Best Idli Maker In India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Idlis are one of the best breakfast dishes you could have in India. With its origin in South India, this light dish has now gained popularity all over the world. An idli maker provides you with a convenient way to make idlis at home.

However, to make a piping hot plate of fluffy idlis, you would need the best idli maker in India. This is a common kitchen appliance, but you won’t buy an idli maker time and again. So, make sure that your purchase is worth your money and lasts long enough. 

There are several types of idli makers available in the market, starting from stainless steel idli cooker to idli steamer. If you want to buy an idli maker but are not sure which one, then this post will help you out. Keep reading to find out about the best idli makers to choose from!

Best Idli Maker in India 2022

No: of IdliCooker TypeWarranty
Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker24Induction Cooktop6 MonthsCheck Price
Prestige Heart Shaped Idli Set16N/AN/ACheck Price
Hawkins Idli Stand for Pressure Cooker12N/A5 YearsCheck Price
Pigeon Idli Pot with Steamer24Induction6 MonthsCheck Price
Pristine Stainless Steel Idli Maker16InductionN/ACheck Price

1. Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker

Pigeon is one of the most well-known brands in India, and its 6-plate stainless steel idli maker is the best idli maker in India. This idli maker is very strong and durable as it uses a thick gauge to improve durability

The Pigeon Stainless Steel 6-Plate Idli maker weighing 1.61 Kg has a large capacity of 7500 mL, allowing you to cook enough idlis for a family of 4. 

High-Quality Idli’s can be made efficiently as the high-grade whistle will allow you to control the pressure efficiently. This stainless steel cooker is rustproof, ensuring that your food will be hygienic. The best Idli maker is compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. However, the idli maker price is a bit higher than other idli makers, making it an unattractive option for some.


  • Lightweight
  • Large capacity
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel that ensures durability
  • Rust-proof that makes the idlis hygienic
  • Whistle allows you to control the built-up pressure.


  • The handle is not durable.
  • 6 plates can’t be used at once. You’ll have to do with 5 plates else you wouldn’t get the required water level.

2. Prestige Heart Shaped Idli Set

Prestige is yet another popular brand that makes high-quality kitchenware. If you want to add a twist to your idlis, then how about preparing some heart-shaped ones. The idlis made with different shaped idli plates are equally loved by children and adults.

The Prestige Heart Shaped Idli plates set is made of high-quality stainless steel. This ensures durability, strength, and longevity. Besides, it is rustproof, so your idlis will never have unwanted metal scraps in them.

The set consists of 4 idli plates with 4 provisions each. The Idli plates can be used in a Prestige Idli Maker with 5.5L, 6.5L, 7.5L, or higher capacity pressure cookers.


  • Stainless Steel plates
  • Different shaped idli plates
  • Rustproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Can prepare heart-shaped idlis


  • Water drips on the bottom plate of idli at times
  • The hole in the center is small, so layering plates becomes time-consuming.  

3. Hawkins Idli Stand for Pressure Cooker

The Hawkins Idli Stand can give you lightweight and fluffy idlis anytime you want. It can prepare 12 idlis in a batch and has 4 plates with 3 provisions each. It weighs 0.5 kgs only, and the product dimensions are 14.4 cm in length and 13.0 cm in height.

It is made of aluminum, which allows the idlis to be cooked properly since it is a good conductor of heat. This low maintenance is great for making various types of idlis like Rava idli, masala idli, etc.

You can clean the stand easily with some mild soap water. However, a drawback of this idli stand is that it is not compatible with an induction cooktop.  


  • Can fit in any pressure cooker
  • Made of aluminium that conducts heat uniformly
  • The silver coating enhances its look
  • 5 years warranty


  • Can’t be used on induction cooktops.
  • Gets discolored pretty soon.

4. Pigeon Idli Pot with Steamer

As mentioned before, Pigeon is a top-rated manufacturer of kitchenware in India, and produce some of the best Idli Cookers in India. Another of their strong and outstanding idli maker have gained them yet another position in this list. The Pigeon Idli Pot with Steamer can make 24 idlis

It has a large capacity of 7500ml and is compatible with an induction cooktop. Pigeon has used stainless steel to make their idli pot strong, rustproof, and durable. The dimensions of the pot are 21 cm (height including the lid)28cm (diameter at the top), and 19 cm (diameter at the bottom).

The product is extremely hygienic and has a thick pressure gauge that can make various delicacies. Also, it has a warranty period of 6 months.ccccccc


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality stainless steel idli cooker
  • Rustproof
  • Large Capacity
  • Can make 24 idlis in a batch
  • Compatible with induction cooktops
  • Easy to maintain


  • The handle can get loose easily.
  • The warranty period is short (6 months). 

5. Pristine Stainless Steel Idli Maker

The Pristine Idli Cooker is one of the best idli makers available in the market. It is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel and has a thick heavy gauge for added durability. The handles are made of durable bakelite handles and stay cool while cooking; this prevents the chef from burning their hands when trying to move the idli maker around.

The height of the idli cooker is 21 cms. It comes with 4 plates and with 4 provisions each. So, it can prepare 16 idlis in one batch. The material is rustproof that makes your idlis hygienic. The idli maker is compatible with induction cooktops as well. 

The cooker has a traditional design and can prepare other recipes. It is easy to clean and stays in good condition for a long time.


  • Made of strong and high-quality stainless steel
  • Thick and heavy gauge
  • Bakelite handles ensure durability
  • Compatible with induction cooktop


  • No warranty
  • Idli stand is of poor quality
  • Plates are small

6. Ideal Nonstick Idli Maker

The Ideal Nonstick Idli Maker ranks in our list of the best Idli Cooker in India because it is a stylish idli cooker with amazing features. Their unique design provides enough space for the idlis to cook properly. The cooker’s body is aluminum, ensuring proper heat conduction while cooking.

The idli stand is also made of aluminum. It is rustproof and scratch proof which means that the pot will stay in good shape for a long time. The product dimensions are 25.9 x 25.9 x 24.9 cm, making it a large pot. It can prepare 24 idlis in a single batch.

The ideal idli maker is lightweight with a weight of just 1 kg. The knob and the lids are heat-resistant and stay cool while cooking. This is a very important feature that will protect your hands from burning.


  • Spacious design
  • Scratch proof
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Knob and Handles are heat resistant
  • Compatible with induction cooktops.


  • No warranty period
  • The top lid can malfunction 

7. Vinod Stainless Steel Idli Maker with Steamer

The Vinod Idli Maker uses the 2 tier technique that will give you soft and fluffy idlis. It is a multipurpose idli maker that can be used as a steamer and a pot. The vent is made of thick material and is super easy to clean.

The core is made of aluminum that uses sandwich bottom technology so that your food doesn’t get burnt. The body is made of stainless steel, which is rustproof and hence, hygienic. 

The pot is induction friendly and comes with a warranty of 24 months, i.e., 1 year. You can also prepare other food items with this idli maker like khandvi, momos, modaks, etc. 


  • Thick Aluminium Core that won’t burn the food
  • Stainless Steel idli cooker
  • Rustproof
  • Enables faster cooking
  • Can be used to make other dishes too
  • Easy to clean


  • Steam might leak.
  • The lid is not heavy enough
  • People have complained that the steel is of cheap quality
  • Gets discolored  

8. iBELL Stainless Steel Idli Plate

The iBELL Idli Cooker serves as a multipurpose appliance. You can also use the bottom part as a Kadai. The idli maker is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes it sturdy and strong. The idli maker is hence, immune to rust.

It comes with two parts: the upper one is a steamer, and the bottom part is a Kadai that is compatible with an induction oven. This hygienic idli maker can also be cleaned very easily. However, this type of idli steamer with only 2 idli plates, which is why its output is very low.


  • Attractive Design
  • Compatible with induction cooktop
  • Rustproof
  • Body made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Multi-purpose utensil
  • Easy to use
  • 6-month standard warranty + 6-month additional warranty (upon free registration)


  • Can make 8 idlis only.
  • Some people have complained that the handle is of low quality.

9. PREMIUM Stainless Steel Idli Cooker

Premium Idli Cooker is the ultimate idli maker you need. It comes with 6 idli plates and 2 mini idli plates. So, you can make both regular-sized idlis and mini idlis too. It is a multipurpose appliance and can also be used to prepare other dishes.

The regular-sized idli plates have 4 provisions each, so 6 plates will make 24 idlis in a batch. The handles and knobs are sturdy for long-term use. The high-grade whistle will allow better pressure control while cooking.

The mini idli plates can make 18 idlis each. The product dimensions are 25.7 x 25.5 x 25.7 cm, making it quite large. The product is rustproof that ensures you with hygienic food. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.


  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • High-grade whistle for better pressure control
  • Can make mini idlis as well
  • Looks sleek


  • Vessel is thin
  • No holes in idli plates
  • Small size

10. Diamond Pearl Idli Cooker

We end our list of the best Idli Cooker in India with the Diamond Pearl Idli Cooker. The Diamond Pearl Idli Cooker is a unique-looking idli maker that will properly fit your budget and serve its purpose. This super idli maker can prepare 30 idlis in a batch. Can you believe that?

Well, you might start believing it because that will feed your entire family. This is an excellent product for parties and occasions. It is made of heavy gauge stainless steel, making it strong and sturdy. 

It is compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. There are several steam holes to give you extra soft and fluffy idlis.

The handles are made of bakelite and are long-lasting. Besides, this idli maker price will perfectly fit your budget.


  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel body
  • Cost-Effective
  • Can make 30 idlis at once.
  • Bakelite Handles
  • Compatible with induction ovens.


  • Plates too thin
  • The lid is not heavy enough
  • Idli batter leaks through the holes

How to Choose The Best Idli Maker in India

Idli Makers – Buying Guide

Idli is one of the favorite breakfast meals for Indians. This lip-smacking dish is healthy and can be prepared easily at home with idli cookers. However, you must consider several key aspects before finalizing on the best idli maker in India. There are many factors to consider besides the idli maker price. After all, you don’t want to feel and cheated and disappointed after the purchase. Given below is a list of such factors you should look into if you want to buy the best idli maker as per your needs:

1. Features

An idli maker is just like a steam cooker with small differences. It has several plates to put the idli batter. There are some features you must look for in an idli maker. Here are some of the same:

Idli Plates: The size of the idli maker is determined by the number of idli plates it has. Also, it indicates the total number of idlis you can prepare at one go.
Induction Compatibility: Certain idli makers are compatible with induction cooktops, and some are not. If you have an induction stove at home, then you would want to buy a more versatile idli cooker.
Material: Idli makers can be made of several materials like stainless steel, aluminum idli cooker, and so on.
Multi-purpose idli makers: Some idli makers can be used to prepare other dishes as well apart from idlis.
Handles: Make sure you check that the handles of the idli maker are heat resistant and durable.

2. Mechanism

Idli makers can use two types of mechanisms for the cooking process. One is where a whistle releases steam pressure when the idlis are done. Another one does not make use of a whistle.

A cooker with a whistle is the best and easiest way to prepare idlis, especially for beginners. If you are wondering how to use idli cooker, then here you go. You just have to pour the batter in the plates and put it inside the cooker containing some water on a stove. Gradually, the whistle sound will keep increasing, and you need to turn it off once you hear a high-pitched sound.

In the latter procedure, a moist muslin cloth will be required, and the idlis could stick to the cloth. You need to keep checking to know when the idlis are done.

3. Number of Plates

The number of plates an idli maker has refers to its size. Idli makers can have 4 to 6 plates. Now, the choice depends on your needs. If you usually make idlis for a small group of people, then 4 plates would do. 

If you have a large family to feed, then you’ll have to make 2 batches of idlis with the 4 plate idli maker. So, if you wish to prepare more idlis, then it’s better to go for the one with more plates. 

4. Size of Plates

Idlis come in a wide range of sizes, and so do idli makers. You will find two sizes of idli plates in the market: one of medium or normal size and another of small size. Children love small idlis as these are tiny and cute. Also, if you are packing idlis in a tiffin box, then smaller ones are more likely to fit better.

The choice depends on what you want and like. If you wish to have large or medium-sized idlis, then a normal-sized plate would do. If you prefer smaller idlis, then go for the small-sized idli plates. You could also get some different sized idli plates for variation.

5. Durability

Idli Makers – Buying Guide

Idlis are prepared in a pressure cooker, so the idli maker should have high strength for being able to withstand the heat and pressure. Regardless of the material an idli maker is made of, it should be durable enough. Suppose, the idli maker is made of steel, in that case, it should be a heavy gauge stainless steel idli cooker

Aluminium is fine too, but its quality should be good enough not to have a chemical reaction in the heat. The handles of the idli maker need to be riveted for added strength. Bakelite is a durable material for this. Also, the idli maker should be rustproof to ensure that your idlis don’t have any unwanted metal in them.

6. Safety

You might already know that idlis are cooked in steam. So, protection and safety are of utmost importance while preparing idlis. Make sure that the lid has a proper let-out so that excess steam can escape. Sometimes the lid is of glass so that you can observe the cooking procedure.

An idli cooker with a whistle should have a heavy lid so that it isn’t thrown away by the built-up pressure due to cooking. Also, while cooking, the lid and the knobs should be tightly locked. Moreover, the idli stand should be thick enough to hold the plates in position. 

7. Maintenance

The best idli makers we get in the market today are easy to clean and maintain. Earlier, you would get idli makers made of heavy aluminium. Now, you will find idli makers built with non-conventional materials such as non-stick, stainless steel, plastic, and so on. You can clean such materials with a cloth.

Another trick is to apply some oil to the plates before pouring the idli batter in it. This way the idli remnants won’t stick to the plates. You should also wash the outer pot at least twice after using it.  

8. Types of Idli Maker

You will find four types of idli makers in the market today. These are induction idli makers, conventional makers, induction-cum-gas idli makers, and microwave makers. 

As the name suggests, induction idli makers are for cooking on an induction cook-top only. Generally, these are made of steel and are portable enough to be used in picnics. Keep in mind that these are not for use on the gas stoves.

Conventional idli makers are more on the traditional side. These are of South Indian origin and are built of aluminium. These are pyramidal in shape and make the softest idlis ever. However, you will need to maintain them properly.

Induction-cum-gas makers can be used on any cooktop, be it gas stove or induction. On the other hand, microwave makers, as the name suggests, can be used to make idlis in the microwave oven

9. Warranty

Never buy an idli maker without a warranty. In case of any damage, you would want to go to the service provider to get the repair done. The Best Idli Maker provides a warranty of at least 6 months to 2 years. A warranty ensures longevity and value for money. You would not want to buy idli makers every now and then, so they should be long-lasting and durable. 


Making idlis is an extremely easy process, but the appliance you use for the procedure matters a lot. Your requirements and convenience are important too. We understand that choosing the best idli maker when there are so many products available in the market can be a mammoth task.

Hopefully, this buying guide serves its purpose, and you leave this page becoming an expert of idli cookers. To enjoy a plate of healthy and tasty idlis at home, you need to pick up the best idli maker.

In this post, we have researched several idli cookers including stainless steel idli cooker, idli steamer, etc. and have also gone through hundreds of reviews to curate a list of the best idli makers to buy. We hope you have liked this review of the best idli makers.


Anything that uses steam for cooking can be made using an idli maker. You can make momos, idli shaped dhoklas, idli shaped steamed chocolate cakes, etc. with an idli maker. The idli pot on its own can be used to cook curry. 

Yes, you can wash the idli maker in a dishwasher. Just remove the idli plates and place them inside the dishwasher. The idli pot can also be washed in a dishwasher. However, it’s always safe to confirm from the manufacturer if the idli maker is safe to be washed in a dishwasher.

Not at all! In fact, idlis are very healthy and nutritional. They are light and do not contain any fats or cholesterol. This makes the calorie content of idlis considerably lower. Moreover, this is a great breakfast item for weight loss.

It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to make a batch of idlis on a gas cooktop at medium to high flame. However, preparing idlis in a microwave might consume a bit more time than that. If you are making idlis on an induction cooktop, 15 to 20 minutes would be required. Moreover, if your idli batter has been refrigerated before cooking, then more time would be required.

Generally, normal idli plates can make idlis of 8 cm in diameter. If properly cooked, the idlis would be exactly round, and for that, you need to rest them for a couple of minutes before taking out. 

Idli plates have holes to allow the steam to pass through them and cook the idli. The steam circulates to cook the batter, and the excess steam is let out through the lid.

Muslin cloth is used to make idlis so that you end up with soft and fluffy idlis. This is entirely optional though. If you don’t prefer the cloth, then you can add oil to the plates before adding the batter. You’ll have to wash the cloth, and that would be a bit of extra effort from your side.

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