Best Air Fryer under 5000 – 2022 Review And Buyer’s Guide 

Best Air Fryer under 5000

Air fryers are small ovens that crisp up wings, fries, vegetables, and other air-fried dishes with very little oil. They come in a variety of styles, including basket-style, which is ideal for large batches of foods that also benefit from stirring, such as fries and vegetables, and oven-style, which is ideal for cooking food on multiple shelves and often includes rotisserie accessories and toaster oven styles, which can toast, bake, broil, and more in addition to air frying.

Air fryers produce a wonderful fried finish that your oven range can’t match, and they also reheat meals better than the ordinary microwave, to know more about which one is better you can read our article air fryer vs microwave.

Nowadays, people are more health-conscious. Avoiding excessively fatty foods is an excellent way to improve your health and metabolism. We have made it simple. In this review, we’ll discuss air fryers that come at an ordinary price of under 5000 and are the best in India.

The Top 10 Best Air Fryer Under 5000 

Inalsa 4.2-Liter Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W4.2L1400W140°C – 200°C1 yearCheck Price
1500W Varada 4.50L Pro Air Fryer4.5L1500W80°C – 200°C1 yearCheck Price
Digital Air Fryer SToK 4 Liters 1500W Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology.4L1500W80°C – 200°C1 yearCheck Price
Inalsa Air Fryer Crispy Fry-1200W with Smart Rapid Air Technology.2.3L1200W100°C – 200°C2 yearCheck Price
Hilton 3.5-Liter Air Fryer3.5L1200W80°C – 200°C1 yearCheck Price

1. Inalsa 4.2-Liter Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W

This air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes with 1400W of power and cooks meals faster. This not only saves money but also lowers your calorie intake. You can remove your basket from the air fryer for cleaning and serving by pressing the release button.

You can adjust the timer and temperature according to your cooking needs by rotating the knob, allowing the knobs to handle your food. Also, this air fryer is capable of preparing casseroles, curries, meat, chicken, sausages, and even desserts.

This air fryer serves the entire family and has a 2.9-liter food basket and a 4.2-liter cooking pan capacity. It makes cooking simple and is suitable for all occasions. When the basket is removed, the appliance automatically switches off for your protection. Overheat protection is also included to protect against unexpected overloads.

The detachable food-grade nonstick coated basket is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Place the basket and pan in the dishwasher to clean them and save your time.


  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient.
  • Its basket has a nonstick coating.


  • Quality is not good.
  • This product will not last long.

2. 1500W Varada 4.50L Pro Air Fryer

With VARADA’s 360° quick air frying technology, you can enjoy splatter-free cooking while using up to 85% less fat or oil.
Auto shutoff and overheat prevention protect you from common electronic problems. It comes with an LCD display and easy-to-use soft buttons.

It’s also easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe accessories included. The 4.5-liter capacity is ideal for 2-4-person households or singles. This air fryer has a range from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Fast heating is provided with 1400W high power and a highly sealed chamber, which is ideal for air frying. To separate the basket and pan. The basket’s nonstick surface ensures less residue is left behind.It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Put the baskets on the floor and separate them, then put them in the dishwasher to clean.

If you want to wash by hand, simply remove the tray and pans and rinse away any remaining oils or food. Soak them for an hour in warm soapy water, scrub them gently with a cleansing brush, rinse, and dry with a kitchen towel.


  • The Big Basket has a capacity of 4.5 liters. (Serves 24 people).
  • Rapid Air Technology (Advanced) (Power of 1500 watts).
  • Panel with LCD Digital Touch Screen.
  • cooking pot that is detachable and easy to clean.
  • The temperature and timer can be adjusted.
  • A Menu of 8 Presets.
  • Modern Scratch-Free Design.


  • There is no pause button. 

3. Digital Air Fryer SToK 4 Liters 1500W Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology

The SToK air fryer features a 4 liter pan capacity and a 3.5 liter basket capacity. Ideal for use by a family. One Air Fryer, one Double Layer Grill, one Recipe Book, and one user are included in the package.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a food-grade plastic. Steak, fish, cake, chicken leg, shrimp, chips, and ice cream are among the eight settings on the built-in digital one-touch screen menu. Just tap and go! It’s quite simple to use. It also uses 85 percent less oil than traditional fryers while delivering the same delightfully crispy fried food taste.

In addition, there is no oil odor. By doing more than just frying, you may be able to expand the cooking capabilities of your air fryer. With one multipurpose device, you can grill juicy steaks, roast a pork loin, and even toast a slice of bread.In addition, there is no oil odor. By doing more than just frying, you may be able to expand the cooking capabilities of your air fryer. With one multipurpose device, you can grill juicy steaks, roast a pork loin, and even toast a slice of bread.

The Digital LCD controls let you set the temperature between 80 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for 1 to 30 minutes. This is ideal for when you don’t want to use a preset and want to prepare something from scratch. For troubleshooting and cooking instructions, consult the user handbook.


  • The dishwasher-safe nonstick coated basket is PFOA-free and BPA-free. 
  • It comes with ten original, delicious, and easy recipes for every meal.


  • Not durable.

4. Inalsa Air Fryer Crispy Fry-1200W with Smart Rapid Air Technology

The Inalsa air fryer is a completely adjustable air fryer that can be used to prepare a wide range of foods. It uses only 1200 watts of power. This air fryer doesn’t need to be preheated every time. When compared to traditional cooking methods, this equipment cooks food faster.

This air fryer is ideal for a family of two to three people. This air fryer’s fryer basket includes a nonstick covering that makes it easy to clean and wash.This is the most cost-effective of all the air fryers on the market.

By pressing the release button, you can remove your basket from the air fryer for cleaning and serving. Rotate the knob to adjust the timer and temperature to your cooking needs. Let the knobs take care of the dishes.In addition to frying chips, you can use this air fryer to prepare casseroles, curries, steaks, chicken breasts, sausages, and even desserts.


  • It hardly takes a few minutes for it to heat up evenly.
  • When compared to traditional cooking methods, this equipment cooks food more quickly.
  • It features a nonstick coating on its basket, so cleaning and washing will be a breeze.


  • For joint families, the 2.3L capacity is insufficient.

5. Hilton 3.5-Liter Air Fryer

This air fryer warms up in 2-3 minutes and cooks meals faster than a conventional oven, allowing you to save money while minimizing your calorie intake. You can effortlessly remove your basket from the air fryer for cleaning and serving by clicking the release button.

Use the easy-to-use and intelligent knob to adjust the timer and temperature accordingly. This air fryer serves the entire family with its family-size basket and 3.5-liter food capacity.It makes cooking a breeze and is good for any occasion.

Overheat protection has also been implemented to protect you from sudden overloads. The detachable food-grade nonstick coated basket is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Simply place the basket and pan in the dishwasher to clean them, release your hands, and save time. You can grill, bake, and roast your favorite foods with the Hilton Airfryer’s Rapid Air technology. Prepare delicious meals with up to 80% less fat.


  • A one-year warranty is included.
  • Special air technology.
  • Detachable food-grade nonstick coated basket.


  • Sometimes there is a problem with timers.

6. Air Fryer AmazonBasics 3.5 L (1300W)

Simple to use To prepare meals with minimal oil, use the AmazonBasics 3.5-Liter 1300 Watt Air Fryer. It’s perfect for air frying, roasting, baking, and grilling. It can be used to make samosas, pakodas, wafers, nuggets, chicken wings, and a variety of other foods.

The temperature and time can be set with knobs. The temperature ranges between 80 and 220 degrees Celsius, with a timer setting of up to one hour.

In an international lab, the product was tested using international protocols. To assure food contact safety, all food contact materials are extensively tested. Food-grade materials are used. 4 t frying pan with an aluminum plating.To prevent overheating, the fryer contains a thermostat that switches it off after 1 hour.Further safety, the cable is BIS approved. Indicators indicate that cooking has begun or that the desired temperature has been reached.


  • Produced from food-grade materials.
  • International labs have tested it.
  • BIS-certified cable.


  •  The quality is not up to the mark.

7. Kenstar Electric Fryer, Aster-N 3.5 Litre 1500-Watts Oxy Fryer

Cooking with the Kenstar Oxy fryer requires little or no oil, ensuring healthy and tasty meals. You can satisfy your taste senses at any time with excellent fried snacks.

The air fryer is affordable and has a large capacity for frying foods, including potato chips, chicken wings, fish fillets, and french fries.Grilling, frying, baking, and even roasting are all possible with this product.This Oxy fryer comes with a timer that allows you to customize the frying time for up to 30 minutes. Kenstar Aster Digi can satisfy your taste buds at any time with uniformly fried, tasty snacks.

Furthermore, the package includes a 1200 mm long power cord, which is suitable regardless of how far your kitchen’s socket is.Once your selected time has passed, the auto power cut feature will turn off the power source. Each food item needs its own temperature to keep it safe.Also, keep in mind that the Oxy Fryer has a temperature setting that allows you to choose between 80 and 200 degrees.


  • 7 pre-programmed functions.
  • Digital control.
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.
  • Indicators with LEDs.


  • It takes more time to prepare food in comparison with others.

8. 4.5L Lifelong LLHF421 Fryer Air Fryer 1400W

This air fryer can feed the whole family thanks to its 4.5-liter food basket capacity. Use this air fryer to make grilled chicken and French fries. It cooks faster and produces a crispier food surface than a typical OTG oven.

As compared to a deep fryer, it can remove excess fat from food, resulting in tasty and healthier crispy food with little to no oil. Essentially, the greatest air fryer for household use.electable dishes from your cookbook at a temperature you control180 °F to 200 °F. This air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes, cooking your meals faster as compared to the traditional oven, allowing you to save money and also lowering your calorie intake.

The Lifelong Air Fryer has two spinning knobs that let you customise the temperature and duration while cooking a variety of delicious snacks, including fries and pakodas. It’s great for air fryers, roasters, bakers, and grillers.


  • Cooking food in very little oil.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Food can be cooked with smaller pieces only in one layer since the heat comes from the top, because of which the bottom layer of the food won’t be cooked properly.

9. Air Fryer SToK 2.6 Liters 1350W Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology

The SToK air fryer is the healthiest method to prepare your favorite dishes, including fries, hamburgers, chips, cakes, and more. Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning the SToK Air fryer a breeze.

The temperature and timing of the air fryer are controlled separately. You may set the time (up to 30 minutes) and temperature (between 80 and 200 degrees) independently.The air fryer is capable of much more than just frying. It can also grill, roast, and bake meals, giving you more options for anything from dinner preparation to entertaining visitors.

Advanced Air Circulation technology pumps hot air throughout the device, reaching temperatures of up to 200 degrees, ensuring that all food is cooked evenly. With little to no oil, food becomes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The bottom of the fryer’s innovative shape aids air circulation for evenly distributed heat, ensuring that your food cooks fully and rapidly without the need for oil.


  • This gadget can easily be given as a present.
  • It has a 2.6-liter capacity and can heat up to 200 degrees Celsius.


  • This product’s cleaning procedure can be a little challenging.

10. AGARO 33313, 2.8 L, 1300 W, with Adjustable Temperature Control Air Fryer

This appliance’s basket fits so tightly in the air fryer that no additional effort is required. It has a power of 1300 watts and may be available in any location in India. Just watch the temperature, or the food you put in it will be burned.

The Agaro air fryer, with a capacity of 2.8 liters, can easily fry food for the entire family. It heats evenly every time, ensuring that food is never left undercooked. Your family’s digestion will be hampered if they eat raw meals. As a result, before you eat something, be sure it’s evenly cooked.

This air fryer uses 3D consistent heating technology, and the product’s temperature control is simple. It comes with a one-year product warranty. The air fryer’s basket stays non-sticky at all times. This air fryer’s power cord is also quite long.


  • The power cord is quite long.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Capacity: 2.8 L
  • 3D heating technology.


  • If you do not use this appliance carefully, the flavor of some meals may be affected.

How to Choose the Best Air Fryer Under 5000 in India? 

When it comes to selecting the best air fryer for you, there are several factors to consider.

1. Capacity

Air fryers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 to 6 liters. A liter is the unit of measurement for an air fryer’s capacity. An air fryer with a capacity of 5–6L is ideal for a family of 8–9 people, while an air fryer with a capacity of 3–4L is ideal for a family of 4-5 people. An air fryer having a capacity of 1–2 liters is ideal for a nuclear family.

2. Temperature Control 

The quality of the blades in every scraper is extremely important. Blades are the ones that will scrape the coconut for us. If the blades aren’t up to par, scraping coconut will become an uphill task for you.

3. Power Consumption

Almost all scrapers have a vacuum base. However, some scrapers have a smooth base that allows the scraper to stand freely and properly when in use. Choose a scraper with a solid foundation. The rubber foundation at the bottom of the coconut scraper machine is a good choice. This provides stability to the machine and simplifies its operation.

4. Security

A product’s price describes the value it brings with it. Occasionally, many expensive products produce poor results and vice versa. However, there are times when we pay a low price for a product of poor quality. So, don’t skimp on quality, but also, don’t pay a high price for a low-quality product.

5. Warranty

When purchasing an air fryer, always go with the brand that has the best warranty. Air fryers are usually covered by a one-year warranty. Some businesses offer free customer support as well as a one-year warranty.


An air fryer is worth it only if it has versatility and efficiency in roasting and baking, but it won’t fool anyone into thinking your food is deep-fried.

Aside from a microwave, an air fryer is one of the fastest-cooking machines available, making it a significant time-saver, especially for evening meals. They are more adaptable than a microwave and offers crispier results. You can enjoy your evening snack without worrying about them being fried. Do check these recipes salmon quinoa burger, veg paneer kathi roll and ulli vada that are usually deep fried but can be made in air fryer.

So here you have it: the ten finest air fryers in India under 5000 in 2022. We hope that our list of the best air fryers on a budget has helped you narrow down your options.

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