Best Roti Maker in India 2022

Best Roti Maker in India 2021

Working people have it worst. Imagine you have toiled for a whole day, and then you decide that it is time for dinner. But alas, you realize that you have to cook dinner, and that kills your mood. Being tired is natural, which is why everyone looks for shortcuts that reduce the effort in the kitchen. One of those shortcuts to get your food cooked in a record amount of time would be investing in a roti maker machine. 

A roti maker is a machine that very quickly turns your dough into a roti or a chapati and eliminates any need for you to make any physically. A roti maker is a fast and effective way out and will be your best friend in such situations. However, because there are so many roti maker machines, it isn’t easy to gauge the best roti maker in India. This article will simplify this and help you find the best roti maker without any hassle.

8 Best Roti Maker Reviews

1st Place
BAJAJ VACCO® “Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Khakhra/Roti Maker By BAJAJ
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Best Value
Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker By Prestige
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3 Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker By Sunflame
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4 Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker By Jaipan
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5 iBELL 1500Watt Nonstick Roti/Chapati Maker By iBELL
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1. BAJAJ VACCO® “Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Khakhra/Roti Maker

Bajaj is a very famous brand known for superior kitchen gadgets. The BAJAJ VACCO® “Go-Ezzee” Roti Maker is the best roti maker machine you will find in the market due to its high-quality productivity. The best part of this machine is that you can make rotis and make khakras with this versatile multi-tasking unit. You can make Rotis, which are incredibly significant in quality, and relatively light and fluffy. The tawa of this roti maker is made of a nonstick aluminium which is coated in the best food-grade Teflon, and it is durable.

Along with the outer body made of sturdy stainless steel, the roti maker is very long-lasting. It is automatic and electric, so you do not have to put much effort into making the roti. The Bajaj roti maker is a very safe product to use as well, as it has a shockproof body that is equipped with handles that are heat resistant. It also features an indicator light.


  • Multitasking product
  • Teflon coated aluminium tawa
  • Shockproof body
  • Indicator light


  • The heat resistant feature is not that strong and is still quite warm to handle for some customers.
  • Watt rating is a bit less.

2. Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker

Prestige is a very popular brand and is also quite famous internationally for its kitchen products, gadgets and utensils. So, you can take it for granted that one Prestige roti maker will make a feature among the best roti maker reviews. The Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker is one of the best among them all, as it is built with stainless steel, which forms a barrier to the rust and corrosion and makes it resistant to such damaging elements. You can easily use this roti maker for making chapatis because of its user-friendly interface and the easy handling process.

It is equipped with a nonstick plate, which stops the food ingredients from sticking on to it and therefore provides easy maintenance. It has a 900 Watts power and ideally heats up in a really short time. Because of this, the roti maker gets the job done really easily and much faster than others. 


  • Stainless steel body 
  • 900 W power 
  • Nonstick plate and tawa


  • The temperature function takes some time to heat the tawa up in some cases
  • The build is very fragile

3. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

Do you feel that sometimes your rotis might be made unevenly, and the heat is not distributed correctly? It is a serious condition because an improper distribution of heat could lead to making rotis that are not adequately done. The Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker fixes all of that as the tawa of this roti maker provides uniform heating, which makes the perfect rotis that your guests will appreciate. If you prefer healthy food, you must get this roti maker since cooking without any oil makes it much healthier than other alternatives.

The cooking plate or the tawa of this roti maker is made of food-grade materials. This is a marker of great quality and also ensures that it is nonstick, which will help the food to be easy to remove and also helps in easy maintenance. The roti maker uses a 230V AC current and has a power of 900 watts which makes it heat up quite quickly. 


  • Uniform heating technology
  • Food grade non stick Tawa 
  • 900 watts of power
  • Quite easy to use


  • Not very durable 
  • The temperature control technology is not good 
  • A bit pricey

4. Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker

For the uninitiated, Jaipan has been a favourite of most Indian kitchens when it comes to talking about kitchen utensils or gadgets. Jaipan as a company is quite old and has a good reputation, which the Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker upholds perfectly. While the looks of this roti maker might not be really good to look at, we assure you that this is of very superior quality. First, it has a wattage power of 1000 Watts which means that it is really very efficient, and the title “Jumbo” automatically suggests that it is actually quite big as well.

The body is entirely shockproof and durably built with stainless steel, which acts as a great resistance against dust, dirt and rust. You have a neon green indicator that is pretty easy to notice and has a handle and knob to press the plates. Like most tawas, this too has high-quality nonstick coated plates and makes the best rotis in a record amount of time. 


  • Durable build 
  • Shockproof body
  • Heat resistant handles and knob 
  • High quality nonstick coated plates


  • A bit pricey
  • The temperature control technology does not work properly.

5. iBELL 1500Watt Nonstick Roti/Chapati Maker

Do you have a modern kitchen and think that having a device like a roti maker would make it dull and it would not fit well? If this is what you think, then the iBELL 1500Watt Nonstick Roti/Chapati Maker will definitely change your mind with its beautiful sleek looks, which will look great in a modern kitchen. The tawa has a diameter of 27 cms, which ensures that you can make bigger rotis, which might be a criteria for some households. You can easily make fluffy and soft chapatis with this roti maker. 

The roti maker comes equipped with a nonstick base, making sure that the food does not stick to the tawa and paves the way for easier maintenance. You also have a beautiful trendy neon light present on the roti maker, which indicates the modes and makes the operation hassle-free. The advanced temperature control makes sure that there is no overheating despite being such a powerful machine of 1500 Watts. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Larger tawa of 27 cms diameter
  • Nonstick base
  • Temperature control


  • Prone to rusting as the chrome body is not rust-resistant

6. Favy 4500 Non-Stick Shock Proof Roti Maker

The Favy 4500 Non-Stick Shock Proof Roti Maker is an automatic electric roti maker that is specifically designed to keep in mind the user’s safety. It has an automatic cut off feature that shuts off the machine immediately after making the rotis, ensuring that there are no electrical snags and produces absolutely wonderful rotis that are fluffy and not overcooked. 

As you can understand from the name, this is shockproof as well. You have an indicator which is located on this stainless steel body, which is rust-resistant.

You have a firm handle made of sturdy ABS plastic material and fitted with steel, making the strenuous job of pressing the plates much easier and less time-consuming. You can press gently to get the same rotis. The roti maker is also equipped with a nonstick coating that provides an easy flow of the dough without letting it stick, which is easy to clean. 


  • Very durable stainless steel body 
  • Safety technologies like automatic cut off feature and shockproof body
  • Nonstick coating of tawa
  • Good quality material


  • Not very easy to use
  • The temperature control is a bit tricky

7. DIVYA Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker

The DIVYA Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker might not look like much, but it is a powerhouse with 1000 watts capacity, which easily heats up the roti maker and makes the machine work faster. It definitely is a beast in terms of performance and is quite productive in its output. The stainless steel quality is also very good, as it is very sturdy and durable and helps to resist any signs of corrosion, rust or exterior damage. The tawa is also significantly large and comes with a Teflon American Heritage coating which is nonstick. It stops the dough from sticking on the tawa and gives the best possible performance. 

The roti maker comes with a manual and video-guided instruction too, which helps in easier functionality. You also have an auto cutoff feature and a shockproof body on this roti maker, which helps prevent any electrical mishaps. It also houses cool-touch handles, which you can use to press the rotis despite the temperature being too high. 


  • Durable stainless steel design 
  • User friendly and has a shockproof body 
  • Cool-touch handles 
  • 1000 watts power


  • The sticker on the plate is difficult to remove
  • Not stain proof

8. Sunblaze Electric Roti/Chapati/Khakhra Maker Machine

The final roti maker on this review is a very compact design and will help people who do not have ample space at home. The Sunblaze Electric Roti/Chapati/Khakhra Maker Machine speciality is the cotton braised power cord, which helps to stop any electrical malfunction in cases of short circuits or voltage fluctuations. Sometimes you may feel like other roti makers slip off your kitchen counter due to the extreme heat and steel body, but this roti maker comes with anti-skid sturdy feet, which remains firmly rooted on the counter and does not slip. 

The plastic handle is quite sturdy and made of high quality, and it is also easy to use as it is made of high-quality bakelite. There are neon indicators that help in easier usage. The tawa also comes with a special food-grade nonstick coating on it, making the machine easier to use. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Quite lightweight and compact
  • Energy efficient
  • Multi-utility machine 


  • Not a value for money product
  • A bit complicated to use the neon indicators

How To Select The Best Roti Maker In India? 

How To Select The Best Roti Maker In India

1. Indicator Light

When you are using your roti maker, you would need to rely on an indicator. An indicator is an essential component that is a must-have for your roti maker, as it will notify you when the machine is ready for cooking. Therefore, you will easily be able to understand when to switch the power off. 

2. Non-Heating Handle 

A non-heating handle is essential and must be checked for before investing in a roti maker. Because the rotis are made at a high temperature, you need handles that are well insulated. A well-insulated handle would not cause any accidental burns and is therefore much better than non-insulated ones.

3. Size of the Griddle 

When we are talking about the griddle, we are basically talking about the size of the rotis. If you like having bigger rotis, you need to invest in a roti maker with a bigger tawa. Likewise, you will need to opt for a roti maker which is smaller in size if you prefer your rotis smaller. Therefore, the size of the griddle should ideally be checked before you purchase the roti maker machine.

4. Shockproof Body 

Having a shockproof body is one of the most essential requisites you should look for in your roti maker machine. Your roti maker may run into electrical problems, suffer a short circuit or voltage fluctuation, and you may receive a shock. A shockproof body will ably stop that from happening, and therefore is a necessity in your roti maker.

5. Power Usage 

Power and energy consumption is another important factor you have to check for before investing in your preferred roti maker machine. You must check if the wattage of the roti maker is reasonable according to its features. You would not ideally want to have an overpowered machine and has the same features present in an energy-efficient machine.

6. Warranty 

Obviously, your roti maker might run into many snags when you are using it, and maintenance is costly. You must always choose a roti maker which comes with a good warranty and offers good customer service so you can have your roti maker repaired in case it runs into trouble.

Benefits of Roti Maker?

A roti maker is a very efficient machine that will give you a helping hand in many ways. You can create a lot of rotis in a record amount of time, and also, the textures of the rotis are going to be perfect all the time. So you save time, and also make sure of the good quality.

You can also keep an eye on the hygiene factor since your kitchen may house many germs, but you can control the healthiness of the roti. You need to need to use one button, and your roti will be done; it is that simple because your roti maker does all the jobs for you. It minimizes your workload and effort, which you would otherwise spend on this. 

If you are responsible and want to reduce energy consumption and become environmentally friendly, then again, switching to a roti maker is good; the automation of the machine makes everything much more energy saving. Also, your roti will be much cleaner because you touch it less, and it is a much healthier version of your average handmade rotis. 

How To Make Roti In A Roti Maker?

How To Make Roti In A Roti Maker?

Making a roti in a roti maker is easy. Follow the steps below to make soft, circular and delicious rotis.

Step 1: First, you have to knead the dough and make equal balls out of it. Meanwhile, you have to switch on your roti maker and preheat for some time. This will ensure that your rotis start coming out great from the very first instant. Your indicator light will show you when the roti maker is ready for making the chapatis. Ensure that the roti maker is placed on a stable and flat surface like a table or kitchen counter, else it will not be able to manage the heat and the pressure.

Step 2: Place the kneaded flour beside your roti maker, take a portion of it, and make round balls using your hands. Once you have done so, pack the ball in dry flour, and flatten the dough ball in a patty shape.

Step 3: Apply the dry flour on all sides of the patty and completely cover it with that.

Step 4: You need to place this patty on the roti maker and close the lid. This is the roti making process, so you need to keep this in mind and perform the steps carefully. 

Step 5: Now, you need to apply a little pressure and press down the handle hard. You have to hold this pressure for a few moments till the roti cooks appropriately. This is the process of basically cooking the roti initially, and you will open to find a perfectly round roti. 

Step 6: You have to let the roti cook on one side for approximately 15 seconds, and then you need to turn t he roti to the other side for 15 seconds. You will see that the roti will bubble up on the inside of the roti and swell up. 

Step 7: After this, you have to close the lid of the roti maker, and automatically you will find the chapati sliding outside. When it pops out, you will see that it will be thoroughly cooked, and it will simply slide outside the roti maker. 

Step 8: Repeat these aforementioned steps to make more rotis according to your need, and store them inside a container. 


A roti maker is a handy device that can be useful for anyone who does not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen or does not know how to cook correctly. Making chapatis, as one will agree, is both time consuming and difficult. Because there are so many roti makers available, finding the best fit takes up a lot of time and research. However, once you have got a pick, it is smooth sailing. Happy cooking!

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