5 Less Known Uses Of Electric Kettles

5 less known uses of Electric Kettles

Kettles have come a long way and now this small appliance is a must have for every kitchen.

While an electric kettle is primarily used to heat, they are capable of doing a few more things. We will cover some of the other uses of electric kettles in this post.

Lesser Known Uses Of Electric Kettles

1. Purifying Water

Ever since the development of medical science and awareness among people. Eating and drinking healthy has become a necessity for people.

So, water, the liquid we need and drink the most, became very important to be purified before drinking. One of the most common ways to do this was boiling it. Boiling purifies water by killing bacteria, viruses and parasites. To do this, it is generally advised to bring the water to hard boil for 5 minutes.

This changed at some places after advancements in science and technology, with the invention of chemical purifiers. Boiling water is easy with kettles. What’s easier is using an electric kettle. Some sources suggest that drinking boiled water has more benefits than water purified by Water Purifiers or other industrial means.

With an electric kettle, you can boil water easily, without a stove. It saves energy for daily boiling needs. Warm or hot water is helpful in digestion, blood circulation and in a lot of other healthy ways.

2. Safer Than Most

The electric kettle has a built-in automatic switch off. There are a lot of was where using an electric kettle is safe. Most electric kettles turn off when the boiling process stops after it reaches maximum bubbling. There is no such feature in a stove top or a microwave oven. This prevents the water from over-boiling, spillage.

With this switch, no hot water will come out of the top, spilling everywhere, reducing your chances of getting burned. Stoves have an open flame that runs on highly flammable gas.

They are very risky, and it can leave someone with serious burns and injuries that might happen while being distracted. This makes the electric kettle very safe, with its automatic switch-off feature.

3. Saves Energy

In these times, with high carbon-footprints, climate change and the scarcity of energy, one should consume as little as possible. Electric kettles work on low power. Microwave and electric stove top consumes not much power but depending on your use; they are proven to not as efficient as a kettle.

A kettle is significantly more energy efficient than microwaves and stovetops. After experimenting, an electric kettle is about 80% efficient whereas microwaves and stove tops are 50% and 70% efficient respectively.

Electric kettle utilizes, on an average, 0.04 kWh electricity, whereas microwaves and stove tops utilize an average of 0.10 kWh electricity. One way to save energy when you must use a stove top, as suggested by as many environmentalists, is to heat water in a kettle and then use it on stove tops.

4. Time-Saving

In our working life, we don’t get much time just to sit back and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Waiting for water to boil is too frustrating as it takes a long time, and people don’t enjoy the cup of their favorite hot beverage that often. With a kettle, the water will boil in no time.

As kettle is energy-efficient, that is, it uses 80% of the input power to boil water, causing less power waste and taking almost no time.

Compared to a microwave or a stove top, an electric Kettle is very fast and efficient in heating liquids up. Even on a gas stove, water will take more time to boil than an electric kettle.

Using a kettle, one can boil water or milk and whip up their favorite hot cup of beverage in no time, in the small breaks from the busy life, without any extra unnecessary work.

5. Better Results

All one wants is a perfect cup of tea or coffee in the morning. But there’s always a problem when they try to make. It’s too common, like when the water didn’t boil perfectly, or the water is too cold, or the water is too hot.

You can’t have thermometers with you all the time, but you want to get that perfect temperature. If you are a tea or coffee person, you know how important it is to get different, optimum temperatures for kinds of drinks.

It just ruins the hard work and the will to make another cup. But with a kettle, you can get that temperature you want. Some premium kettles come with built-in temperature controls to help you make your perfect cup.

Many even come with temperature settings personalized for two people. So, both you and your partner can enjoy your preferred cup. You can even use an ordinary electric kettle if you know when to stop the boiling.


These are some of the lesser known uses of kettles. Hope this article helped you in taking some actionable steps. If you are still confused if you should get a electric kettle or not? The answer a YES, you can check our list of Best Electric Kettles.

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