, I have met guests who love food as much as I do and who are adventurous to try new cuisine. You can find my meals here.

Every meal I have hosted was truly memorable as I made new friends along the way. But if I have to share one meal then that will be my 28 dishes South Indian Wedding Meal hosted in early June. Living here in the US, I miss home, family, weddings and great food. Food is an integral part of any celebrations. We celebrate birthdays, weddings, promotions, child birth or any great happenings with elaborate food. I wanted to re-create a South Indian celebratory meal for special occasions right here in San Francisco. That’s how this pop-up idea to host a wedding meal with 28 vegetarian dishes was born. We had 23 diners and the guests loved the theme, I was thrilled beyond words. The amount of time and effort that went into creating 28 dishes felt worthwhile. The response was really encouraging so we are coming back with Karaikudi Wedding Menu in late August.

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