Wet Grinder vs Mixer Grinder: Which one to Choose?

Wet Grinder vs Mixer Grinder

It is fascinating how there can be so many kitchen appliances that can be found today. Investing in these tools can make your life much easier. Among these appliances, there are two very useful appliances: Wet Grinder and Mixer Grinder. They both do the same job of grinding food ingredients. However, some differences will result in different outputs from both devices.

So in this article, we will go through the wet grinder vs the mixer grinder aspects that make them different from one another. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Wet Grinder? 

What is Wet Grinder

A wet grinder is a new invention that can be used to grind food grains or other food ingredients to produce a smooth batter. A wet grinder can be used to quickly and easily prepare a semi-liquid or liquid batter. This tool is extremely useful in the Indian kitchen because it makes grinding ingredients such as coconut, moistened grains, and lentils easier and convenient. The batter is used to make vada, med, dosas, and idlis, among other things.

Types of Wet Grinders

There are three types of wet grinders, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Regular Wet Grinder: This large grinder is commonly used in commercial settings and by big families. It is difficult to set up due to its size, and it also takes longer to clean.

Table-top Wet Grinder: This is the trendiest type of wet grinder on the market right now. Because of their small size, these wet grinders are portable and easy to operate.

Tilting Wet Grinder: As the name implies, a tilting wet grinder is unique in that the grinder can be tilted. This simplifies the process of scooping out the batter. These machines are made of rolling stones that don’t make much noise. They are also capable of dry grinding in addition to wet grinding.

Wet Grinder Uses

A wet grinder can be used to grind a range of ingredients that a regular mixer grinder cannot do. Here are some of the wet grinder uses that make it unique:

1. It is more efficient and effective.
2. It is designed for quick and efficient grinding.
3. It can run continuously for a longer period.
4. It can make a very smooth batter out of food grains and other ingredients.
5. Grinding in a wet grinder retains a lot of flavor of the ingredients.
6. It can be used to grind large quantities of pulses or grains at a time.

What is a Mixer Grinder? 

What is a Mixer Grinder? 

A mixer grinder is a necessary kitchen appliance that we all use daily. A mixer is used to blend ingredients and make smooth pastes. It is commonly used to prepare smoothies, pastes, and batters. It’s used to grind spices and create ‘homemade’ powdered spices such as South Indian Pickle Powder, Idli Milagai Podi, etc. A mixer grinder is typically equipped with two jars, one for wet processing and one for dry processing.

Types of Mixer Grinders

There are typically two types of mixer grinders available on the market. They are very practical for everyday use and meet all of the requirements of an Indian kitchen. These are the mixer grinders:

Simple mixer and grinder: Typically, this type of mixer grinder comes with three jars. One for making chutney, another for paste, and a large one for grinding heavy and hard spices.

Mixer grinder with a juicer: Today’s mixer grinders include a juicer jar in addition to the three previously mentioned jars, which are useful for making shakes, smoothies, and healthy fruit juices. We have even reviewed some of the available products in the market. Read our article Best Juicer Mixer Grinder Under 3000 for more detail.

Uses of Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder can be used for multi-task operations. It can be a handy kitchen appliance. So here are the amazing Mixer grinder uses given below:

1. A mixer grinder can be used for making juices and smoothies.
2. The powerful blades and spices grinding jar can grind whole spices into fine and fresh powders.
3. It can be used to make smooth chutneys and pastes in just a matter of time. With a mixer grinder, you can make your favourite sauce at home.
4. Mixer grinders can also be used to make powdered or icing sugar for frosting and milkshakes. You can also make whipped cream in a mixer grinder.

Wet Grinder vs Mixer Grinder: The Difference

Wet GrinderMixer Grinder
Construction and DesignContains a motor and uses granite stone to grind ingredients.Works electronically and uses blades to grind ingredients.
UsabilityIs used to make liquid or semi liquid batter.can be used to make dry powder or liquid batter.
Power ConsumptionHigh power consumptionlow power consumption
YieldUsed by large families and commercially.Used by comparatively smaller families.
EfficiencyVery efficiency. Not as efficient, may find small pieces of ingredients left.
Maintenance & CleaningDifficult to clean and maintain. Easy to clean and maintain.

1. Construction and Design

wet grinder includes a bowl and a granite stone. It also contains some additional stones attached to the grinder’s motor. When the motor turns on, one of the granites turns, crushing the food ingredient. The stones are used to finely grind the ingredients without leaving any food crumbles.

Mixer grinders, on the other hand, work electronically. It generally comes with two small jars, one for each purpose. One jar is being used for wet grinding, while the other is used for dry grinding. You can use both functions on the same machine in this manner.

2. Usability

Wet grinders are not made to perform multiple tasks at once. It is only used to make smooth liquid batter or semi-fluid batter. Wet grinders can also be used to ground spices and veggies into a puree to make curry and to pulp fruits and veggies to make soup.

A mixer grinder performs several functions. A mixer grinder is an extremely simple, low-maintenance tool that is ideal for everyday use. When it comes to cooking, a mixer is used for various tasks such as grinding spices and crushing grains.

3. Power Consumption

wet grinder is much more efficient than a mixer grinder. It takes more time to grind the ingredients finely. However, the motor works faster and consumes more energy.

On the other hand, the mixer grinder has an advanced setting system that doesn’t need much time to grind food ingredients. Hence, it consumes very little energy than a wet grinder.

4. Yield

A wet grinder is larger than a mixer grinder and can grind more items at once. A wet grinder is ideal for large families with more than four members and commercial use.

On the other hand, a dry mixer grinder has a sophisticated system and cannot load more ingredients to grind at one time. A mixer grinder is only suitable for three to four family members. The small jars are insufficient for commercial use.

5. Efficiency

wet grinder grinds items more efficiently. It is capable of finely grinding a wide range of hard food ingredients. The powerful motor creates a smooth batter out of the ingredients without leaving any food crumbs behind.

In comparison to wet grinders, mixer grinders are less efficient and provide less satisfactory grinding results. It is incapable of properly grinding hard ingredients. After the grinding process is finished, you may notice small or medium-sized crumbles in the food jar.

6. Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning a wet grinder poses several challenges. It must deal with various foods that have become settled within the blades, the rubber seal, and the bottom of the lid. If the roller holder is not thoroughly cleaned, the drum will smell.

On the other hand, a mixer grinder is simple to use and clean. It has a simple structure, and the jars’ stainless steel doesn’t stain and is easy to rinse off.

Wet Grinder vs Mixer Grinder | Which one to choose? 

With all the wet grinder vs mixer grinder aspects given above, now it’s time for you to pick anyone for your kitchen. But if you are still confused about it, you just need to decide if you want your grinder to perform various functions or make a perfectly smooth batter. 

Also, a mixer grinder can make a smooth batter. In that case, pick the wet grinder if you have a big family or if you want it for commercial use. And for a smaller family, a mixer grinder will suffice. Moreover, a mixer grinder is easy to maintain and use. With that, you don’t have to go through a lot of trouble with a wet grinder for your small family.

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